A canine refu­gee from Egypt, where he reportedly had lived on the streets, bolted shortly after arriving in the Washington area this month, but he was found on Christmas morning.

Ralphie, who was described as a German shepherd-Labrador mix, apparently used his street smarts to survive from his arrival at Dulles International Airport on Dec. 12 until he turned up in a trap set for him there.

It seems he spent far more time fending for himself than did Bronco, the Loudoun County police dog who fled from a groomer in Leesburg on Friday. When Bronco was found Sunday, it prompted numerous expressions of delight.

Ralphie’s new owner, a Montgomery County man who reportedly went to great lengths to rescue him from Egypt, could not be immediately reached Tuesday night. But enthusiasm for Ralphie’s return was evident on social media sites, which were enlisted in the effort to find him..

“REUNITED! DULLES RESCUE DOG FOUND TODAY!” read the headline on one posting.

An airport employee said the trap, which does not harm animals, was set near where a sighting of the dog was reported.

Details of Ralphie’s condition and his survival strategies could not be learned immediately.