Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Breezy Point Rd., 5123-Karen Lee Strandquist and Michael Thomas Stradquist to Hugh Murray, $225,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 3906-Sierra B. Mitchell and Lillian Christian Bond to Stewart D. Gibson III, $135,500.

F St., 7320-Joshua Alan and Kristyn M. Sterken to Joseph D. and Dawn Smith, $309,000.

Moffat Run, 8148-Gary L. Winton to Shawnse Wiseman, $265,000.

Woodland Ct., 2490-Anthony and Oneyda Bollo to James David Sobkowiak, $367,500.


Golf Club Dr., 2325-Wmroyer Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Larry Charles Garrett and Maria Christina H. Garrett, $774,250.

Steven Lane, 12057-Selina M. Nauman to Elizabeth and Thomas Fidler, $729,900.


Carson Rd., 860-Melanie R. and Mark A. Benforado to Luis E. Echoa, $445,000.

Holland Dr., 2650-Sherry Rena Lambert Evans and Victor C. Evans Jr. to Michael W. Grierson, $194,500.

Lady Annes Way, 2626-John Michael Neal and Cathy Doran to Scotty R. and Jessica Birchfield, $540,000.

Radcliffe Dr., 98-Jamie E. and Steven D. Ludka to Christopher S. and Misti I. Link, $399,900.

Soper Rd., 3225-Darryl Joseph and Patricia Kinter Travis to Jason R. and Amanda T. Hand, $552,900.


Beacon Way, 11005-William R. and Marlene S. White to Robert B. and Laura Filippi, $445,000.

Clubhouse Dr., 359-Mountain Prime 2017 Corp. to Mark Anthony Cockrell Jr., $265,000.

Dasher Dr., 2025-Jeffrey M. Decker and Michael Travis Showaler to Jonathan Keith Greenwell, $320,000.

Golden West Way, 1000-Crowfoot 2014 Corp. to Melissa A. Lauber, $175,000.

Johnswoods Rd., 967-Rodney F. and Megan Fleegle to Ronald V. and Susan C. Lascala, $350,900.

Papas Lane, 2051-Mychael S. and Jennifer L. Shymansky to Tran D. Miles, $329,854.

Sagebrush Dr., 12574-Paul S. and Deborah S. Starr to Brandon S. Starr, $215,000.

Schooner Dr., 7720-Erin Patrick Brown and Melody Beth Weed to Joshua R. Wood and Courtney L. Fansler, $249,990.

Trenton Ave., 13316-William Brady Jr. to Justin R. Blankenship, $259,500.


Chesapeake Lighthouse Dr., 8746-Jonathan and Beth Herrin to Stacey W. Mitchell, $218,000.

First St., 4034-Charles McCarthy to Jane B. Wilcox, $262,350.

Ninth St., 3850-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Anthony Joe Bollo, $140,500.


Harmony Ct., 8841-Dean and Tammy Conquest to George A. and Danielle K. Hatchell, $468,000.

Pushaw Station Rd., 8425-Mark A. and Nancy S. Zilliox to Stephen J. and Kathryn H. Crounse, $424,900.


August Dr., 4375-Scott Schoenick and Corinne M. Wyss to Shannon Q. Nazzal, $415,000.

Pitchers Pl., 4848-Gerald S. and Joann Pitcher to Jessica A. Leone and Dawn M. Williams, $575,000.


Barstow Rd., 805-Robert R. and Jill B. Thompson to Matthew A. and Denise M. Riggs, $445,900.

Cambridge Pl., 302-Renee Denise Celestine and Renee Sutton to Koft T. Cupid Ramirez, $265,000.

Equestrian Way, 368-Rodney and Terry Roundtree to William Brett and Megan E. Schaniel, $345,000.

Old Adelina Rd., 1520-Donald Lee Hooper Sr. to Rodney and Tiffany Lewis, $375,000.

Tate Rd., 245-Sandra N. Monger and Merril Cohen to Diane E. Gunde, $150,000.


Strathmore Lane, 335-Blair W. and Gregory M. Smith to Elizabeth G. Wyrough and Richard R. Page Wyrough, $823,500.


Shipyard Way, 408-CG Solomon S. Marina Corp. to Donna M. Trott, $435,795.


Laurel Rd., 1591-Mark Anderson to Michelle O. Lewis, $405,000.

Quiet Ct., 6521-Jeffrey R. Upton to Larry Russell and Amanda White, $312,751.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Beechnut Dr., 16041-Laura H.G.O. Sullivan and Erin M. Shaffer to Valon Jay and Sandra Jean Wadsworth, $274,000.


Adelphi Lane, 2712-Deborah L. Fabrizio to Deshea J. and Rachel Mack, $255,000.

Dakota St., 2602-Otis B. and Patricia A. Delozier to Walter Wesley III, $215,000.

Hammock Ct., 2774-Jacquelyn R. Jones to Valentina L. Lorick, $215,000.

Mccormick Dr., 6770-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Ntambwe Kalamba and Lenga M. Tshimanga, $419,990.

Sedgemore Pl., 2893-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Lashanya Washington, $282,000.


Duval Dr., 17735-William J. and Anita M. Mattingly to Brandon and Laura Simpson, $239,000.


Hard Bargain Cir., 6332-Wayne Anthony Barnett and Brenda Lynn Roberson Barnett to Compton Joris and Tessy Enemo Dunoboh, $345,000.

Jennifer Dr., 212-Anita Properties Managment Corp. to Rochelle N. Smith, $173,000.

Munahan Cir., 320, No. B-Vanetta R. Wells to Nakaya S. Dottin, $175,000.

Red Hill Dr., 5266-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Frank Nesbit, $152,559.


Cornwall Dr., 1214-Fernand St. Marc Pecot III to Syed Kaleemullah Hussaini and Roohi Khan, $410,000.

Glen Albin Rd., 7528-Joshua Hahn to David H. Winer, Antonio J. Oquendo and Jose Antonio Oquendo, $71,000.

Hawthorne Greene Cir., 110-Bruce S. and Lori H. Fried to Tea J. and Hye K. Lee, $309,900.

Hunters Ridge Ct., 4633-John J. and Denise S. Hotbauer to Marjorie D. Chiles, $359,500.

Laurel Lane, 851-Savlatrice Smiroldo to Kristina Hanson and Lydell D. Posey, $129,000.

Mimosa Dr., 9234-Charles W. and Dana J. Mcpherson to Christopher B. and Danyelle F. McDowell, $326,000.

Redwood Cir., 1339-Jeffrey D. Brown to Jeffrey D. and Vanessa A. Brown, $345,000.

Wildflower Dr., 3039-Bank of New York Mellon and CHL Mortgage to Edmund Lassiter Jr., $360,000.


Janore Ct., 5375-Virginia H. and Edwin C. Graves to Patrick and Stefanie Sullivan, $500,000.


Bridle Path Dr., 2224-Jeff E. Sherman to Mariela B. Origaen, $239,900.

Celestial Lane, 5290-Bank of New York Mellon to Alexis Hudson Moore, $392,000.

Flagstone St., 3451, No. 31-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Anthony C. and Tammy T. Salter, $245,000.

Heron Pl., 11219-Ray A. Legrand to Shanae Lynn Mauney, $246,000.

High Rocks Pl., 3165-NVR Inc. to Debra Talley, $327,240.

Jewel Ct., 10374-Kenneth L. and Aurleia C. Dunn to Nehemias Valles, $369,900.

Snow Owl Pl., 11323-Alisha V. McKnight to Kia S. Willis, $244,000.

Suzanne Rd., 6015-Billy R. and Karen D. Absher to Daniel Jimenez Guerrero and Dulice M. Flores Mndoza, $289,900.

Timberlake Pl., 12225-NVR Inc. to Shannon and Jered P. Rollins, $314,000.

Vidalia Ct., 2440-Kenyatta McLeod and Samuel G. Poole to Stephanie A. Daniel, $315,000.


Maryland Point Rd., 11560-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Michael A. Thomas Jr., $305,439.


Potomac View Rd., 12280-Linda M. and Edward A. Apodaca to Michael D. and Lois C. Manning, $416,000.

Waverly Point Rd., 13585-Charles R. and Kimberly A. Garner to Nicki Ellis, $240,000.


Ann Harbor Dr., 7692-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jackie Ryan, $299,900.


All Hallows Ct., 2018-K&N Properties to Aldo A. Mendez, $252,000.

Bannister Cir., 1204-Freetown Developers Corp. to Verna Edingbourgh and Lillie Ashford, $259,900.

Barrington Dr., 837-Juan C. and Elsy Y. Rodriguez to Dennis L. and Latrecee R. Brown, $265,000.

Cardigan Ct., 19-Olivia Morris to Mark A. Watson and Fanescia M. Thompson, $268,000.

Cooperstown Pl., 11922-Shameka Johnson to Rebekah Benson, $280,000.

Endicott Ct., 3058-Robert L. and Gina M. Motley to Robert L. Davis Jr., $296,000.

Guilford Dr., 3200-Misuk and William R. Saunders to Joy N. Mungo, $230,000.

Henryetta Ct., 11706-Victoria Curry to Feng Weng, $235,000.

Knolewater Ct., 3100-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mary Moses, $171,660.

McIntosh Ct., 11040-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Ryan and Ana Florence, $449,990.

Muirfield Ct., 11720-Armand and Kelly Damiano to Christann Wimberly, $360,000.

Outlaw Gap Pl., 11699-Natasha I. Agard and Tyrone R. Lester Jr. to Keith Worthington, $285,000.

Quigley Ct., 4225-U.S. Bank and Fay Servicing Corp. to Tamia Hinnant, $183,000.

University Dr., 728-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Christina Angela Green, $185,500.

Winged Foot Ct., 11939-Mark Bradley and Cassie Akins to Kim Y. Brown, $367,000.


Avalon Ct., 2302-Yurt Corp. to W.C. and Tanya Jones, $379,900.

Bluebird Dr., 4166-Tyvon J. Edmonds and Tamika M. Wiley Edmonds to Anthony Wright Jr., $159,000.

Coltshire Ct., 9584-Rhonda Baskerville to Chaverly H. and Larry Osborne, $432,000.

Doctorfish Ct., 5020-Federal Homes Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ciara D. Hayman, $235,000.

Granite Ct., 9145-Bennie C. and Lota Golding to Pratik Patel, $335,000.

Halford St., 3493-Eric A. and Christine S. Ellis to Balraj S. and Balraj Singh Sekhon, $375,000.

Hubbard Ct., 10158-Perpetua Edwards to Merchia N. Davis, $350,000.

Kingfisher Ct., 4830-Lara North to Roxanne Sanderson, $159,000.

Lawrence Dr., 10960-Middletown Corp. to Steven R. Turner and Jo Ann S. Turner, $361,000.

Long Leaf Lane, 10556-NVR Inc. to Laquesha and Corwin Holland, $552,530.

Mockingbird Cir., 4246-Cassie D. Manning to Anthony Viniel Zapata and Astrid Rachel Borges, $275,000.

Night Sergeant Ct., 5707-Deutsche Bank to Ramatu Salmatu Wright, $310,000.

Pam Dr., 10807-Charles D. and Mary A. Brown to Natalie Williams Haughton, $335,000.

Ponderosa Pine Ave., 10487-Martin H. Juarez and Vanesa N. Santiago to Kisha S. and Chester L. White, $435,000.

Pronghorn Ct., 6195-James Garrett and Margaret Elaine Perry to Nancy R. Shackelford, $265,000.

Redhorse Ct., 5015-Chi Chuan and Hsi Chu Hsu to Monica Exum Harris, $265,000.

St. Patricks Park Alley, 10913-NVR Inc. to Lena Thuy Lu, $239,895.

Sirenia Pl., 6075-Flaghip Investments Corp. to Tamarha Mills, $217,000.

Wolverine Pl., 6226-Latisha U. Jordan to William D. Wooten II, $224,000.


Gunston Rd., 9260-Troy Gillissen to David Allan and Melissa Ann Haskin, $415,000.


Clifford Dr., 9310-Wetherburn Associates Corp. to Lawrence D. and Carla T. Brooks, $422,000.

Duley Dr., 4688-Timothy and Melissa Cavanaugh to Kenneth A. Sloan and Stephanie L. Marks Sloan, $340,000.

Friars Lane, 5461-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Girlie De Guzman Banzuela, $438,085.

Housely Pl., 10281-Arundel Robinson to Danyel Lynette Johnson, $264,900.

Londonberry Lane, 4751-Pau and Barbara Rennie to Rebecca Sager, $295,000.

Riva Pl., 10609-Prime Street Properties Corp. to Brian A. Thompson, $150,000.

Sierra Lane, 11328-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Orlando Epps and Vankita Brown, $493,215.

Spotswood Pl., 5457-U.S. Home and Lennar Corp. to Monique Rochelle Lawrence, $285,005.

Tottenham Dr., 7348-K&P Kingsview Corp. to Wilfredo Rivera, $429,447.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bayside Way, 22754-Shane Barfoot to Nicholas L. Eppler, $215,000.

Bethfield Way, 45861-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties to Daniel G. and Jamie A. Beaston, $243,489.

Granite Way, 44093-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Marie Anne and Andrew Coadic, $180,000.

Mistletoe Lane, 44554-U.S. Bank to Jack I. and Lourdes D. Wickwire, $222,230.

Ringtail Dr., 22999-Cartus Financial Corp. to Hayden and Elyse Stevens, $355,000.

Woodlawn Dr., 45505-Timothy A. and Kimberly A. McDonald to Mark Purcell, $299,900.


Grampton Rd., 23171-Paul J. Hein to Andrea J. Worley, $320,000.


Goldenrod Dr., 22206-Mary Elizabeth and David V. Groupe to Andrew B. Lord, $299,900.

Village Ct., 21351-Thomas J. Kraft Jr. to Chonda C. Barnette, $156,000.


Broad Creek Dr., 24628-Cartus Financial Corp. to Joseph Donald and Cheryl Ann Rogers, $390,000.

Rosalinds Dr., 43176-John S. and Sharon E. Wartnaby to Kevin Robert and Chisty Marie Quinn, $315,000.


Abraham Dr., 23622-Eric B. and Teresa A. Burstein to Sean Kaner and Sheila Wight, $355,000.

Domitilla Ct., 41975-Paul and Christina E. Stanton to Nathaniel E. Balsley, $325,000.

Lady Baltimore Ave., 39843-William Mack and Crystal Dunkin to Michael V. and Carolyn D. Estronell, $230,000.

Orchard Ct., 22265-Pamela K. Gray to John M. and Kandy S. Sandifer, $501,000.


Adams Ct., 46040-Robert J. and Susan D. Smith to John C. Van Osch and Natalie W. Van Osch, $544,000.

Hermanville Rd., 21078-Metropolitan Exteriors Inc. to Brent J. Roy, $230,000.

Lookout Dr., 21360-Bryan O. Tichenor to Jason P. Snyder, $209,000.

Willow Wood Dr., 47272-Gregory W. and Erin C. Kennedy to Ronnie Lindsay, $285,000.


Army Navy Dr., 36061-Andrea Worley to Lauren Tarbox, $245,000.

Foley Mattingly Rd., 39012-Anna M. Raulerson to Amy S. Wagner Hones and William B. Hones, $419,000.


Packer Ct., 48641-Springhaven Homes Inc. to Timothy M. and Jacqueine B. Zielstorf, $345,000.