The Washington area has its share of robbers and high-end stores, and on Tuesday morning, a group of the former made off with merchandise from one of the latter in the Chevy Chase area of Montgomery County, according to police.

Seven robbers took $20,000 to $30,000 worth of items from the Gucci store located within Saks Fifth Avenue in the 5500 block of Wisconsin Avenue, county police said.

As reported by police, two of the robbers went into the Gucci area of the Saks Fifth Avenue store about 11:30 a.m. and attacked two employees, a man and a woman.

Then, five other robbers entered the store, and all seven began taking items from store display cases, police said.

After taking the items, the robbers fled and police said they were last seen leaving the area in two vehicles headed south on Wisconsin Avenue into the District.

Police said the investigation is ongoing. They said they expected to release any available descriptions of the robbers as details were confirmed.

There was no report of injury in what police described as a strong-arm robbery.

It was not clear exactly what was taken. Gucci’s website shows items that include denim pants that cost $1,300, a padded bomber jacket that sells for $5,600, a pair of $820 sneakers and a leather backpack priced at $3,490.