D.C. police are searching for teenagers caught on surveillance video beating and stomping a man at the entrance to the Washington Hilton hotel near Dupont Circle. (D.C. Police)

Police have arrested two additional people in connection with last month’s beating of a man at the entrance to the Washington Hilton Hotel near Dupont Circle, according to the department.

The arrests bring to four the number of suspects taken into custody since the early morning attack on July 14 at the hotel in the 1900 block of Connecticut Avenue NW. Police said as many as 14 teenagers participated.

Those arrested have included two 17-year-old males and one 15-year-old female, all charged as juveniles. Their names have not been made public.

An 18-year-old who was arrested is the first adult to face charges in the incident. Police identified him as Antoin J. Whitehead, of Southeast. He was charged with aggravated assault and was ordered detained until a hearing on Friday. His attorney, Elliott J. Queen, did not respond to interview requests.

The attack occurred about 1 a.m. and was captured on surveillance video broadcast on national news shows. One man was beaten by a swarm of youths who punched and stomped him as he lay on the walkway outside the hotel’s main entrance. One person spit on him.

The Newport News, Va., man suffered injuries to his head and a swollen left eye. He has not responded to interview requests. His companion was struck during the incident, police said.

An arrest affidavit filed in court on Wednesday says a police officer who had prior contacts with Whitehead recognized him from the video. The affidavit alleges Whitehead stomped the man on the ground.

The affidavit does not provide a motive. The victims described the attack to police as random while police say it could be a case of mistaken identity.

A report says that while they walked to the hotel, one teenager on a corner yelled out, “That’s him,” while pointing. A man with the victim told the teens, “That’s not him, you have the wrong person,” according to the police report. There was a further exchange of words and then the assault, police said.