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Two robberies reported in four days on Metropolitan Branch Trail

A jogger was punched in the face and robbed Wednesday evening on a popular hiking and bicycling trail in the District, ­according to D.C. police.

Police said it was the second robbery of its kind in four days at the same place on the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

The robberies occurred near 7th, 8th and Franklin Streets NE, near where the trail turns to run along a city street.

Authorities found, police said, that “several trees there were overgrown,” allowing robbers to hide and attack victims jogging or walking by.

Police said Friday that the city has trimmed the trees to eliminate the hiding places. Police also said they had stepped up patrols.

In the most recent incident, police said, five robbers ­confronted the jogger and, after punching him, one took a cellphone.

The Aug. 11 incident involved four robbers, one with a knife, who surrounded the victim. They took a phone and $30, police said.