Ordering a delivery of hot food is a convenience of daily life, but those making the delivery can find it hazardous, particularly it seems, if the food is pizza. That has been shown recently, according to police, in at least one Fairfax County neighborhood.

Since January, one man has apparently robbed food delivery drivers at least nine times in a portion of the Alexandria area of the county, police said Friday.

As described by police, the robber orders food to be delivered to addresses apparently picked at random. When the driver arrives, police said, the robber takes both personal items and the food.

In at least four of the gunpoint robberies, according to available accounts, the food was pizza.

The first of the robberies was just after midnight Jan. 13 in the 8400 block of Richmond Highway, the police said. They said the most recent was about 11 p.m. Sunday in the 4300 block of Pembrook Village Drive.

In one case, police said, a resident said no food had been ordered. The driver walked away but was confronted by a man with a gun, police said. Taken, they said, was cash and a phone — and pizza.