For the third time in less than six months thieves have hit a park-and-ride lot at Horner Road in Woodbridge, stealing wheels — which includes tires and rims — according to police in Prince William County.

The latest incidents happened Friday when a parking enforcement officer noticed two cars sitting on cinder blocks with no wheels. Police were notified. One of the cars was a 2014 Honda Accord, the other a 2015 Ford Mustang.

Police said the two cars were parked in the lot earlier in the day.

The other incidents happened in May and September. There are no suspects, police said.

NBC was one of the first to report the most recent round of wheel thefts. One victim — Vernon Londagin — told NBC his wheels were stolen while his car was parked in the lot in May.

“I got a rude awakening. I pulled up around 4:15 p.m. and see the car sitting on milk crates,” Londagin told NBC.

Police in Prince William plan to have more patrols and plainsclothes officers in the area, and expect to have temporary mobile cameras in the area in the “near future,” Jonathan Perok, a spokesman for the department, said.