Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blue Heron Dr. S., 3155-John B. Troost to Jennifer Meehan and Christopher Kay, $595,900.

Harrison Blvd., 8320-Coral A. and David H. Hoffman to Benjamin M. and Cassie S. Howard, $400,000.

Sixth St., 6118-Timothy Richard and Audrey Divins Sobolesky to Richard and Nicole Simpson, $249,900.

13th St., 3818-Julius A. and Sharon R. Sherbert to Christina D. Marshall, $265,000.


Cavalier Dr., 12187-Stephen E. and Jennifer L. Canter to McArthur and Gayle Lynn Rodgers, $380,000.

Uncle Charlie’s Spur., 12460-Daniel E. Wilson to Diana J. and Dean E. Batchelor, $552,500.


Estate Dr., 4411-Louis and Stanley Cutler to Joseph Stanley and Theresa Lynn Mattingly, $265,000.

Lowery Rd., 1940-David P. and Anne M. Sanders to Matthew J. Lauzon, $464,900.

Queensberry Dr., 2739-Stephen F. and Laura E. Smith to Hugo and Melvina L. Frazier, $480,000.


Big Bear Lane, 11679-Gary W. Peeling to Jo Caron Musgrove, $179,000.

Lazy Lane, 839-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James C. Lundeen Jr., $145,000.

Overlook Dr., 281-Cynthia Trail McPadden and Leo V. Trail to Lap V. and Lauren Nguy, $430,000.

Tahoda Trail, 977-William Marks to Jason L. and Candee L. Baxtrom, $204,000.

Winnebago Lane, 11589-Robert L. and Hermetta Ann Gibson to Yeslene and Francisco J. Dijol, $335,000.


Perspective Pl., 1765-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Daniel J. and Kristi J. Magee, $636,546.


Cliff Trail, 3331-Thomas William and Danielle Lee Conrow to Robert G. and Tenya Eickenberg, $267,000.

Mallory Sq., 3110-Jimmy T. and Angela L. DiCarlo to Flirtisha L. Harris, $360,000.


Cassell Blvd., 4104-Richard Fossett and estate of Zella A. O’Dell to Brian W. Alexander and Antonia M. Biscoe, $225,000.

Winslow Pl., 145-Susan L. Hostetter to Pia Evans, $235,000.


Patuxent Ave., 14845-Barbara B. Cuthill and Elizabeth Fletcher to Travis A. and Ashley M. Joyner, $550,000.


Balsam St., 1319-Elizabeth L. Ogorman to Sean R. and Elizabeth A. Tayman, $180,000.

Mackall Rd., 9150-Edward J. and Kathleen A. Augustine to Brandon Edward Lent, $315,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Canary Dr., 9505-Estate of Frances R. Robertson to James M. and Virginia B. Sciascia, $313,000.


Cinnamon Apple Lane, 15905-Charles D. and Lindsay C. Ruehl to William Michael and Chivonne M. Posey, $429,000.

Wilkerson Rd., 4497-Bonnie Young and Helen Martin to Michael and Matthew Kline, $260,000.


Arbor Lane, 6899-Jag Property Investors Corp. to Donald V. and Lawanda Y. Earl Scott, $300,000.

Bolinbrook Ct., 2588-Patricia A. Williams Butler to Eduard A. Abbey and Ninie Pam, $241,000.

Coldstream Ct., 6895-Richard Lamonte and Diana Melanie Cypress to Steven and Lisa Garland, $369,000.

Falkirk Aly., 2871-Sharlene Y. Davis to Carlos L. Garner, $299,000.

Gerard Ct., 2434-Donte and Takeeda Smith to Ashley Camille Adams, $237,000.

Jousting Ct., 6524-Caruso Builder Windsor Manor Corp. to Chris E. and Christina Stephens, $423,990.

Sparks Ct., 6967-Nathan A. and Ligaya M. Wallace to Courtney M. and Reginald E. May, $400,000.


Arborview Dr., 7630-Janet W. Hollett to Steven Michael Andritz and Jessica S. Barnes, $349,000.

Whisper Ct., 9421-Patricia A. and Walter A. McClure to Shawn J. and Mandy Colegrove, $485,000.


Duval Dr., 17736-Stephen F. Gerrity to George M. Alling Jr. and Tammy L. Harrison, $221,000.


Faulkner Rd., 10275-Christy L. and Bradley A. Mausen to Nicholas B. Thompson, $439,900.


Beverly Dr., 14080-Michael Anthony and Dawn Lynn Murphy Marshall to Tyler R. Welch, $259,900.

Carissa Ct., 15896-Contessa M. and Jason P. Yungen to Wilbur B. and Rosanne V. Villalobos, $450,000.

Clydesdale Pl., 16615-David J. and Tricia H. Hamilton to Jamal Nails, $375,900.

Corinthian Ct., 12911-Clarence H. and Wanda Y. Bright to Lee and Cynthia Sanders, $540,000.

Denise Lane, 7325-Judith Heather Schoenbauer Lanham to Larnita Parker Faison, $368,000.

Harvest Moon Pl., 16710-William and Deborah Lyon to Betty Annette Underwood, $499,900.

Pond Bluff Ct., 16606-Rebekkah and Joseph Bocianoski to Nathan and Mary Flowers, $439,000.

Smallwood Dr., 14360-William E. and Betty A. Padgett to Simeon Z. and Danielle Robinson, $249,900.


Bicknell Rd., 5887-Carolyn Marie Taylor and estate of Samuel C. Bell to Stephanie Marie Land, $249,900.

First St., 9-Jamie J. and Laurie D. Wilson to Ramona L. Thompson, $202,000.

Jenkins Lane, 3135-Neal F. and Shirley K. Adams to Marisa Mayes, $315,000.

Logging Lane, 7690-Charles E. Whitley and estate of William L. Wedding to Rena Zavala and Silvia C. Hernandez, $380,000.

Munahan Cir., 322A, No. A-Monique D. Parrish to Zaria West, $165,000.

Rison Dr., 7020-Edward S. and Joy L. Schnaebele to Rosemary Von Wood, $265,000.

Smallwood Church Rd., 4465-Shawn M. Price to William E. Rice, $325,000.


Wollaston Cir., 11412-Jessica Ann Chambers to Gregory S. and Susan L. Richards, $315,000.


Arlington Dr., 303-Fred E. and Casey E. Jarrell to Karen Kleyle, $260,000.

Buckeye Cir., 220-Steeplechase Development Co. Corp. and Berkshire Homes Corp. to Joseph B. Miles, $469,900.

Cedar Ct., 821-Siddharth Gulhati and Kamaljeet Singh to Shavonne M. Stevens, $178,000.

Currant Ct., 624-Thomas E. Kelley and estate of Elizabeth F. Kelley to William J. Bush, $257,000.

Edelen Station Pl., 100, No. 5304-Mark A. Larner to Sharon April Konzen, $224,000.

Exchange Dr., 6030-Suntrust Bank to Joseph G. Moniz, $350,000.

Goose Creek Dr., 327-RBRE Inc. to Joel and Iris Mae D. Labtic, $288,000.

Hawthorne Greene Cir., 105-Geraldine B. Yager to Kenneth W. and Mary E. Chandler, $325,000.

Highland Farm Ct., 11533-Department of Veterans Affairs to Vijayasimha R. Pothula and Bhagyalakshmi Pogula, $514,600.

Jennie Run Lane, 5290-Julie M. and David Case to Robert C. and Barbara L. Buchanan, $499,000.

Leicester Dr., 1421-David Bates and Kelly Blouin to Michael K. Bendebba and Tracy K. Vasquez, $577,500.

Manor Lane, 6015-James and Rachel Douglas to Samuel C. Paras, $395,000.

Redwood Cir., 1385-Dina Mary and Glenn Charles Mayhew to Robert C. and Rashelle L. Sawyer, $330,000.

Robin Rd., 7434-Nathan E. and Shana R. Kumbar to Jimathon Jackson, $332,500.

Starkey Ct., 209-Marie A. Welch and Thomas L. Lynch to Robert C. and Vicky M. Mullins, $212,500.

Tip Hill Dr., 6465-Larry Allen and Shirlene G. Deal to Michelle M. and David V. Goldsmith, $354,900.

Wildflower Dr., 3022-Sean M. and Joann A. Habron to Calvin L. Eley Jr., $434,900.

Worcester St., 610-John V. and Theresa M. Arcadipane to Sean Michael and Crystal Marie Mayhew, $249,000.


Bainbridge Ct., 3628-Edward Diego to Zachary Lees Becker and Wambui Munge, $371,000.

Beechwood Dr., 10531-Olabanji Folayan to Kevin Ronquillo, $273,000.

Burning Oak Dr., 2723-John W. and Bonnie P. Hogrebe to Rachel and Marco Sherman, $374,900.

Country Lane, 12750-Jeffrey A. and Catarina Adams to Larry D. and Meko S. Moten, $324,900.

Evergreen Dr., 7007-Mark R. and Sueko Brashears to Jose C. Martinez Mendoza and Gladis Alicia Diaz Garcia, $295,000.

Fernwood Ct., 2541-Janet L. Davis to Blanca I. Virella, $235,000.

Golden Gate Ct., 2803-SM Hamilton Corp. to Vy Quach, $345,280.

Golden Gate Ct., 2818-SM Hamilton Corp. to Desiree D. Reuben, $324,460.

Hess Ct., 11244-Yurt Corp. to Sandra M. Jones, $406,000.

Holly Ave., 9014-Lillian Gale Aloupis and Audrey Jewell Catterton to Anthony G. Dotson, $235,000.

Indian Lane, 12603-Shelton G. Lacy and Ruby T. Williams to Lawrence I. Holton, $285,000.

Kilt Pl., 9776-DR Horton Inc. to Jing Yuan, Mingqi Pang and Yue Pang, $338,990.

Lady Alison Ct., 11509-Michael L. and Audrey Gordon Watkins to Rene Patrick and Donna Martinito Bandong, $449,900.

Loy Rd., 6402-Betty Lee and Kenneth Eugene Moore to John and Shavonne Allen Poles, $289,500.

Monticello Ct., 5101-Lindsay Tereba to Sonia M. Shaw, $293,000.

Nimmerrichters Legacy Pl., 4315-Litz Custom Homes Inc. to Jacob O. and Elizabeth P. Marlowe, $550,650.

Pierce Rd., 12057-Gerald W. Gammon to Amm Mehedi and Majeda Khatun, $300,000.

Ryon Ct., 3392-Ryan W. Coffin and Jonathan Benya to Dana A. Bryant, $140,000.

Sandwich Dr., 2902-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Alan Lee and Jutta Parks, $285,000.

Tawny Dr., 2331-JLG Investments Corp. to Robert K. and Joyce S. Gworlekaju, $315,000.

Torcello Ct., 11739-Andrea Sanders to Bhounik Shailesh and Atul Patel, $310,000.

Tumbleweed Pl., 356-Nichole D. Hobbs and Nichole D. Glover to Elbonie Reid, $172,000.

Westdale Ct., 3290-Dennis J. and Mark A. Anderson to Melissa and Remon Atala, $175,000.

Winbrell Ct., 2712-James W. and Kim A. Revell to Regina Green, $345,000.


Anchorage Acres Dr., 14445-Rachel Lee Smith Alvey to Steven W. and Elizabeth E. Bussey, $95,000.

Riverview Dr., 12115-Corey L. and Laura C. Ianiero to Danielle C. Singleton, $307,000.


Bellewood Dr., 4401-Peggy J. Berthod to Crystal L. Simpson, $280,000.

Shelton Dr., 4280-Silver Investments Corp. to Vangela Eunise Crowe Perry, $320,000.


Mary Dr., 7336-Semu Kakoma to Cindie Lyn Jones, $240,000.


Bannister Cir., 1082-Janet L. Munday and estate of Curtis Gordon Carnell Sr. to Mario A. and Blanca T. Herrera, $230,000.

Essex Ct., 2109-Donald V. and Lawanda Earl Scott to Jamil and Kawana Ringold, $287,000.

Gibbons Ct., 2119-USAA Federal Savings Bank to Norman A. Gonzalez, $200,000.

Harvard Rd., 1160-Kyle F. Drellack to Cody J. Schmouder, $249,900.

Holyhead Ct., 2821-Clayton R. and Evelyn N. Allen to Celita M. and Demond McGinnis, $349,000.

Kelly Green Pl., 3854-Latonya C. Hackley to Sydney M. Graham, $173,500.

La Costa Lane, 4637-Steven Vo and Ty Ngo to Tia Johnson and Latoya Poteat, $432,000.

Marston Moor Lane, 11686-Jacqueline M. White to Joseph G. and Janaya Young, $380,000.

Milstead Ct., 3421-Valincia Baker to Grant Michael Edward Jackson, $193,000.

Olympia Pl., 4857-Andrea L. Price to Dekendrick G. and Tiera Lashay Summerson, $267,900.

Oyster Reef Pl., 4995-Kartarii Miller to Forrest C. Baggarly, $264,900.

Pebble Beach Ct., 4663-Alisa J. and Anthony Davis to Tesfaye Tullu, Dagm Zerfu and Meseret Merete, $395,000.

Quade Cir., 4870-Thelma M. and Dennis W. Bell to John L. Townsend Jr., $265,000.

Revolution Ct., 12206-NVR Inc. to Tierra Holland and Orlando Taylor II, $316,943.

Royal Birkdale Ave., 5025-Kevin T. and Melissa Engler to Herrano Bidaisee, $425,000.

Saint Pauls Dr., 1036-Wayne A. and Michelle Kraemer to David Ortega Jr., $265,000.

Sidd Finch St., 11860-Tanya V. McKinzie and Angela D. Harvey to Aliya G. Johnson and Antwan C. Jones, $405,000.

Tower Hamlets Pl., 11851-Susan C. Crowley Mayer to Regina Ford, $240,000.

University Dr., 601-Candie L. Millsaps to Adam Crabill Shockley, $230,000.

University Dr., 777-Frederick E. and Diana F. Farley to Yemisi O. Husitode, $285,000.

Willow View Pl., 12621-Dennis P. Maguire and Christopher L. Irwin to Cetric and Bertrina Lyons, $249,900.

Winged Foot Ct., 11960-Katrina C. Frink to Robert Major, $407,000.


Broadbill Dr., 4013-Jacson Moscoso to Juan Jose Medina Salazar, $279,000.

Curlew Ct., 4068-Zachary and Christine Marshall to Shawn L. Taylor, $290,000.

Goby Ct., 5403-Denise Underberg Golden to Hector and Charlotte Lista, $300,000.

Goral Ct., 6353-Paul M. and Melissa A. Duley to Hamdi A. Hamdan, $272,950.

Grist Ct., 2995-Ray V. and Angela M. Ross to Njeri Yasin Meriweather, $410,000.

Hale Ct., 2756-Melinda and Ronald G. Braschler to Zenia Yolanda and Norma Fuentes, $350,000.

Kelly Ct., 2815-Steven A. and Jill R. Brady to Samuel D. and Glenda Edison, $585,000.

Lancaster Cir., 4132-Robert E. and Joyce E. Boudreaux to Mahamadi Sawadogo, $299,000.

Manta Ct., 5003-Brian F. and Tracey Jones MacDonald to Aaron John and Brittany Ashley Rutledge, $349,900.

Marsh Hawk Dr., 2975-Ellen K. Hobby to Jerry and Maureen S. Ready, $340,000.

Miranda Pl., 3061-Kevin D. and Shari L. Scott to Jeannikka R. Smith, $270,000.

Moray Ct., 5309-Dena M. and Pamela A. Pedersen to Shannon Kay Anderson and Mitchell Ross Watney, $350,000.

Red Wolf Pl., 6016-Joseph and Sherry A. Bonaiuto to Kierra Ashlee Williams Henry and Michael Armstrong, $238,000.

Ridge Rd., 2816-Michael R. Hicks to Francine Williams, $359,900.

Seal Pl., 6198-Nikki Fasula Conklin to Jasmine A. Harris, $221,000.

Shadow Park Lane, 3152-Rosita P. Fenwick to Taimour and Sheryl C. Windhurst El Cheikh, $335,000.

Sirenia Pl., 6018-Jorge Diaz Morales to Nicole L. Pollitt, $219,900.

Sourwood Ave., 10606-Ronald W. and Pu A. Bess to Robin McManus, $517,500.

Sun Valley Dr., 2701-Marvin J. Vann to Mei Ling Liu, $350,000.

Topsmelt Ct., 5402-Mednick Construction Corp. to Anthony C. Guasti, $285,000.

Whistlers Pl., 6292-Flagship Investments Corp. to Delvon and Brittney Harris Fitzgerald, $234,900.


Fire Tower Rd., 6440-Casey L. and Emily B. Koepper to Hillary E. Bowling, $300,000.


Bloomsbury Pl., 8034-Martha J. and Natalie K. Teague to Marva Davis, $258,000.

Crisfield Manor Ct., 5060-William G. and Jennifer L. Deatley to Damian A. and Kerry Ann D. Williams, $410,000.

Desert Rose Ct., 4782-David L. and Judith K. Lindley to Walter B. and Florence M. Stevens, $341,000.

Knighthood Pl., 8279-Erica McCauley to Jennifer C. Garcia Gallo, $251,000.

Montclair Ct., 11160-John D. Montois to Tanja L. Cherry and Ange Hendy, $350,000.

Osterly Ct., 8873-Tracey M. and Vincent Simenton to Robert and Margie Kollas, $423,000.

Pepperwood Ct., 4876-Robert W. and Leisa C. Strait to Jerald Dwayne and Donna Lynette Parker, $360,000.

Sandestin Pl., 11346-Carlton Watkins to Kevin Donta Poplar, $325,000.

Stewards Chance Lane, 10371-Terrence L. and Lisa M. Ford to Jeremiah and Tiarra Abu Bakr, $405,000.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


FDR Blvd., 23520, No. 306-Priscilla Burdette Lacey Russell to Steven Delmar Spivey, $175,000.

Saint Andrews Lane, 44156-Edward Michael and Sheila Lee Granger to Alex Wilson, $225,000.


Aster Dr., 20988-Pamela D. and Craig A. Buist to Alan Wirth and Megan Fromuth, $365,000.


Boyne Ct., 45566-Paul S. DeBord to James T. Billings, $225,000.

Kinnegad Dr., 22667-John Spinnenweber Jr. to Patrick A. McCrary, $225,000.


Half Pone Point Rd., 24432-Michael Frank and Sharon Maria Clayton to John F. and Norma Gail Yearick, $550,000.

Morgan Rd., 25095-William L. and Patricia Anne Wineland to Tyler G. and Jacquelyn J. Ellis, $300,000.


Medleys Neck Rd., 45516-William F. and Lynn M. Boothe to James G. Mundie, $240,000.

Puppy Paw, 20115-Hazel Ashworth Puopolo and estate of Catherine Lynn Dale to Benjamin Ryan and Heather Marie Windsor, $250,000.


Branchwood Ct., 20940-Nicholas S. and Elizabeth Erin Medlicott to Robert and Stacy Clements, $303,000.

Carmen Woods Dr., 21373-Maggie Zandi to Jonathan Daniel Pappendick, $136,000.

Enterprise Rd., 21712-Edith M. Ramos to Blake Smith, $125,000.

Pilgrims Ct., 18528-Robin R. and Julia R. Bates to Ethan Martin, $265,000.


Cresent Lane, 26075-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Patricia Ann and William M. Mattingly, $178,551.

Thompson Corner Rd., 27880-George Michael and Shirley Ann Saunders to Daniel B. and Rebecca Esh, $180,000.


Lighthouse Rd., 45092-Carmen Joseph and Rene Michele Micciche to Stephen Manning and Corey Rader Combs, $745,000.


Gray Goose Lane, 49870-Frank and Cynthia Pietryka to Robert Purdy and Magdalena Guerra, $455,000.