On Saturday, we continued to dawdle, weather-wise, through October. The day flaunted a few clear signs of autumn but remained, like much of the month, warmer than average.

A sign of a downward trend in temperatures showed up in the day’s high reading. Before Saturday, October’s daily highs had failed only twice to touch 70. Saturday, with its 69 degree high, became the third.

Of course, that alone hardly suggested a headlong rush toward autumn’s chill.

This was so even amid the gray menace of the morning’s clouds. With some of them seeming almost black, the same clouds might in time have suggested snow.

But as it turned out, Saturday’s temperature still exceeded the average for the date by five degrees. That seemed in part to demonstrate how even as our autumn temperatures may grudgingly give ground, they remain warmer than average.

Numerical data could not, however, overwhelm the autumnal atmospherics of the day, the less tangible and less quantifiable qualities that ignore averages to make a month memorable.

A bright sun shone in a bright blue afternoon sky. Although dry, the day seemed to produce a hint of haze that spread sunlight among slowly fading leaves.

Saturday offered the still-bright glow of a sun that perhaps symbolized the season: waning in thermal powers but still able to paint autumnal memories in golden light.