A 28-year-old Virginia man is facing charges after he threatened to bomb a Starbucks in Falls Church over the weekend, authorities said.

Fairfax County Police said David Velasquez came into the coffee shop drunk and passed out. When an employee woke him and asked him to leave, he refused, they said. He then said he had a bomb in his backpack and that it would “explode in two minutes,” police said in a statement.

Velasquez then went inside the bathroom and refused to come out, officials said.

Employees called 911. When police arrived, they had customers at a nearby business evacuate as a precaution. They tried to talk with Velasquez for more than an hour. He finally came out of the bathroom and was arrested.

Police examined the backpack and said it did not contain any dangerous items.

Velasquez was taken to an area hospital because of his “level of intoxication,” police said. He was then transferred to the county jail. He faces charges of threats to bomb or damage buildings and other offenses.

Velasquez was being held on a no-bond status.