Vandalism was reported Friday at the Culpeper Pregnancy Center, in Culpeper, Va. (Culpeper, Va., police photo)

Vandalism, including hostile words in spray paint, was reported Friday in Culpeper, Va., at the Culpeper Pregnancy Center, which describes itself as part of a Christian nonprofit for people dealing with unplanned pregnancy.

According to photos posted on the Culpeper police Facebook page, the words “You Hate Women” were painted in red letters over one of the center’s signs, and the word FAKE was painted on another sign.

The vandalism was discovered early Friday amid the partisan furor that has erupted suddenly in Virginia over the issue of abortion. The debate was triggered apparently by the effort of a state delegate to pitch a bill to loosen restrictions on late term abortions.

In the vandalism, “JESUS HATES THIS (Expletive)” was spray-painted in red letters on one side of the two-story pregnancy center. The center is in a small detached hip-roofed building near a medical and commercial area of Culpeper.

One of the building’s windows was broken in the vandalism, the police said.

On its web site, the Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia said it is dedicated to women and families facing unplanned pregnancy in several central Virginia communities including Culpeper.

The organization said it neither performed nor referred for abortions, and was not an adoption agency. It said it provided accurate information on abortion, adoption and parenting, and related topics.

A town of about 18,000, Culpeper is about 70 miles southwest of Washington.

Police said they had mounted an active and ongoing investigation.