Perhaps Saturday could not accurately be called a summer day at all. Perhaps the long hours from sunrise to sunset actually made up two days — one gray and dull and another suffused with sunshine and sweet evening air.

In the morning, an overcast seemed a remainder and reminder of the heavy rains of Thursday and Friday.

At some times of the year, Saturday in its entirety might have been dismissed as bland and unpromising.

But this is the middle of June. The 20th, and the solstice, grow near. Daylight expands to more than 14 hours and 50 minutes.

At a time of 8:30 p.m. sunsets, these days provide, as do few others, the opportunity for meteorological redemption.

More rain Saturday would not have surprised us. But none was officially reported in Washington.

And above us, as the afternoon went on, gray began giving way to blue. The transition might have proved slow at first.

But in time, it became possible to look aloft and recognize the meteorological virtues of patience.

It became possible, at least for a while, to gaze upon vast expanses of blue, with the morning overcast almost forgotten and cloud remnants seemingly banished to the edges of the sky.

As the sun descended, its benevolence seemed to spread largely unobstructed everywhere, while temperatures remained in the mild and seductive 70s.