Some fires blaze with constant flame, but seem more the smoldering sort, like the one that has continued since Thursday at Montgomery County’s Resource Recovery Facility.

“The fire is under control but firefighters continue to be on the scene,” according to the website of the county’s environmental protection department. “It will take several days to resolve this situation,” the website said.

According to the website, waste is brought to the facility in the Dickerson area to be burned, with the heat used to generate power.

Metal is then recovered from the ash and recycled, the website said.

It appeared that the fire would have some effect on the county’s solid waste disposal process, although no quantitative estimate was immediately available.

An initial assessment made when the fire broke out indicated that trash at the facility covered an area 85 feet by 200 feet. To help reach it, parts of the building’s siding were peeled off.

Video posted Saturday showed smoke rising from mounds of trash, with the glow of flames still visible in spots. No cause for the initial outbreak of fire could be learned.

As outlined on the website of the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority, waste goes first to the Shady Grove Transfer Station in the Derwood area of Montgomery. It is then compacted into steel waste containers and then loaded onto railcars for delivery to the Dickerson facility.

As an apparent result of the disruption, the county environmental protection department said it was discouraging commercial haulers and self-delivering customers from delivering trash to the Shady Grove transfer station until Wednesday.

The department said it expected residential curbside collections to be made on their normal schedule.