An ad that is part of a campaign to educate pedestrians and drivers on road safety. (Courtesy of Street Smart/Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments)

For 14 years, authorities in Maryland, the District and Virginia have backed a campaign to reduce serious injuries and fatalities by encouraging driver and pedestrian safety.

The ads for the Street Smart program organized by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments typically run on the radio, in newspapers and on the sides of buses and bus shelters.

The fall run of the campaign will start in early November coinciding with daylight savings time, when darkness arrives earlier and pedestrians can be harder to spot.

Ads similar to this one are put around the D.C. region at gas stations, bus stops and on buses to try to educate drivers and pedestrians on safety. (Courtesy of Street Smart/Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments)

Some of the campaign tips:


•don’t text or talk on a phone when driving

•stop for pedestrians at crosswalks

•slow down and obey the speed limit

•yield to pedestrians and cyclists when turning


●•don’t text when crossing the street

•look left, right, and then left again before crossing a street

•cross the street in marked crosswalks.

•at crosswalks, use the push buttons

•only cross when there is a “walk” signal

•wear visible clothes that can be seen even in darkness and bad weather

•be aware of buses and trucks that are backing up in alleys, driveways or parking spots