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Youth detained in Virginia on alleged plan for violence at school

The sheriff in Culpeper County Va said a youth was taken into custody in connection with an alleged plan for violence at a school. (Culpeper County public schools photo)

A teenager was taken into custody last week in Virginia in connection with an alleged plan to commit acts of violence at a public school.

According to the Culpeper County sheriff’s office, the 13-year-old had said “he intended to take revenge” on someone who had allegedly bullied him over several years, and also intended “to shoot ‘the deserving.’ ”

Authorities said Friday that a search warrant at the youth’s home had turned up a switchblade knife, a bow and a pellet gun.

After carrying out the acts of violence, the sheriff’’s office said, the youth intended to commit suicide.

A parent had brought the matter to the attention of the county schools, according to the sheriff’s office. The parent had “observed a social media conversation” in which the youth “confessed his plan.”

The schools contacted the sheriff’s office, which began to investigate, the office said.

According to the sheriff’s office, the youth was detained Friday on a petition alleging threats to kill or do harm on school premises. He was brought to Culpeper Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for a hearing, the sheriff’s office said.

The youth was not identified. The school was not named. Culpeper County is in central Virginia, about 70 miles southwest of Washington, D.C.