Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Brookeside Dr., 3424-Michael J. and Meghan B. Miller to Joseph R. and Abigail Short, $314,500.

I St., 7532-Heather L. and Dain T. Hancock to Daniella A. Nicholson, $310,000.

27th St., 4012-Michael R. Phillips and Wilbern E. Conrad Jr. to Emily Boyer, $450,000.


Country Way, 2711-George Leon and Peggy Jean Hearn to Erik and Alysha Claudio, $475,200.


Bay Pkwy., 5122-Estate of John Veneziano to John and Laura Antonelli, $350,000.

Marbey Dr., 3267-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Andre R. and Jamie P. Miller, $528,908.

Shelleys Xing., 4514-Gail M. Gordon to Thomas Blake and Paige Burgess Keller, $420,000.


Big Sandy Run Rd., 11585-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Joshua M. Raum and Angelina M. Hopkins, $200,000.

Daryl Dr., 8505-Donald Nice to Darnettia L. Blakney, $212,000.

Golden West Way, 1030-Theresa Lee DeHart to Stormy M. Nesmith, $155,000.

Overlook Dr., 397-James Shaffer to John Redel Johnson, $635,000.

Side Saddle Trail, 976-Richard Lewis to Krystal Marie Lee and Stephen Michael Allen, $190,000.

Tongue Cove Dr., 1331-Skipwith C. Calvert to Heather C. Kratz, $186,000.


Bay Ave., 8800, No. 201-James Patrick and Catherine S. Dwyer to Michael S. and Alexandria E. Casey, $290,000.


Tenley Pl., 3550-Terri L. Verrill to Jenifer and William Duff, $600,000.


Easterbell Rd., 4017-James C. and Constance E. Hollowell to Diana D. Ogilvie and James T. Dickey III, $335,000.

Red Berry Dr., 3761-William C. Gilbert to David George Marcos II, $364,900.


Chinquapin Ridge Ct., 2525-James T. Seger and Lisa M. Arscott to Chance C. and Courtney B. Barrow, $500,000.

Oakland Hall Rd., 150-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Kamleshkumar and Lopaben K. Upadhyay, $510,265.

Woodview Lane, 4390-Sarah E. Hemrick to Devin P. and Stormy R. Williams, $384,990.


Oyster Bay Pl., 533, No. 402-Ingrid Lamb to Carrie Jennison and John Stenson, $405,000.


Eucalyptus Dr., 5750-Robert G. and Pauline M. White to Stephen Farnett and Amanda Leigh Ketchen Farnett, $280,000.

Majesty Lane, 5345-Donna L. Wade and estate of Elizabeth V. Klock to Sherie L. Bailey and William Kenneth Edwards III, $365,000.


Sunderleigh Dr., 5985-Paul K. and Laura A. Nicholson to Sarah Feliz, $499,900.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Formosa Lane, 15950-John L. and Colleen M. Thompson to Dwishnicka Randolph, $550,000.


Amherst Rd., 6715-U. S. Bank to Kamaljeet Singh and Mayank Gupta, $148,050.

Basingstoke Lane, 2713-Naomi L. and Sammy Lewis Davis to Kimberly M. and Lonnell E. Butler, $370,000.

Coppersmith Pl., 2727-Charlytta J. Montague and Derrick W. Dias to Fiona Padilla and Albert Paul Medina Romero, $307,000.

Fenwick Cir., 2485-Nancy J. Garlenski Mullins to Carolyn Conyers, $290,000.

Gerard Ct., 2477-Philip Marion Enterprises Inc. to Jamil Williams and Shaneka Martin, $240,000.


Arborview Dr., 7710-Clarence E. Thompson to Richard D. and Jacqueline F. Francisco, $350,000.


Audrey Rd., 17402-Rita H. Rolph to Sean W. Beeler, $180,000.

Main Ave., 13239-Richard D. and Laureen L. Haynes to Shawn M. and Myka I. Edelen, $300,000.


Bittersweet Dr., 14432-Xavier S. and Laraine A. Harley to Henry and Angela Jermigan, $389,900.

Carrico Mill Rd., 6870-Seth W. and Ramanda M. Pettit to Pamela and Richard A. Shadwell, $310,000.

Coatbridge Pl., 7625-Wyman and Pamela Bell Pitts to Scott Harris and Alexander Morgan, $360,000.

Crown Pl., 16415-Baker B. and Christian L. Beard to Brian K. and Randi N. Austerman, $369,900.

Emory Pl., 7520-Willam E. and Tracey A. Boyden to Charles B. and Anny M. Jury, $449,900.

Leonardtown Rd., 7221-John Emery and Mary Jane Jordan to Douglas O. and Elynita F. Duarte, $300,000.

Prince Frederick Rd., 17082-James Robert Foster and Penelope Foster Norris to Niko Demetrius and Tammy Lynn Stergiou, $370,000.

Stamp Pl., 14205-Wayne and Wavelene Stamp to John D. and Bonnie Lou A. Kohansby, $259,000.

Waterside Pl., 16542-Jonathan T. and Sofy K. Roach to Tanya and Thomas E. Dalton, $578,000.


Davis Dr., 15-William and Cynthia Devane to Julio C. Salvatierra Eduardo, $172,000.

First St., 10-Brett L. and Deborah L. Wade to Christina S. and Anthony D. Barber, $229,000.

Indian Head Hwy., 4214A, No. A-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Joseph Caronte, $165,000.

Kane Dr., 4165-Michael W. and Debra L. Patrick to Richard W. Boger Jr., $370,000.

Mattawoman Ct., 17-Steven M. Bernstein to Kayla Ervin, $185,000.

Munahan Cir., 327, No. B-United Teletech Federal Credit Union to Torree Wade, $185,000.

Rivers Edge Terr., 9-Daniel R. and Atusko O. Kirby to Lavern King, $324,900.

Solitude Pl., 6335-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Carlos A. Flores, $220,000.


Adrian Lane, 11771-Ronald A. and Thelma D. McConkey to Matthew C. and Mary Linn, $450,000.

Blue Jay Ct., 130-Nancy M. Lynham to Kristin M. Orlando, $325,000.

Charleston Ct., 237-Charles Branden Padgett to William W. and Ernestine E. Blake, $235,500.

Derby Dr., 47-Mark Allen Anderson to Deondra Culver and Darrin Lewis, $286,000.

Edelen Station Pl., 200, No. 101-James P. and Lisa M. Binns to Michael J. Charlton, $203,000.

Farm Dr., 11570-Edward D. and Laurie D. Warner to Jon J. Hornier, $475,000.

Haldane Ct., 101-Ahmed Kafaji to Thomas and Kristy M. Charnock, $342,000.

Hill Spring Dr., 8785-Larry D. and Lori A. Thompson to John S. and Latashia M. Nolan, $596,850.

Kalmia Ct., 100-Tiger Paw Properties Corp. to Nicole C. Jackson, $177,000.

Kerrick Ct., 11285-John J. Myles Jr. to Orvin G. and Brenda F. Gatling Boyd, $463,500.

Manor Lane, 6025-Donald M. Porada to Richard R. Mayer and Helen Ifeyinwa Ozah, $410,000.

Palmetto Ct., 109-Steven and Deborah Reitz to Robert J.P. Hicks, $245,000.

Port Tobacco Rd., 6125-Christopher A. and Ellen R. Thompson to Christopher Justin Curtis, $280,000.

Redwood Cir., 1401-Patrick and Katherine L. Darnell to Alberto C. Padilla Hernandez, $370,000.

Sadie Lane, 9225-Douglas P. and Sheari L. Carruth to David Cobos Garcia, $345,000.

Steeplechase Dr., 15-Christopher Joseph Robbins to Kenneth and Stephanie Lemmert, $223,000.

Tydings Ct., 10362-Arthur and Martha R. Viterito to Jeffrey and Alina Archambault, $450,000.

Williamsburg Cir., 272-Gail Alice Schultz and estate of Mary Kennett to Barbara L. Huiras, $294,900.


Bicknell Rd., 4730-Heidi Briguglio to Cory Sanna and Deborah Buelow, $164,250.

Stanley Pl., 5380-Inga S. Fewell to Donald A. Wheatley and Vaihiria E. Gantt, $425,000.


Bar Oak Dr., 12719-Thomas De Veer Kruklis to James E. and Carolyn D. Williams, $289,900.

Beechwood Dr., 10535-Melanie B. Yohe to Lascelles Walker and Thelma A. Benjamin, $260,000.

Briarwood Dr., 2172-Leroy O. Gates and Judy Lynn Newman to Benyam Demessie Negussie, $250,000.

Calico Woods Pl., 11952-Robert A. Zilnicki to Nadia Hylton, $260,000.

Council Oak Dr., 12602-Anthony L. Williams to Richard G. Reid and Latoya N. Brown, $291,000.

Country Pines Ct., 2109-Richard J. McKeever to Larry R. and Betty L. Williams, $280,000.

Edmont Pl., 11843-Chiranjeev Gill to Cameron Julius Casey, $263,000.

Flora Springs St., 2295-Robert E. and Nancy A. Martin to Ernest T. Campbell Jr., $365,000.

Golden Gate Ct., 2805-SM Hamilton Corp. to Lauren Llacuna, $362,713.

Goshawk Ct., 5610-Tommy Edward Reed Jr. and Erica Grigler to Joseph Waldon, $460,000.

Hess Ct., 11248-Wesley P. Holmes and Shanel N. Lesesne to Joan Windham Justice, $360,000.

Janice Pl., 10317-Three Gee Properties Corp. to Ann Rucker, $245,000.

Kilt Pl., 9782-DR Horton Inc. to Renel Ernest Cantave, $335,695.

Leman Lane, 12816-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF9 Master Participation to Reina A. Saravia, $225,000.

Lucy Dr., 5400-Jack Edward and Harold Dee Herron to Robert Maurice Smith, $300,000.

Montreat Pl., 12190-Patrick and Jasmine Bennett to Cazie and Willie J. Todd, $335,000.

Notched Beak Ct., 5518-Chianti and H. James Tucker to Fabian and Samica N. Morrison, $560,000.

Oakridge Ct., 2613-Sean and Margarita Jarvis to Shavonne and Artini E. Jackson, $339,995.

Pinefield Rd., 2411-Patricia C. Santana and J. Gregory McCrea to Regina Nolting, $245,900.

Silver Maple Dr., 12117-Leanette M. Schiliro and Brett T. Williams to Nino J. Martinez Carbajal, Julio E. Tolosa and Michelly M. Carbajal, $315,000.

Stonebridge Dr., 3423-Pete Ramos to Patrice Kelly, $385,000.

Temi Dr., 1702-Mamie Olivia Mays Jordan and Sheila B. Mays to Ernis E. and Rena E. Walker, $295,000.

Torcello Ct., 11742-Chan Zhu to Avra Tucker Leonard, $318,000.

Westwood Dr., 2233-Ruth J. and Kenneth W. Jones to Deidre Daniels, $250,000.

Young Rd., 4690-Michael Gekas to Cody and Cassandra Reynolds, $475,000.


Holly Springs Rd., 10955-Bonnie Regini to Michael Comer, $250,000.


Channelview Dr., 12401-Richard D. and Joyce A. Williams to Brandi Showers and Bradley Whiteman, $217,500.

Meadowview Dr., 9824-Tam Properties Corp. to Michael Debrah and Crystal Shermaine Ford, $239,670.

Riverview Dr., 12118-Cliffton Holding Co. Corp. to Stacey E. Langley, $270,000.


Blue Lake Pl., 9510-Fern G. Brown and Joan C. Royal to Tanya Luckett, $265,000.


Chapel Point Rd., 7785-Frank Nesbit III to Andrew and Jessica M. Brueckner, $548,900.

Russell Croft Ct., 7247-Quality Built Homes Inc. and G. Croft Corp. to Michelle Dannette Van Cleaf, $575,000.


Bannister Cir., 1103-Shawnette Jones to Taknesha S. Connor, $255,000.

Bluff Creek Ct., 12094-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ivy Gardner, $312,500.

Copley Ave., 865-Mark and Kelley Rollins to Robert C. Hall Jr., $227,000.

Dorado Beach Ct., 11641-Otavius and Cynthia Harper to Donnel M. Andrews and Diondella K. Blanton, $350,000.

Ferguson Ct., 2608-Alba Y. Gonzalez Argueta to Charmayne M. Harkins, $182,000.

Garner Ave., 315-Josephine M. and Harold Crisostomo to Robin Nelson, $239,900.

Glen Abbey Ct., 11716-Ronald James to Andrea Scott and Bernard and Dorothy Barnes, $399,900.

Hamlin Rd., 1121-Cynthia L. Greenfield Jones to Tonya A. Pace, $295,000.

Hatfield Ct., 763-Brian Patrick Blood to Damarcus McGant, $202,000.

Hyacinth Pl., 3443, No. D-Kimberly M. Dasilva and Kimberly M. Stevens to Diane P. Peterson, $300,000.

Kempsford Field Pl., 3657-Carmen Alston to Kira R. Simmons, $199,990.

Lightner Ct., 3652-Trevor K. and Cheri L. Smith to Albert L. and Shawn J. Anderson, $284,900.

Monterey Ct., 4796-Michael and Zarinah Boyd to Galleh Bah, $315,000.

Olympia Pl., 4887-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Prakash Sankurathri, $184,000.

Oyster Reef Pl., 5042-Wilbert E. Hawkins Jr. to Timothy Cramblit, $299,000.

Quade Cir., 4875-Matthew Whitehead to Carlos H. and Nadine L. Ramirez, $299,900.

River Shark Lane, 5705-NVR Inc. to Gerald F. and Yaa Serwaa Foster, $412,940.

Royal Birkdale Ave., 5049-Kody D. and Staci Pruitt to Roselia Zacarias, $412,000.

Saint Rita Dr., 5475-Eric J. Hayes to Derek A. Ndikeh and Hilda Mungen Chi, $380,000.

Scottsdale Pl., 4636-Nikisha Smith to Forrest Baggarly, $280,000.

Simpson Dr., 12837-Susan Douglas Rollman to Allan P. and Caroline C. Mason, $299,000.

Sunset Ridge Pl., 11857-Monica L. Taylor to Brittany I. Townsend, $274,000.

Truman Ct., 1205-Demetrios S. Stephanadis to Charles C. and Silasa J. Hills, $308,000.

Willow View Pl., 12642-Alyson K. Butler Smith to Crystal D. Martino, $235,000.

Yarmouth Ct., 2463-Donald E. and Julie C. Gallion to Stephanie Jonette Garcia, $267,000.


Alyssa Lane, 10847-Patrick S. and Theresa M. McElligott to Warren Leggett Jr., $389,510.

Bass Ct., 5040-Margaret A. Clayton to Sandra Lorraine Parker and David T. Berry, $300,000.

Bighorn Ct., 6210-David D. and Heather C. Webster to Richard A. Banks Jr., $285,000.

Carthage Ct., 9016-Dion and Kia Pandy to Anicet S. and Mariette M. Djakeu, $444,990.

Eagle Ct., 4398-Cross County Equity Corp. to Doris Ann Marshall, $220,000.

Eutaw Forest Dr., 3156-Justin and Lauren Trilli to Maria C. Banks, $340,000.

Golden Eagle Pl., 11310-Melinda W. and Turner M. Scott to Tiara and Cynthia Ann Booth, $261,000.

Goswell Alley, 3606-NVR Inc. to Timothy Hodge, $336,668.

Grouse Pl., 4518-H & Z Investments Corp. to Tiara Collins, $224,900.

Halford St., 3505-Mark and Jocelyn Herrington to Kevin L. Brown and Althea Joseph, $386,500.

Kingfisher Ct., 4805-Richard T. and Susan M. Farrell to Tyler C. Robinson, $189,900.

Laurel Branch Dr., 2570-Catherine E. Harple to Mayron Davila, $300,000.

Log Teal Dr., 4203-Robert M. Cacic to John Boner and Beverly Marie Morris, $185,000.

Marlborough Pl., 3711-NVR Inc. to William Peck and Simone Daul, $343,310.

Marylea Ct., 3384-Alveta Mason to Demetrius Q. and Erica Wilson, $467,500.

Mockingbird Cir., 4236-Amy Cauler Freese to Nkrumah Williams, $191,000.

Perch Ct., 3824-David H. and Courtney Hine to Kyrie McKinney, $300,000.

Puffer Ct., 5924-Jonathan Halbrook to Christopher J. and Amy Chicarelli, $330,000.

Red Wolf Pl., 6017-Susan A. and Augustin Tellez to Mark F. and Brian J. Alix, $224,000.

Seal Pl., 6206-Christina R. White and estate of Beverly Ann Thorne to Tamika L. Evans, $242,000.

Shadow Park Lane, 3171-Charles and Carolyn Coaston to Stephen and Judith Gordey, $320,400.

Sirenia Pl., 6061-Kashan Amaya Alamin Arnold to Jamaal Philip Brown, $225,000.

Spearfish Pl., 5040-Tavis N. Clinton to Brandon L. Hawley, $279,900.

Sunfish Ct., 5916-Dana M. and Thomas F. Holland to Jamieson E. Saul, $280,000.

United Ct., 10807-Karen Lynn Stephens to Cory Letrai and Rushyannah R. Killens Cade, $359,900.


Brideshead Ct., 5132-Thomas Shaw Jr. to Kevin D. and Angela Nicole Hawkins, $389,000.

Darlington Ct., 5405-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kenyatta Jackson Morris and Donald Russell Mearis Sr., $436,530.

Heatherleigh Pl., 7906-Lauren R. White to Larry, Virginia and Christina McGraw, $263,000.

Lupton Ct., 3665-Jaime L. and Erin A. Swartwood to Rodney K. McDaniel, $390,900.

Old Colony Ct., 5507-US Homes Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kizzie Lachisa Keys, $423,740.

Penzance Lane, 11251-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Cynthia and Wilbert Jones, $429,990.

Point Pl. W., 10928-Caren A. Gillison to Kisha Brown, $274,000.

Ravine Dr., 3935-Stacey Eliabeth Kruchesky and Amy Cathleen Wallace to Lisa Renee and William Thompson, $399,000.

Saxton Ct., 3835-William and Chivonne Posey to Raymond Terrell and Sibongile Lungu Simpson, $340,000.

Stockport Pl., 11451-Krystle V. Maclin to Daannia S. Shirley, $250,000.

Warfield St., 10233-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Sheane J. Robinson, $315,000.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cobblestone Lane, 23140, No. 409-Kirk Mark Parks and estate of Gale Sharon Parks to John R. Lindsley and Donna M. Stalters, $82,700.

Great Laurel Way, 43695-Tammy L. and Roberto C. Miguel to Christopher John and Alyson May Wright, $403,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 23061-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Peter J. Miller, $250,000.

Scarlet Oak Ct., 44668-Amber Logue to Melissa Yates, $189,000.


Harlequin Lane, 20825-Mary Beth Hamm Kruckow to Robert Miguel Huici, $174,700.


Lower Kells Lane, 22560-Diana L. Edwards Morgan to Eliot Fitzpatrick, $139,000.


Leola Ct. E., 44108-Litz Custom Homes Inc. to Daniel A. and Karmann E. Guerra, $419,900.


Miss Bessie Dr., 41590-Epc MD 69 Corp. and Epc MD 70 Corp. to Jeffrey Allen and Katherine Lauren Trueblood, $349,000.


Briarcliffe Ct., 20685-Travis Parker Garrett to Christian Steven and Lori Michelle Riddle, $350,000.

Chestnut St., 18304-Michael and Teresita Crowe to James Bradley and Trina Beier, $326,500.

Fox Ridge Rd., 22042-James J. Pentico to Evelyn Y. Giacchetti, $187,000.

Point Lookout Rd., 17797-Michael and Patricia Svecz to Christina A. Kunze, $184,000.


Beach Dr., 40195-John A. Knott to Patricia A. and Walter A. McClure, $406,000.

Danville St., 27191-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Edward A. Bates, $260,900.

Holly Lane, 26934-James H. and Elizabeth A. Morgan to Rebecca A. Raup and Roger D. Morris Jr., $187,000.

Tin Top School Rd., 26491-Robert Stephen Murphy Jr. to Charles and Amy Ramsey, $260,000.


Locust St., 45382-Aaron and Marci St. Germain to Bryan and Sharon Pritchard, $215,000.