Sheriff in Virginia says shoplifter took Wookie mask from store, used it to hold other loot. (iStock/iStock)

Shoplifters in a Virginia county went after cell phones, but carried their loot in other items snatched from store display, authorities said. One item seemed conventional, a large purse. The other was not:, a “Wookie” mask from the movie Star wars, according to officials.

The incident was reported Monday by the sheriff’s office in Stafford County, Va. The thefts occurred June 21 at a Walmart store, the sheriff’s office said.

Three thieves went into the store at 125 Washington Square Plaza around 9 p.m., the sheriff’s office said

Then, they said a male thief “took a Star Wars “Wookie” mask off the shelf, and one of the females “grabbed a large black purse.”

They headed for the electronics area, where they began to fill both the mask and the purse with cell phones, the sheriff’s office said.

They left the store with their loot, which included eight phones valued at more than $1200, the sheriff’s office said.

A man and a woman were taken into custody July 2, and a woman the next day, on shoplifting charges, the sheriff’s office said.

The sheriff’s office said the phones had been pawned. An announcement issued by the sheriff’s office on Monday did not specify the fate of the “Wookie” mask.

A “Wookie” is described online as a tall, hairy humanoid species found in the Star Wars film series.