A late Silver Line, D.C. streetcar don’t match debacle of Silver Spring Transit Center

(Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post)

The Silver Line, the D.C. streetcar: Their delays haven’t had same effect as Silver Spring Transit Center’s.


Repairs on trouble-plagued Silver Spring transit center scheduled to resume next week


Work on the trouble-plagued project is set to start next week, as Duncan, Legget continue to spar on the issue.

Which transit project delay really hurts?

The dubious distinction goes to the Silver Spring Transit Center.


Leggett, seeking third term as Montgomery leader, says there are unfinished projects

(Nikki Kahn / The Washington Post)

Seeking a third term, Montgomery’s county executive touts his handling of finances during the recession.


Montgomery County inspector general cites early evidence of Transit Center woes

A new county inspector general’s report says some failures of the Silver Spring center were known in 2010.


Key players hold conflicting positions on transit center

(Sarah L. Voisin / The Washington Post)

Montgomery County executive said the decision on the beam and girder work would be made by Metro.

It takes more than open space to make a great urban park

The best city parks don’t exist in isolation.

On the wait list: The Silver Line, D.C. Streetcar and other delays in 2013

It’s been the year of delays in local transportation. And even the stuff that actually did happen in 2013 has left us waiting for something better.


Fourth annual ‘Turkeys of the Year’ recognize various follies in Washington region

COLUMN | Dan Snyder, Metro system and Baltimore jail are among those “honored” for assorted folly.


Maryland may be friendly to transit projects, but Virginia is falling in love

(Matt McClain / The Washington Post)

Don’t stereotype Virginians as big-roads advocates. They’ve got one of the nation’s biggest transit projects.