Calvert County

COMMODORE, Dorsey Leonard, 71, of Lusby, a bus driver, construction worker and Calvert Cliffs employee, died April 24 at St. Mary’s Hospital.

JOHNSON, Franklin Milford, 55, of Prince Frederick, an employee of Calvert Memorial Hospital, Solomons Pier and Body & Soul Landscaping, died April 23 at Southern Maryland Hospital.

RAY, John Donnell, 32, of Huntingtown, a landscaper, installer of windows and doors, and owner of a car detailing business, died April 21 in Annapolis.

Charles County

COONEY-MOYER, Priscilla Ann, 57, of Marbury, a homemaker, died April 30 at Civista Medical Center.

KRAFT, Robert William, 66, of Waldorf, an operations manager, died May 5 at Civista Medical Center.

MINNI, Pauline Josephine, 86, of La Plata, a cashier, died May 8 at Genesis Center.

MYERS, Jeanne Sauerwein, 87, of Waldorf, a schoolteacher, died May 2 at Morningside House.

St. Mary’s County

HALL, H. Rodney, 69, of Avenue, a construction business owner, died May 5 at home.

SPALDING, Catherine Virginia, 87, of Leonardtown, an accountant, died May 5 at home.

THOMPSON, Virginia Rae, 86, of St. Mary’s City, a nurse anesthetist, died April 27 at home.

WILLSON, Edith Sponaugle, 82, of Leonardtown, a homemaker, died May 5 at home.