Calvert County

HOLLOWAY, Roy Willie Sr., 79, of Sunderland, an auto mechanic and home builder, died March 11 at his daughter’s home in Sunderland.

JONES-PINKNEY, Carla Nadine, 40, of Baltimore, a homemaker, died March 5 at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

THORNE, Earl S., 75, of Prince Frederick, a principal, died March 11 at Calvert Memorial Hospital.

WOODLAND, LyTre Garrett, 18, of Lusby died March 1 at Children’s National Medical Center.

St. Mary’s County

BOOTHBY, John Herbert, 85, of Dowell, the owner of a printing company, died March 11 at home.

JARBOE, James Patrick, 78, of St. Mary’s City, a family doctor, died March 11 at home.

KRANSNOKUTSKY, Onisim, 78, of Leonardtown, a master machinist, died March 19 at home.

LAROCQUE, Eugene Donald, 76, of Tupper Lake, N.Y., a maintenance worker, died March 11 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

LEDFORD, Helen Pearson, 93, of Clements, a manager, died March 5 at home.

LYALL, Clarence Odell, 86, of Lexington Park, a meal delivery service driver, died March 19 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

O’CONNOR, Ann Marie, 90, of Jersey City, a social worker, died March 6 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

PAGES-ROSE, Carlos Juan, 83, of Lexington Park, a U.S. Army veteran, died March 16 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

PARKS, Edgar Leach, 94, of Lexington Park, a business executive, died March 14 at home.

POLSIN, Michael James, 52, of Hollywood, an emergency room nurse, died Feb. 25 at home.

RUSSELL, Ilah Jean, 65, of California, a manager, died March 1 at home.