Calvert County

ALVEY, Julia Williams, 87, of Lusby, a homemaker, died Aug. 12 at Solomons Nursing Center.

WEDDLE, Danny Beamer, 67, of Solomons, an engineer, died Aug. 5 at home.

Charles County

BOU-SABA, Georges Adib, 64, of Waldorf, a gas station owner, died Aug. 10 at Civista Medical Center.

BURCH, Janine Andeara, 45, of Waldorf, a U.S. Census Bureau program analyst, died Aug. 20 at home.

CHANONICH, Irene Mary, 88, of La Plata, a homemaker, died Aug. 9 at Washington Hospital Center.

COOKSEY, Dorothy Bay, 88, of La Plata, a bank teller, died Aug. 20 at Civista Medical Center.

GEISERT, Roy Joseph, 59, of White Plains, a chiropractor, died Aug. 7 at home.

HEMSLEY, Marion Alice, 94, of the District, a homemaker, died Aug. 8 at Stoddart Baptist Nursing Home.

KLOPFER, John Edwin Sr., 83, of La Plata, a tile setter, died Aug. 6 at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.

LEW, Ellsworth James Jr., 49, of Waldorf, a senior network administrator, died Aug. 1 in Sommerville, W.Va.

LYNCH, Betty Morella, 82, of Brandywine, a bookkeeper, died Aug. 9 at Genesis Waldorf Center.

MAHON, Carol Lehosky, 69, of Waldorf, a bank teller, died Aug. 20 at Genesis Waldorf Center.

MCCLURE, Kash Harold, 72, of La Plata, vice president for membership for the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, died Aug. 18 at home.

MESSICK, John Joseph, 70, of Waldorf, an auto recovery specialist, died Aug. 7 at Civista Medical Center.

REEDER, Elizabeth Rosella, 85, of Waldorf, a homemaker, died Aug. 1 at Civista Medical Center.

REEDER, George Weldin Jr., 89, of Waldorf, an Air Force lieutenant colonel, died July 24 at Washington Hospital Center.

ROBERTS, William Elmer, 79, of Waldorf, manager for Chaney Enterprise, died Aug. 19 at Civista Medical Center.

ROONEY, Robert Wayne, 52, of Waldorf, a U.S. Air Force master sergeant, died Aug. 20 at Civista Medical Center.

RUSSELL, Jerald Marie, 95, of La Plata, a homemaker, died Aug. 16 in La Plata.

SUNDBERG, John Raymond, 89, of Waldorf, a U.S. Air Force master sergeant, died Aug. 20 at Genesis Waldorf Center.

TODD, Octava, 76, of La Plata died Aug. 17 at Civista Medical Center.

WARNES, John Lee, 65, of Waldorf, an aircraft mechanic, died Aug. 3 at Genesis La Plata Center.

St. Mary’s County

ALBERICO, Matt Jared, 48, of Hollywood, a program manager, died Aug. 3 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

GUILES, Margaret Eileen, 51, of Leonardtown, a sales worker, died Aug. 11 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

HARDEN, Vernard Roscoe, 71, of Dameron, a systems analyst, died Aug. 8 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

HOUCK, David Lee, 52, of Lexington Park, a supply specialist with the Civil Service, died Aug. 15 at home.

MATTINGLY, Christopher O’Connell, 55, of Leonardtown, a warehouse supervisor, died Aug. 19 at his mother’s residence.

NEWMAN, Patricia Jean, 74, of Lexington Park, a homemaker, died Aug. 18 at home.

PEELER, Elizabeth Cecilia, 79, of Leonardtown, a homemaker, died Aug. 13 at St. Mary’s Nursing Center.

PICOT, Michael Anthony Emile, 71, of St. Inigoes, a marketing consultant, died Aug. 13 at home.

RALEY, John Francis Jr., 85, of Lexington Park, an insurance agent, died Aug. 21 at home.

SAWYER, Walter Wesley III, 68, of Tall Timbers, a lawyer, died Aug. 12 at home.

TENNYSON, James Rodman, 87, of Great Mills, an electronics technician, died July 31 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

WILSON, Pearl Ruth, 82, of Lexington Park, a civil servant, died Aug. 8 at George Washington Hospital.

YOWELL, Mary Magruder, 61, of Leonardtown, a registered nurse, died Aug. 1 at home.