A popular downtown Silver Spring movie theater was evacuated Saturday night after a bomb threat, Montgomery County police said Sunday.

Hundreds of movie-goers were asked to exit the Regal Majestic Stadium on Ellsworth Drive during the busy Saturday night. Some people said although the evacuation was done orderly they never heard from the theater staff or police about what prompted the evacuation.

Authorities said the incident happened after 9 p.m. and patrons were let back into the theater about an hour later.

Police did not find any device or indication of danger, authorities said. Several nearby roads also were closed while authorities investigated, they said.

Jeremy Rosner, who was at the theater with his wife watching “Gravity “said the screen suddenly went black and after a few minutes when no one heard from the theater staff, another movie-goer came in and told the packed auditorium that the building was being evacuated.

“It was like a major response and no explanation of what was going on,” said Rosner, who lives four blocks away from the theater. He said some people were scared.

“The first thing you think of is the shootings at the Aurora (Colorado) movie theater. You wonder if it was a shooting or a fire.”

The movie theater could not reached Sunday for comment. And it was unclear if the hundreds of movie-goers would be getting passes to make up for the disruption.

Saturday night several people tweeted about the incident.

Dawn A Le, @DawnJetLe 14h, said in a tweet, “Was at evacuated movie theatre in Silver Spring. All is okay, but no answers by cops or anyone.”

Rosner said although he and his wife didn’t get to see the end of their movie and “it was just getting to an exciting part,” he was glad it was only a disruption. “I just thought it wasn’t perfectly handled.”