September, which ends Sunday ,has produced many days of delightful weather, of which Saturday was the most recent.

Yet, September, for all its beauty and benevolence, seems almost certain to be another in the list of recent months that have been warmer than normal. marty

As of late Saturday, the average temperature for the month, measured at Reagan National Airport, was about 1.4 degrees above normal. With only one day to go, only the most extreme conditions on Sunday could keep the month from closing with an above-average temperature.

But Saturday did not conform to the trend of 2011 toward above-normal warmth. It was neither warmer nor cooler than could be expected.

The afternoon’s high was 73 degrees. The normal for the date, according to weather service figures, is 74 degrees. The morning low was 59 degrees, compared with the normal low temperature for Sept. 29 of 57 degrees.

Averaging the high and the low temperature gives a figure of 66 degrees. That, according to weather service figures, was the usual average temperature for the next-to-last day of September.

In the meantime, bright afternoon sunshine, and picturesque clouds appeared only to enhance the pleasure ofa fine Washington day in the early part of autumn.

Some satisfaction could be found also in the month’s precipitation. Overall, 2011 has been a dry year. But September has been a wet month.

As of Saturday, the official gauges at National measured 4.29 inches of rain this month.The normal figure is 3.59 inches, 0.70 inches less.

The most recent rainfall brought the total precipitation for the year to 23 inches. That compares with the 29.99 inches that is the normal at this time. So the year’s total is almost exactly 23.3 per cent below normal.

All in all, with Saturday as one of the month’s notable daily components, “This has turned out to be a fantastic September,” read a comment on the Post’s Capital Weather Gang Web site.