Montgomery police say Anthony Paul Mackie, 27, of an unconfirmed ddress has been arrested in connection with a “series” of robberies and burglaries. (Montgomery County police photo)

Montgomery County police said Tuesday that they had arrested a man in connection with a “series” of armed robberies and burglaries.

The series amounted to 13 offenses: three commercial armed robberies and 10 commercial burglaries. Six of the burglaries occurred in a single day, police said in a statement.

They said the robberies and burglaries occurred in the Derwood, Gaithersburg and Montgomery Village areas, between Dec. 2 and March 3. All three robberies involved a knife, police said.

Six of the burglaries occurred on Feb. 27, police said.

According to police, Anthony Paul Mackie, age 27, of an unconfirmed address, was arrested March 3 after officers saw a man trying to burglarize a beer and wine store in the 7200 block of Muncaster Mill Road in the Derwood area.

Mackie is charged with robbery and burglary and is behing held without bond, police said.