The pallets of candy were loaded with ring pops, Swedish fish and other sweets in the back of a tractor trailer on the Capital Beltway.

But a fire started in the back of the truck’s cab area late Monday and reached into the trailer, where the pallets of candy then caught fire. The incident forced the closure of the Beltway’s outer loop near the Georgia Avenue interchange for more than an hour.

The truck driver escaped from the vehicle and wasn’t injured.

With part of the trailer burned, firefighters entered through a hole in the roof while using a ladder. They used a large hose to soak the trailer, getting the candy wet.

A tow company took out loads of candy and firefighters doused it to make sure the fire was out.

Pete Piringer, a spokesman for Montgomery County Fire, joked of the crash, “there’s now a ‘sweet spot’ on the Beltway.”

He said the cause of the fire wasn’t known but it appears the tractor trailer might have had some sort of mechanical issue. The damage was pegged at $200,000, including the loss of the candy, according to fire officials.

None of the candy was salvageable.