Metro transit police announced the arrest of Opal L. Brown, who was wanted on a bench warrant from D.C. Superior Court. (Metro Transit Police)

The District woman accused of throwing a cup full of urine on a Metro bus driver in August pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in D.C. Superior Court on Thursday.

Opal Brown, 38, will remain in D.C. jail, until her sentencing on Nov. 9.

Brown was arrested after police say she urinated in a cup and tossed the liquid at an X2 bus driver as she left the bus near Benning Road and Minnesota Avenue on Aug. 26. The assault reportedly happened after the driver told her to “have a nice day.” She was rearrested Sept. 29 and remains in the D.C. jail. She faces a maximum of 180 days in jail, a fine of up to $1,000 or both.

As part of her plea, prosecutors agreed to dismiss additional charges for failing to return to court, which resulted in her rearrest.

While in jail, Brown underwent two mental evaluations. The first earlier this month was terminated early after Brown became verbally abusive to the psychologist during the examination, authorities said. During that brief evaluation, they said, Brown admitted to using PCP weekly and drinking alcohol daily.

During a follow-up mental examination two weeks later, the psychologist found the mother of three to be “relaxed” during her examination and to be mentally competent. But the doctor also determined Brown had a history with suffering from depression.

The doctor determined Brown’s substance abuse and mental health factors were no longer a factor affecting her understanding of her case, recommending she be monitored and examined by a mental health care provider in the District under outpatient treatment.