An SUV crashed into a house in Montgomery County on Tuesday in an incident that left a hedgehog homeless, at least for a time.

Cars hit buildings in the Washington region fairly often. But few such incidents seem to involve hedgehogs.

The connection between the car crash and the animal, as reported by the county fire and rescue service, did not involve any disturbance of a den in which the creature might have been living in the wild.

Hedgehogs are small mammals, perhaps best known for their coats, which are covered with bristly spines. But according to online reference sites, they are not found in nature in North America.

In the incident, as recounted by fire and rescue spokesman Pete Piringer, the vehicle jumped a curb and struck the house in the 20300 block of Waters Row Terrace in Germantown.

When it did, Piringer reported, it “moved” beams and walls. A family and pets were displaced.

In addition to humans, Piringer said, those affected included cats, reptiles and a hedgehog.

Hedgehogs, according to online references, are quiet, active and entertaining and “make great companion pets.”

But they are said to require a lot of care.

No injuries to humans or animals were reported, and the cause of the incident was not immediately known.