David Evers (Fairfax County police )

A Virginia teen was sentenced to seven years in prison Wednesday for providing a morphine pill to a classmate at a party that was among a handful of drugs that led to her death.

David Evers, 18, a former senior at Centreville High School from Clifton, pleaded guilty in September to giving the pill to 17-year-old Alexia Springer at the February 2016 party.

Springer was among partygoers who crushed and snorted the pill in the basement of a Clifton home as parents sat upstairs. Evers traded the pain pill to Springer for an Oxycodone pill.

Springer took additional prescription pills and drank alcohol before going to sleep that night and failing to wake the next day. Her death was ruled accidental.

Evers had been accepted to college before the incident. Springer was a homecoming princess and varsity runner.