District police are searching for a group of teenagers who they said attacked a woman and her child in their sport utility vehicle in Georgetown earlier this week and smashed the sun roof with a rock.

The incident occurred about 10:30 a.m. near Wisconsin Avenue and Q Street Northwest, near the Georgetown Library and moments after the woman had strapped her daughter into a car seat after the child’s morning music class.

The victim gave a first-person account of the attack on a neighborhood Internet newsletter, and D.C. police confirmed the Monday incident on the department’s Internet mailing list.

D.C. Police Cmdr. Melvin Gresham — who heads the Second District, which covers Georgetown — wrote that “while this appears to be an isolated incident, we have increased patrols in the neighborhood.”

The victim said she had just buckled her child into the seat and was digging around a diaper bag looking for snacks when she said “a group of what seemed to be teenagers” were “rushing up on me, trying to surround us and our SUV.” She said she slammed the car door shut and locked and raced around to the driver’s side. She got in and locked that door as well.

There was still one door unlocked. “By some miracle I was able to jump into the other side of the car, again locking it behind me and evade one of the teens as he tried to get into the car,” the woman wrote. “As I tried to get out of the parking spot and get away from them, one grabbed what seemed to be a large rock and jumped up on the car and smashed it through my sun roof.”

Gresham confirmed that “one of the subjects jumped on the running board of the victim’s vehicle and smashed the window of the vehicle’s sun roof with a large rock.”

The woman said the inside roof was closed “and none of the glass rained down on us.” She said she “blared on the horn and they all ran off and I was able to get away with my daughter, to safety.”

Police had no descriptions of the teens.