Two dogs were taken from a home in Maryland after one of them allegedly attacked a police officer.

The incident happened Tuesday evening on Cable Avenue in Suitland, according to Prince George’s County Police. Authorities said animal control officers asked for police assistance to take two dogs out of a house after “at least one of [the] dogs was recently captured on camera attacking” and killing a neighbor's cat, according to police.

When officers arrived at the home, the dogs ran outside and toward the officers, jumping on one of them. Both officers yelled for the owner to “get her dogs under control,” according to a police statement.

Police said one of the dogs then charged at one of the officersand that “in fear for her safety,” she fired twice and struck the dog.

Police said the wounded dog received medical attention and was in stable condition. The other dog was not hurt and was seized by animal control.

The breed of the dogs involved was not known. Officials said the incident is under investigation. The animal control unit is also looking into “circumstances surrounding the dogs and owner,” police said on Twitter.

As part of the department's policy, the officer who fired her weapon was put on administrative leave during the investigation.