Rain, a holiday weekend and the closing of two key Metro stations combined Friday evening to create chaos for commuters and travelers going to and from Reagan National Airport.

Frustrated and impatient, commuters and travelers appeared to place most of the blame on the shutdown of Metro’s Crystal City and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport stations for what various Twitter posts called chaos, absolute chaos, gridlock and “a total mess.”

Shuttle buses were intended to bridge the gap between the Blue and Yellow lines due to planned station shutdowns for upgrades.

But rain and heavier than usual traffic disrupted the plan, delaying the buses, creating long waits for them, clogging roads and reportedly causing taxi passengers to get out and walk.

“The airport is teeming with stranded passengers,” one Twitter user wrote. “Roads are at a standstill” while passengers are “running from Crystal City” to the airport to catch flights.

Metro said a mix of traffic and weather hampered shuttle bus operations. “We apologize,” it said.