The District woman accused of throwing a cup full of urine on a Metro bus driver was ordered to remain in jail after a District clinical psychologist determined it was unclear whether the woman suffered from mental illness or was instead experiencing the effects of steady PCP use.

Opal Brown, 38, stood next to her court-appointed attorney Friday in D.C. Superior Court as the judge, reading from the psychologist’s report, said Brown was found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Brown is charged with simple assault after police say she urinated in a cup and later tossed the liquid at an X2 bus driver as she exited the bus near Benning Road and Minnesota Avenue on Aug. 26. The assault reportedly happened after the driver told her to “have a nice day.” Brown is also charged with failing to show up to court after her initial hearing in the case. She was rearrested Sept. 29 and remains in D.C. jail.

According to the report by psychologist Teresa Grant, during a 42-minute evaluation on Oct. 5, Brown, a mother of three, admitted that she drinks alcohol daily, beginning each morning with a glass of vodka over ice. She also said she drinks three bottles of Moscato each day. “I drink it like jungle juice,” she told the doctor.

Brown also reportedly admitted to using PCP since she was 13 and has smoked PCP about once a week.

Grant wrote that Brown said she also had plans to fire her court-appointed attorney and represent herself. “They’re all liars,” Brown allegedly said.

The psychologist wrote she had to abruptly terminate her evaluation after Brown started becoming verbally abusive with her and also began making derogatory comments about the judge overseeing the case.

In court, Brown was soft-spoken. Her attorney, Donna Beasley, argued she believed Brown would be more cooperative in a follow-up evaluation.

A D.C. Metro Transit Police document. (Metro Transit Police)

Another hearing was scheduled for Oct. 26.