The number of traffic deaths in Virginia over Labor Day weekend fell to three, the lowest such figure in the past 10 years, the state police said Tuesday.

The previous low number in the past decade was six, in 2012, said state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller.

The three fatal crashes during the four day period occurred in the City of Suffolk and in Appomatox and Frederick Counties.

Two of the three deaths involved motorcyclists, one in Suffolk and one in Appomatox County.

Last year eight traffic deaths were reported over the four days, and in 2015 the number was 16.

As it turns out, the total number of traffic deaths this year is substantially more than last year. The toll has increased by 50, said Col. W. Stephen Flaherty, the state police superintendent.

It was not clear how the reduction in deaths could be explained. However, Flaherty said the "encouraging and significant" decline in Labor Day deaths demonstrated that traffic fatalities could be prevented.