Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cardinal Way, 2309-Maura C. Barillaro to Kristin D. Batson, $250,000.

Karen Dr., 2625-John R. Glaser to Joshua R. and Heather L. Finamore, $365,000.

Eighth St., 6576-Tracey V. Savoy to Donna J. Bonum, $209,000.


Hewitt Ct., 3215-Matthew J. Cwiek to Thomas L. and Eileen Frances Fetters, $465,000.


Holland Cliffs Rd., 2815-Donald Claiborne and Edgar Hall to Andrew J. Cooper, $268,100.

Paul Hance Rd., 4820-Daniel C. and Donna L. Goucher to Corie L. and Joseph L. Hall, $482,650.

View Dr. S., 85-Edgar W. and Alice D. Steele to Priscilla J. and Christopher A. McMahon, $480,000.


Bonanza Trail, 12159-Thomas G. and Sheryl L. Schaefer to Fletcher and Heather Carson, $233,000.

Gunsmoke Trail, 411-Shanice J. Miller to Alcides Huertas, $239,900.

War Bonnet Trail, 693-John C. Tscheulin to Robert Louis and Sheila Dean Leitsch, $309,000.


Bedford Dr., 3628-Kyle B. and Maureen E. Tores to Howard J. Lansat, $305,000.


Chaneyville Rd., 3910-Edward Coyle and Joseph Altemus to Geoffrey Branch and Wendy Whitney Taylor, $815,000.


Aspen Rd., 2850-William D. and Cynthia T. Bushnell to William Leslie Manser, $280,000.

Scientists Cliffs Rd., 2765-Matthew and Jessica Rosser to Edwin Francis and Lori Sharon Healy, $364,000.


English Oak Lane, 571-Oak Tree Landing Holdings Corp. and Curtis Building Co. Corp. to Gregory M. Kackley and Alaina M. Estes Mendez, $314,109.


Back Creek Loop, 1234-Todd and Cheryl Shewmaker to Melinda C. Spring, $182,000.


Oyster Bay Pl., 932-Carmen I. Crescenze to Charles R. Merritt Jr. and Robin Rae Fordham, $435,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Inheritance Dr., 16210-George E. and Debra R. Irwin to Louis James and Sabrina Stockley, $389,900.


Amherst Rd., 6721-Cicelia V. and Marc Allan A. Aguilar to Jamal K. Holt and Ayesha L. Jones, $257,000.

Basingstoke Lane, 2725-John C. and Dianita C. Hargraves to Stephanie and Kenneth Rice, $395,000.

Bucknell Rd., 6661-Infinity Capital Group Corp. to Robert J. Rodriguez, $250,000.

Cornell Rd., 6546-Thomas E. and Linda G. Barnes to Kevin Harrod, $299,900.

Fenwick Rd., 5700-Alton and Debra L. Grigsby to Sylvia A. Fletcher, $582,000.

Greenville Dr., 5209-Darryl E. and Renee Pugh to Keino L. and Dana L. Williams, $295,000.

Marshall Hall Rd., 2720-Jason R. Spicer to David and Angelina Ritchie, $245,000.

Red Spruce Ct., 2051-Susan L. and Christopher M. Salman to Toboris Henderson, $235,000.

Tree Vista Ct., 2448-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Sabey G. Bethea, $400,000.


Barbers Quarters Ct., 11221-Kimberly Strafella Ward to Jason Marcus and Laura Kathryn Burch, $374,900.

Sycamore Lane, 12655-Joseph M. Dean II to Eric Wathen, $230,000.


Audrey Rd., 17436-Canes Purchase Corp. to Immaculate and Ryan A. Newsted, $210,000.

Neale Sound Dr., 11995-Michael R. and Sarah D. Hooper to Mark Chetwood and Janice L. Elliott, $234,000.

Sycamore Dr., 16416-David and Michele Goldsmith to Nathan Robert Mace and Natalie Heasley, $250,000.


Carrico Mill Rd., 7560-Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Laurie A. and Richard J. Garrison, $182,700.

Colonel Beall Ct., 6765-Vernon J. Evans to Jermaine Sewell and Alicia Gonzalez, $399,900.

Deborah Dr., 15175-Jody M. and Nancy L. Lucas to Kevin Paul and Amanda Stelly, $415,000.

Goelling Pl., 6373-Ekistics Construction Inc. to Thomas C. Fielding, $369,900.

Ivy Hill Ct., 6170-Deborah L. and Elizabeth M. Lynch to Charles M. and Theodora J. Carr, $325,000.

Mairfield Ct., 6319-Atlantic Loan Co. to Charise I. and Raymond N. Sesker, $469,000.

Robey Dr., 14160-Stephen M. Finch to Loretta Bennett and William Ernest Jenkins, $325,000.

Swans Rest Pl., 16430-Linda K. and Norman E. Scott to Bernard R. and Sheila Hastings, $439,999.


Davis Dr., 19-Ryan and Amanda Sheehan to Damon M. Moore, $279,900.

Indian Head Hwy., 5650-Thomas Bowling Herbert and estate of Hilda Marie Herbert to Wesley W. Oliver, $319,000.

Kenrick Ct., 3-James Miles Jr. to David Dorsey, $250,000.

Mattingly Ave., 44-Fitch Estates Corp. to Lanelle White, $212,500.


King Charles Dr., 14825-Jonathan and Angela Hoffman Taylor to David J. and Tricia H. Hamilton, $329,000.


Bobwhite Ct., 23-Dianna Ganote and Casey E. Hills to Beth G. and Roland E. Gallup, $385,000.

Chestnut Ct., 503-Jean S. and Brill E. Beierle to Robert Allen Stallard and Sandi Lynn Drummond Hankinson, $335,000.

Derby Dr., 51-Michael G. and Nicole Mattingly Kosky to Kevin Johnson, $260,000.

Edelen Station Pl., 600, No. 7202-Terri Pesante and Donald Lee Close to Mary L. Merson, $219,000.

Gemini Pl., 9710-Ward Investing Corp. to Joseph W. and Harriette Briscoe, $419,900.

Hawksbury Ct., 4815-Lee Owen and Holly M. Moss to Tony S. and Trisha L. Aguilera, $439,900.

Horseshoe Dr., 6680-Charles Benson to Kyle Francis Dolinsky and Nicole Lyn Sirkot, $329,000.

Kalmia Ct., 148-Spa 2 Corp. to Crishana Liggins, $170,000.

Kerrick Dr., 6230-Jacqueline E. Smith to Darrin and Tabitha Mignon Cunningham, $540,000.

Little Creek Lane, 108-James William and Jessica M. Calomeris to Angela R. Williams, $209,900.

Manor Lane, 6080-Elizabeth A. Davison to Leanette M. Schiliro, $333,000.

Patuxent Dr. E., 1203-Clint and Jennifer Walter to Wanda D. Hartt, $359,900.

Rest Dr., 11518-John C. and Denise Snee to Timothy and Corrin Deavers, $450,000.

Saint Marys Ave., 307-Jill E. Williams to Jared Johnson, $237,500.

Spalding Dr., 4835T-Sidney G. and Barbara A. Peters to Tony Glen and Margarita Pendarvis, $382,900.

Village Dr., 10560-John R. and Molly A. Clark to Paul M. and Brooke A. Romero, $299,000.

Windsor Dr., 9267-Ronald N. and Claire Y. Fry to Harold Huckabaa Jr., $319,000.


Acton Lane, 11540-Troy Jon Rifenberg and Karen Sue Bronson to Eden D. Rubinstein, $350,000.

Bewicks Ct., 11802-Michael James Brown to Donnie and Alea Norris Cupe, $340,000.

Carroll Dr., 11188-Nicholas and Carla M. DiMichele to Paul Dupree, $315,000.

Coachmans Path Ct., 4501-Charles W. and Karen M. Lackey to Heather M. McGuire and Donald C. Manning, $479,000.

Council Oak Dr., 12644-Bryan P. and Sheila M. Doswell to Dorian G. Lopez and Blanca A. Lopez Cruz, $278,000.

Eider Ct., 3009-Brian Lee B. and Tahnee Lynn A. Duenas to Tyna L. Boulware, $365,000.

Falmouth Rd., 1112-David M. Acosta to Daniel D. and Elly W. Yu, $315,000.

Fox Ridge Rd., 3508-Charles L. and Teresa L. Skinner to Latonya Brown, $352,000.

Golden Gate Ct., 2811-SM Hamilton Corp. to Vincent J. and Julie A. Graziano, $316,495.

Greenwood Ct., 11001-Christina Ann Stovall and estate of James Lewis Allingham to George Parker Jr., $300,000.

Holly Oak Ct., 2202-VHE Investment Group to Sheena D. Berry and Leon Myers, $288,000.

Jeffrey Cir., 5511-Stephen M. Walgus to Peter V. and Hilda D. Thompson, $297,500.

Kilt Pl., 9786-DR Horton Inc. to Alaina Renee and Elaine E. Shelton, $334,990.

Leonardtown Rd., 4746-E. Carol and Jerome S. Lord to Larry J. Parker Jr., $289,000.

Meadow Lane, 73-Monica L. Washington to Daniel G. Gichuki, $188,000.

Orkney Pl., 9715-DR Horton Inc. to Kristina A. Carter, $319,990.

Poplar Hill Rd., 13968-Richard L. Morries to Sarah L. and Ralph E. Johnson, $325,000.

Sandalwood Dr., 2261-Dawnisha Marie White to Joseph L. and Sarah K. Ostrelich, $300,000.

Sorrel Ridge Lane, 15490-Sean M. Crawford to James Passero, $400,000.

Tanglewood Dr., 2050-Lois Y. Burns to Derrick L. Jackson, $182,000.

Temi Dr., 1742-Stephen M. and Donna L. Boice to Beata M. Kinsey and Kimberly S. Van Splinter, $280,000.

Tred Avon Ct., 2708-Moammad Z. Jamil to David Maurice and Estelle Fly Deneen Pollard, $329,900.

Wendy Ct., 2000-Leilani Cale Jones to David Christopher Mason Jr., $334,000.


Perry Branch Rd., 11670-Milton F. and Ruth Hein to Linda Boese, $375,000.


Chelsea Way, 6505-Elizabeth and James Edwards to Robert Dewey and Jantzen Meyers, $464,900.

Simms Landing Rd., 7500-Floyd W. and Shirley L. Tilley to Leonard Morris and Jennifer Goddard, $299,900.


Barksdale Ave., 235-J. Alexander Rehabs Corp. to Cary Arnold and Karen Ann Smith, $297,500.

Boswell Ct., 1412-Tina Ta to Pamela B. and Frankie L. Blakeney, $265,000.

Copley Ave., 873-Jaime Lee Carter to Raymond Lasdo Minor, $274,900.

Doral Ct., 11674-Jeffrey and Carlotta E. Sherman to Victor D. Jockson, $385,000.

Floyd Ave., 1027-Vernetta L. and Jerome T. Johnson to Steven C. Moore and Lauren N. Kanowicz, $260,000.

Harrow Ct., 3177-Stephanie Byme and Rhetta Morales to Olga Valecia Sheppard, $280,000.

Irish Peach Ct., 4487-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Anthony Andre and Tanjeka Staggs Woodard, $450,000.

Jubilee Way, 1011-Taitai Corp. to Tahesha Jones, $220,000.

Matlock Pl., 3628-Tonya Y. Broady to Virginia Robinson, $259,600.

Northgate Pl., 3922-Akemi Harvell Isaac to Sarah M. Smith, $185,000.

Palm Desert Pl., 11752-Jonathan K. Joiner to Danielle K. Avant, $275,000.

Port Royal Ave., 11632-Corey and Kellye McMillion to Anne N. Gichuki, $370,000.

Robinson Pl., 2513-Mosaik Development Corp. to Markell K. Jones, $204,000.

Scottsdale Pl., 4668-Lisa P. Johnson Hochberg to Christopher T. and Rheana Leach, $287,000.

Smokethorn Ct., 3531-Jennifer Bolton to Joyce Baylor, $315,000.

Sweetwood Pl., 12204-Karen A. Pleasant to Cindy L. Thomas, $228,000.

Turkeyfoot Lake St., 5237-Rocio Rodriguez and Christopher George Knight to Omyni V. and Timothy A. Harrell, $415,000.

University Dr., 656-Bobbie E. Davis to Rene M. Palacios, $250,000.

Wakefield Cir., 2347-Daryl R. Stewart Sr. to Ronald Jerome and Hazel Pearl Phillips, $249,900.

Wilson Rd., 1340-Alfred J. and Merlyn S. McDuffie to Rita Alicia Jumper and Clyde Montgomery III, $298,000.


Athens Pl., 2478-Branch Banking and Trust to Courtney Barbour and Antonio D. Johnson, $214,900.

Bluehead Ct., 5094-Beth A. Groth Clark to Dobie and Jennifer Godbee, $307,000.

Brookfield St., 9512-Ethel J. Dickerson to Megan and Clarence Campbell, $455,000.

Cologo Ct., 6837-Ralph Peters to Dara M. Mills, $259,900.

Decker Ct., 10172-Bank United and Green River Capital Corp. to Gbenga Ogunbor, $270,000.

Eagle Ct., 4406-Gary M. Simpson to Katheryn Hawkins and Catania Gregory, $216,000.

Filberts Ct., 11113-Chestnut Hill Land Corp. to Lamar and Tonya Childers, $439,900.

Granite Ct., 9104-Christopher G. and Theresa A. Marshall to Marlane Speed, $365,900.

Grouse Pl., 4523-Shara A. Shelton to Ashley Monique Prince, $215,000.

Halifax St., 2902-George R. and Virginia L. Hall to Andrew J. and Angela M. Phillips, $475,000.

Hummingbird Dr., 4711-Gregory Ramacciotti to Delonte McKie, $315,000.

Kingfisher Ct., 4818-Thuy T. Tran and Ha N. Nguyen to Aronde Holston, $192,000.

Leyton Ct., 2304-Lawrence B. and Ethel Bailey Morton to John Carter Punger, $350,500.

Lynchburg Pl., 9653-Jeffrey L. Tyler to Rayko Felton, $220,000.

Marlborough Pl., 3713-NVR Inc. to Chavon Renee Wilkerson, $356,985.

Marylea Ct., 3387-Jessica R. Cook to Joseph R. and Sheila B. Harley, $430,000.

Paddlefish Ct., 5813-James F. and Cindy M. Yeager to Selina D. Cooper, $268,000.

Pimpernel Dr., 2440-Debra Starkey to James C. and Ebonie N. Davis, $449,999.

Seal Pl., 6227-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Marilyn Fernandez, $219,900.

Shark Ct., 3854-Cesar and Cynthia Ventura to Mekia Turner, $290,000.

Springfish Pl., 5713-Mary L. Merson to Torin D. Edwards Sr., $205,000.

Super St., 9411-Michelle D. San Miguel to Wayne O. Booth and Mia C. Carter, $477,500.

Venture Dr., 8328-William M. and Mary A. Fowler to Timothy M. Bagley, $261,000.


Castleford Ct., 4405-U.S. Bank to Traves Bills, $280,000.

Deacon Rd., 10556-Patricia A. Maness to Marla Cristine Chicwak and Byron Andre Dorsey, $255,000.

Duffield Rd., 4715-E. Jerry Hampton to John F. Thomas and Tammy A. Riley, $239,900.

Esprit Pl., 10741-Brian Clontz to Marilyn M. Evans, $265,000.

Moddy Lane, 9978-NVR Inc. to Lawrence and Nicole Hubb, $441,155.

Old Colony Ct., 5512-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Charles Leon Jacobs Jr., $471,190.

Penzance Lane, 11280-DR Horton Inc. to Derrick and Tennelle Williams, $429,990.

Prince Edward Dr., 3660-Timothy and Pamela Commerford to Damian Wages Sr., $356,900.

Saddlebrook Ct., 5583-US Bank Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Phillip Coleman Jr. and Deborah Hydlebeerg, $484,090.

Sextant Pl., 10457-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trusts to Cornel Kelemen, $210,000.

Worthington St., 3690-Arundel Robinson and SJB Ventures Corp. to Raheam Kason Oliver, $449,900.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Boatman Lane, 38150-William O.E. Sterling III to John and Laura Aceto, $535,000.


Mountain Laurel Lane, 23216-Jaime M. and Daniel Elliott Connors to Paul Castillo, $263,900.

Short Bow Ct., 21942-Neal D. and Bernadette G. Kraft to Denise M. and Jason R. Blakey, $407,000.


Circle Dr., 45796-John Franklin and Norma Gail Yearick to Herbert A. and Denise M. Davis, $315,000.


Mary Beth Ct., 42880-Kelvin L. and Michelle L. Amick to Joshua Stephen and Brittany Michele Saunders, $405,000.


Jenifer Ct., 23290-Randy Mayer and Anne Mover to Alexander W. and Lauren E. Bock, $380,000.

Omaha Ct., 41401-Takiesha Waites and James W. Thierry to James and Katherine Hall, $520,000.

Woodmere Dr., 21046-Matthew A. Swartzwelder to Alan S. and Faye M. Harris, $365,400.


Columbia St., 21635-Clint J. and Andrea Latham to Geoffrey Glenn and Victoria Tuttle, $242,000.

Freedom Run Dr., 20881-Leonardo I. and Jacqueline M. Acuna to Bryan J. and Cheryl L. Sohl, $290,000.

Tenby Dr., 20744-Susan R. and Eric F. Zebedies to Nicholas B. and Ashley L. Mulcahey, $362,000.

First Rd., 21333-Alison Heurich to Ryan B. Gaither, $230,000.


Ben Oaks Dr., 28020-Christopher T. and Suzanne M. Weber to Steven Robinson Jr., $397,000.

Shoreview Dr., 30188-Joseph D. Goldey to Justin Sylver, $252,900.


River Dr., 17559-Linda Sue Thompson to Michael Foster, $496,000.