A Rockville doctor’s medical license has been suspended in Maryland over allegations of putting children with autism at risk, and state officials are seeking to remove his son from a state commission that advises the governor on the disorder.

The officials were also struggling to explain why Mark Geier’s son, David Geier, who has an undergraduate degree in biology and does not have a medical license, was identified by the Commission on Autism as its “diagnostician.” The commission’s Web site had listed him as a doctor until Wednesday, which officials said was a clerical error.

“Under the circumstances, we do not believe it’s appropriate for David Geier to serve on the autism commission,” said David Paulson, a spokesman for the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. “Unfortunately, he declined to resign his commission. . . . As a result, we are considering the appropriate next steps.”

The Geiers’s views, spelled out in papers and by the state Board of Physicians that suspended Mark Geier, have been discredited by the Institute of Medicine and mainstream medical science. They connect autism to the mercury in vaccines. Among the treatments the Geiers say they’ve developed is one that uses Lupron — a drug that many autism experts have called dangerous for children.

In suspending Geier’s license, the state board said Lupron is approved to treat prostate cancer, endometriosis and fibroids. It is also used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

David Geier did not return calls made to his home or office, and Mark Geier’s attorney was unavailable.