The robbers had a specialty, police say: CVS stores.

Their latest heist happened Thursday night at a CVS in the District's Tenleytown neighborhood near the Metro station on Wisconsin Avenue NW. But this time, police say, they were caught.

D.C. police said the trio was arrested and charged with armed robbery. They are believed to have been involved in at least five other incidents at CVS stores over the last three months in the Northwest Washington area, authorities said.

In Thursday's incident, two men went into the CVS at Tenleytown and forced an employee to the back of the store. They demanded that the store safe be opened.

The men then stole money — how much was not disclosed by police — and fled in a vehicle waiting outside and driven by another man.

Police said they later arrested the three men, and found the money and some handguns.

The men are believed by police to be connected with other CVS robberies. The other robberies occurred at stores along Georgia Avenue NW in Brightwood, Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown, Seventh Street NW in Shaw and Pennsylvania Avenue NW near George Washington University Hospital. It was the second time they'd robbed the CVS at Tenleytown, police said.

The suspects are Messan Djlbom, 20, of Silver Spring, Md.; Jason White, 31, of Northwest Washington; and Lonnell Hart, 44, of no fixed address.

In an unrelated incident on Wednesday, police said a 7-11 convenience store was robbed in the 200 block of Cedar Street NW near the Takoma Metro stop.

That incident unfolded when a man was unloading a truck of supplies and two men came up to him with a gun. One of the men asked, "Where's the money?" and said, "It's not worth getting shot for!"

A surveillance video shows the truck delivery driver unloading a stack of water bottles, then running as the two robbers approach him.

Another man blocked him. The three then attacked the driver, wrestling him to the ground, according to a police report.

They tried to take items from his pockets but didn't get anything, police said. One of the robbers also went into the truck, but police said it was not clear what he did inside.

The three men then fled north into Takoma Park, Md., police said. Police said they had no description of the men yet.