Skip pulls e-scooters
as it reviews fire

Skip is suspending its e-scooter service in the District while it investigates what caused a scooter to burst into flames downtown Thursday, city and company officials said.

Skip is pulling its scooters from the streets at the request of the D.C. Department of Transportation so “it can fully investigate the fire incident and perform all necessary safety checks,” an agency spokesman said.

The scooter caught fire near 14th and I streets NW in front of a Compass Coffee shop. Employees there said a woman came in to tell them that the scooter was on fire, but they did not see how it started. The cause of the fire is not clear, though fire and company officials said it appears to have started around the battery pack while the scooter was parked.

Skip Scooters said that it is investigating the incident and not ruling out the possibility of “foul play.” The company said that it thinks this was an isolated case and that its other scooters are safe.

DDOT has not suspended or revoked Skip’s permit.

— Luz Lazo

UMMS adopts policy on conflicts of interest

The University of Maryland Medical System announced Friday that it has adopted a conflict-of-interest policy, as required by state law, that bars board members from obtaining contracts with the system through sole-source procurement and prohibits the system from giving preference to board members.

The medical system has been engulfed in controversy since March, when the Baltimore Sun reported that some board members had made business deals, in some cases worth millions of dollars, with the system they oversaw.

Under the new policy, board members with potential conflicts of interest will be required to present them to the board’s governance committee, which will vote on the conflict.

— Rachel Chason

Man charged with nursing home assault

Fairfax County police arrested a 55-year-old nursing home patient on charges that he sexually assaulted another patient at an Annandale facility, officials said.

Authorities arrested Geoffrey Smallwood on two counts of aggravated sexual battery Wednesday after police investigated a claim that he assaulted a victim who suffered from mental incapacity or physical helplessness, officials said in a statement. Staff members of the Sleepy Hollow Healthcare Center on Columbia Pike called police about 11 a.m. Sunday to report the attack, officials said.

Smallwood was ordered held without bond, officials said.

— Clarence Williams