An image shows a police officer and K-9 trying to deal with a man who dove into a trash can outside a Fairfax County residence. (Fairfax County Police Department)

It probably looked like a decent, albeit smelly, place to hide — a residential trash can in front of a Northern Virginia home.

Fairfax County police say a foot pursuit on Tuesday near Ox Road and Marlborough Drive, south of George Mason University, ended when a man dove headfirst into a trash can.

The incident started as a traffic stop, but the vehicle’s two occupants ran away and a chase ensued, police said. One man, a passenger, was apprehended nearby. The car’s driver, however, took a bit longer to run down.

A police dog used during the chase helped to apprehend the trash can diver, at one point grabbing the man’s foot, “which was still sticking out of the trash can,” according to a Facebook post from police. An officer called off the dog and persuaded the man to lift the lid and “show that he had nothing in his hands.”

Police identified the driver as Keevin Allen. The passenger was identified as Kerry Howard Jr. Both were supposed to be in court on other charges when the trash can incident unfolded.

Two weeks ago, police say, Allen and Howard were pulled over for a traffic violation in the county. Allen was arrested and charged with obstruction, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and other charges after he ran away when officers pulled the car over, police said. Howard, who was driving the car, initially drove away but was eventually arrested. He was charged with eluding, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and other charges. The two face additional charges after Tuesday’s incident.

Cathy Daniel, who owns the trash-can-turned-hideout, wrote a note to Fairfax County police, thanking the officers for how they handled Tuesday’s incident. She said the officer was “calm” and “professional.”

Daniel said several officers had come to her door and apologized for “their need to dump the minimal contents of the trash can onto my driveway.”