Attorneys for victims in a child pornography investigation involving an elementary school volunteer filed another lawsuit Tuesday, the third such complaint to allege that Prince George’s County school officials failed to act after being alerted to reports of abuse.

The latest suit names a teacher at Judge Sylvania W. Woods Elementary School who allegedly ignored a child who reported abuse by Deonte Carraway, 22. The previous suits cited an administrator and Prince George’s County education officials as not properly responding to allegations about Carraway.

Carraway, of Glenarden, faces 13 federal charges of sexual exploitation of a minor to produce child pornography in addition to related local charges filed in Prince George’s County. Carraway admitted to filming and directing children between ages 9 and 13 performing various sexual acts on him and each other, police said. Authorities have identified 17 victims.

Attempts to reach the teacher named in the lawsuit were unsuccessful. Through a spokeswoman, county school officials declined to comment on the lawsuit. When asked whether the teacher is on leave or working at the school, the spokeswoman said district officials “cannot comment on personnel issues.”

The lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that Carraway pulled a 9-year-old boy out of class, saying the principal wanted to talk with him. Carraway then took the boy to a dressing room in the auditorium where another boy was there with his pants down, the lawsuit alleges. The boy who was removed from class attempted to leave, but Carraway threatened to call the police if he did, the lawsuit alleges.

The boy stayed and, at Carraway’s direction, the other student performed a sex act on the child. The boy then ran back to class and told a teacher what had happened, the lawsuit alleges.

“I don’t believe you,” the teacher allegedly told the boy, the lawsuit asserts. “Go sit down.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Carraway showed one of the victims a pornographic video of two other students.

Carraway is jailed on a $1 million bond and is scheduled to appear in federal court Friday.

Donna St. George contributed to this report.