Police believe that one of two vehicles involved in a case, a Dodge Durango, had a flaming 8-ball decal like this affixed to its back window. (Montgomery County police)

Detectives investigating hit-and-run fatalities are often plagued by vague vehicle descriptions.

Not so for a case in Montgomery County, where police announced Thursday they are looking for a Dodge Durango bearing a distinctive flaming 8-ball sticker on the rear window. A likeness of that image is pictured above.

Investigators believe the Durango was one of two vehicles that ran over Greg Atwood, 40, who had been lying along Georgia Avenue early June 8. Neither vehicle stopped, and it is not clear whether the drivers knew what they had done.

How Atwood, who lived at a nearby group home, came to be lying on the roadway is part of the broader tragedy and investigation. Before the collisions, three people came across Atwood on nearby Hewitt Avenue, stole his backpack and beat him, police said. Then, as Atwood crawled away and onto Georgia Avenue, where he collapsed, the three did not try to help him — instead watching him get run over, authorities said.

Police charged Kenneth Kpakima, 21, with assault and armed robbery and Mohammed Salous, 17, with assault.

Police believe one of the vehicles that struck Greg Atwood was a 2011 Chrysler 200 or a 2011 Dodge Avenger. (Montgomery County police)

Both remain locked up on no-bond status pending further court proceedings, according to court records. A 15-year-old girl also was involved, police have said, but it is unclear whether she has been charged.

Police earlier said that the other vehicle that struck Atwood was possibly a 2011 Chrysler 200 or a 2011 Dodge Avenger. They released images of what those cars might look like. Police say the Durango was possibly light-colored, but they do not know the specific year so they have not released an image of its possible appearance.

The number to call police with information about this case is 240-773-6620.

Greg Atwood, around 2010. (Family photo)