Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bayside Rd., 8324-Michael and Melissa Duus to Laurel Wittman and Eduardo Lopes, $335,000.

C St., 7537-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Walter H. Schlegel, $102,000.

Dalrymple Rd., 3630-Travis A. Kendall to Justin and Sarah Lowery, $371,000.

Harrison Blvd., 8133-Gabrielle Sonrisa and Kristopher M. Newton to Jairus Benjamin and Amber J. Roberts, $404,999.

Rector Lookout, 3238-Joseph Borkowski and Janice Ann Sebold to Erik and Stephanie Standish, $379,000.

Tartan Ct., 8507-Candice Wolfe to Jack Darrell and Barbie A. Sneed, $357,000.

11th St., 6580-Ronald Anthony and Lillian Firmani to Nicholas Lodge and Allison Julien, $269,500.

29th St., 3608-Michael Bryan Ek to Carlos A. and Helene K. Hernandez, $329,900.


Prince St., 1205-Lonnie E. Taylor to Kelly Marshall and John Gonzalez, $340,000.


Barberry Dr., 4314-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Gilbert Zalc and Suzanne Costello, $622,738.

Dartmoor Dr., 1622-Jeffrey P. and Rosemary H. Phillips to Roberto E. and Amanda L. Alejandro, $540,000.

Kimberly Lane, 2400-Dawn K. Bowman and estate of John P. Conor to Daniel and Krystal Hyde, $435,000.

Maybrook Dr., 625-Michael and Lori E. Maddox to Michael L. and Jennifer M. Naron, $539,900.

Soper Rd., 3172-Nicholas J. and Ashley L. Henni to Vladimir L. and Kelly L. Bortchevsky, $499,990.


Cattle Drive Lane, 1044-Chesapeake Home Buyers Corp. to Leilani Janice Thompson and Demarcus Isiah Patrick, $189,999.

Chestnut Dr., 304-Gregory L. Reed to James H. Marcum, $199,900.

Dasher Dr., 2017-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. and Fay Servicing Corp. to Nolan Smith, $361,000.

Gregg Dr., 1337-Russell L. and Samantha M. Windsor to Megan Magill, $172,000.

Hg Trueman Rd., 11551-Sebastian Mathews to Haydon Lee and Lindsey A. Burch, $189,500.

Little Cove Point Rd., 11789-Fern Holland Commodore to Samantha and Jeffrey Delair, $153,500.

Pine Lane, 12938-August C. and Lucinda K. Pavis to Gregory and Faye Brock, $236,000.

Rawhide Rd., 11231-Charm Properties Corp. to Corbett Vita, $275,000.

San Jose Lane, 12454-James Eugene Stratchko to Alexandria Miranda, $223,500.

Stagecoach Trail, 1134-Mark A. Lucas to James Franklin Johnson Jr., $254,900.

Webster Dr., 10994-William F. and Vickie L. Johnson to Ann Marie and David Thomas Clifton, $220,000.


Glouster Dr., 3619-Elliot S. and Shante N. Freeland to Mike M. Johnson Jr. and Cassie Marie Lapera, $320,000.

First St., 3914-Gregory J. Ferguson and estate of Patricia M. Krahling to Patricia E. and John J. Stueckler, $271,500.


Battery Lane, 1821-Brian K. and Karen L. McCutcheon to Kristopher Franklin, $443,000.

Grovefield Lane, 50-Roberto C. and Karyn E. Fleming to Walter and Amanda Calhoun, $556,000.

Sheridan Dr., 1280-John P. and Jean G. Hepp to Robert M. and Melissa A. Haner, $471,500.

Winery Ct., 630-David A. and Kim E. Ruth to James M. and Mary K. Kennedy, $468,000.


Cambridge Pl., 399-U.S. Bank and Caliber Real Estate Services Corp. to Sudarsan Shrestha and Anita Palikhe, $265,100.

English Oak Lane, 386-Curtis Development Corp. to Carol A. Tisone, $299,000.

Maryland Ave., 4650-Kenneth A. and Carlole Ann Allston to Jennifer R. and Benjamin S. Gato, $265,000.

Sixes Rd., 3871-Christopher Williamson to Jesse Ray and Kristin Nadine Sompayrac, $385,000.


Back Creek Loop, 1101-Naomi R. Pavone to Klaus W. and Ilse R. Metz, $204,900.


Foxhall Rd., 14162, No. 4-Donald McCarthy to Daniel C. and Karen J. Roberts, $305,000.


Herring Way, 2117-Kyle David Jernigan to Christian Crowe, $259,000.

Long Beach Dr., 6534-Margarie Sherman and Donald Winston Hall to Jolene Lauria, $275,000.

Wild Cherry Lane, 729-James R. and Carla M. Mathers to Stephanie D. and Thomas J. Roth, $396,000.


Trembling Lane, 325-Byron G. and Catherine D. Toney to Stephen R. Stayton Jr., $455,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Chippewa St., 2878-James K. and Jennifer Fenton to Caleb A. and Katelyn A. Smith, $239,900.

McCormick Dr., 6755-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Pamela Pope, $390,792.

Wolsey Ct., 5855-Michaer J. Leadmon to Jihad and Symone Olley, $227,000.


Mairfield Ct., 6315-David E. and Selma M. Lee to Henry L. and Deanduesa E. Davis, $580,000.

Spicetree Pl., 7400-Marrick Properties Inc. to Ronald O. and Marie A. Falwell, $563,810.


Baker St., 4140-Jovita Manuel and estate of Minnie Sarah Wade to Kenneth and Shirley Laveen Borden, $162,000.

Holly St., 5343-Ward Investing Corp. to Raheem L. Vaughan, $256,000.

Smith Dr., 5340-KN Properties General Partnership to Renne E. and Troy A. Conner, $199,900.


Colebrook Dr., 5269-Jerry A. and Paula J. Jennedy to Terri J. Dixon and Faye N. Dunston, $290,000.

Glen Albin Rd., 7548-Wells Fargo Bank to Richard Anthony Distefano, $175,000.

Redwood Cir., 1406-Wesley and Joy Elliott to Michael P. and Susan M. Crowley, $370,000.

Stonestreet Rd., 9401-Wilkerson Construction Inc. to Richard R. and Emily A. Gross, $439,950.

Willow Run Ct., 10502-Litz Custom Homes Inc. to Khoa Ann Nguyen and Hang L. Hoang, $582,450.


Diamondback Ct., 4886-Turtle Creek Corp. to Kenneth Larnel and Alnisha T. Muschette, $322,500.

Fish Hawk Ct., 5623-Erpi Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Devaughn McKinney, $560,127.

Golden Gate Ct., 2842-SM Hamilton Corp. to Brandon and Tracey Mance Gilbert, $328,940.

Kilt Pl., 9758-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ashley Douglas, $311,195.

Kilt Pl., 9799-M/i Homes of DC Corp. to Tri C. Pham, $309,990.

Moondance Pl., 12268-NVR Inc. to Teivon R. Johnson and Briana T. Hayes, $312,430.


Bowie Rd., 8070-Contemporary Contractors Corp. to Howard W. and Dianne L. Youmans, $314,000.


Edge Hill Rd., 11680-John A. Fraster to Christopher Cease, $275,000.


Longmont Ct., 7850-Calvert Corp. to Bernadette M. and Lockhart M. Russell, $400,000.


Bannister Cir., 1228-Gary J. Matthes to Leroy C. Tate Jr., $277,900.

Coolidge Ct., 1103-Flagship Investments Corp. to Lamont P. McCreary Sr., $287,000.

Ladybug Pl., 4504-Rodney W. and Robin L. Robinson to Duane and Barbara Perry, $255,000.

McIntosh Ct., 11084-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Miesha T. Watson and Cordell D. Gross, $440,000.

Northgate Pl., 3872-Dorothy S. Patterson to Ramin Ghods and Bita Hamzehlou, $163,500.

Palm Desert Pl., 11670-Carlus A. Greathouse to Rachel N. Crouch, $264,000.

Primrose Dr., 3749-George and Jean T. Earnshaw to Isaac and Terry Ingram, $325,000.

Stone Ave., 951-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jason Baker, $170,000.

Winged Foot Ct., 11952-Eric Daniel Willamson II to Roland Jean Augustin, $403,000.


Cottontop Ct., 4060-Ryan Montana Erickson to Nicholas Thomas and Dianna R. Russo, $263,500.

Grouse Pl., 4558-Baron Wadley to Markia O’Brien, $217,000.

Leighland Ct., 9889-Andrew Jackson and Jennifer Thomas to Jasmine L. Brown, $430,000.

Paper Birch Ct., 8758-Joseph M. and Rhonda Crehan to Barbie M. Williams, $270,000.

Saint Patricks Park Aly., 10959-NVR Inc. to Porsha Ludd, $327,287.


Cascades Ct., 5448-NVR Inc. to Daniel and Tracy Mitchell, $450,000.

Curtin Dr., 3607-NVR Inc. to Joseph E. and Tiffany N. Brickhouse, $440,860.

Flag Ct., 11325-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Crystal Saunders, $399,125.

Londonberry Lane, 4733-Lessie M. and Kenneth E. Allen to Sandra D. Mitchell, $270,000.

Tottenham Dr., 7352-KP Kingsview Corp. to Joseph M. and Chanda C. Stephenson, $465,000.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Colton Point Rd., 21425-Adam L. and Jeri L. Croper to Stevens and Amanda Steptoe, $285,000.


Azalea Lane, 23131-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Harry F. Johnson, $280,465.

Bethfield Way, 45723-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Eddie M. Pabon Vazquez and Kayra M. Santana Acosta, $248,975.

Gray Wolf St., 44501-Venugopal Mateti to Ghanshyambhai R. Patel, $225,000.

Indian Bridge Rd., 22121-Mary Ellen Shanahan to Douglas M. Baumann and Amber Abell, $238,000.

Louisdale Rd., 44107-Zachary J. Allen and Chasity Hall to Lee A. Davis, $230,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 23043-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Priscilla Graves, $244,910.

Peony Pl., 43971-Michael C. and Suzanne M. Prevost to Amanda Burton, $275,000.

Scotch Pine Ct., 23230-Ryan N. and Sarah M. Gravelle to Spencer Weir and Kristina Howard, $249,900.

Winterberry Way, 43694-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Jessica M. and Justin W. Carter, $283,830.


Garfield Way, 21691-Three Notch Construction Corp. and Tree North Corp. to Jack W. Shuck and Myriah E. Zelinsky, $342,000.

Lower Kells Lane, 22559-Kevin and Megan Fallin to Kendra Simpson, $155,000.

Schooner Ct., 45650-Joel Lopez Rosa to Shane M. and Peter B. Sherrer, $242,000.


Gallant Man Dr., 25157-Gale G. Spurgin to Kayla L. Hall, $294,000.

Paradise Lane, 24695-Michael W. and J0an T. Stevens to Joshua Cox, $195,000.

Ricky Dr., 25855-Charles H. and Patricia Nice Milburn to Monika L. Schweinfurth, $340,000.

Satchel Paige Way, 41969-Housing Authority of St. Marys. County to Elizabeth Marilyn Kraft, $175,000.

Sheffield Ct., 22976-Jonathan R. and Sylvia S. Murphy to Courtney E. and Jason W. Stalter, $535,000.


Barnegate Way, 43903-Gary S. and Cynthia A. Howard to Annette Y. Adams, $445,000.

Bobwhite Lane, 40720-Michael E. and Janet S. Persson to John M. and Jessica L. Austerman, $520,000.

Gallent Fox Way, 23587-Jason D. and Pamela P. Fassett to Bryce J. and Jessica M. Howard, $434,000.

Kiskadee Lane, 40771-Beau V. and Tara S. Duarte to David Robert and Kimberly Whitener Stewart, $459,900.

Monterey Pl., 22223-Stephen H. and Melanie M. Chadwick to Alicia M. Moore, $420,000.


Al Mar St., 46725-Sturbridge Willows Road Corp. to Kevin Robert Gistedt, $348,047.

Bryan Rd., 46753-Timothy Jenkins to Christopher R. and Laura R. Sapp, $251,000.

Grassholm Ct., 46868-Jamie L. Wilt to Ryan Robert and Alysa Clarida, $355,000.

Kittamaquund Lane, 47915-James E. and Tara Andreacci to Mark G. and Amy K. Miller, $415,000.

Seabiscuit Ct., 46129-Mohammad and Shahida Afzal to John R. and Michelle C. Morren, $310,000.

Sunburst Dr., 48374-Amanda S. Fast to Deaneth A. Brown Taylor, $230,000.

Winter Bloom Lane, 21770A-Steven B. Steptoe to Robert J. Frederick, $225,000.


Army Navy Dr., 36026-Dorothy Batch to Harold S. and Cynthia S. Garrison, $279,900.

Birch Manor Dr., 39126-Alyssa Helland to Benjamin Alan and Adrienne Danielle Grissom, $219,000.

Clarkes Village Lane, 26265-Thomas Lee and Angela M. Clake to Steven E. and Brenda A. Long, $150,000.

Dogwood Ct., 37683-TNM Development Corp. to Alisa Jean Griffin, $247,500.

Friendship School Rd., 25940-Michael Wayne Hall and Christy Lynn Morgan to Ernest L., Swayne B. and Lorrain S. Stauffer, $190,000.

Laurel Cir., 40324-St. Marys Ventures Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Myoung Ja Lee, $572,000.

Oak Pl., 39417-Mark S. and Pamela B. Hardy to Daniel M. and Samantha E. Cecil, $259,900.

Queentree Rd., 27005-Shannon and Linda Vidrine to Corrinne Elizabeth, Robert and Elizabeth Frey, $299,999.

Shamrock Lane, 25800-Frank J. and Christine V. Panetta to Bruce Koenig, $390,000.

Tanglewood Ct., 39005-Tam Properties Corp. to Michael and Gaynor Robben, $307,000.


Amanda Way, 47195-James E. and Julie K. Turner to Karen Michelle and Jimmy Lee Brown, $450,000.


Bellview Ct., 44600-Robin C. and June S. Shaffer to Carlee Beth Stemple and Danie Kirt Reighard II, $565,000.