Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Deer Chase Lane, 8167-Ilene M. Taylor to Cindy Selby, $255,000.

Ninth St., 6524-Michael Andrew Rivera to Andrew S. Huston, $284,900.


Aberdeen Dr., 1916-Matthew Ryan and Jessica Leona Gorman to Samuel Thomas and Jennifer Gaare, $522,500.

Smith Way, 9701-U.S. Bank to Spiros and Renee Maroulis, $349,900.


Huntsman Dr., 3235-David M. and Stacy A. Olson to Jeremy D. and Dolores Runion, $525,000.

Periwinkle Way, 680-U.S. Bank and Fay Servicing Corp. to Harry L. Burkett Jr., $244,000.

Weeping Willow Lane, 4175-Maren F. Decolator to Elizabeth Carolyn and Daniel John Sutter, $420,000.


Lake View Dr., 12858-Jody B. Miller to Karen J. Clarke, $240,000.

Longhorn Cir., 355-Daniel Yoder to Scott B. Nicol, $185,000.

Pine Blvd., 8230-Melvin and Virginia Brown to Daniel R. Cobb and Laura M. Carrasco Carranza, $299,900.

Running Fox Cir., 15500-Nicolas J. and Lynsie G. Mouriski to Tyler A. Brechbiel, $234,900.

Western Cir., 12632-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and New Penn Financial Corp. to Zachary Woods, $180,000.


Chesapeake Lighthouse Dr., 8578-U.S. Bank and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Rachel Marie Walker, $200,000.


Hampton Way, 7815-U. S. Bank and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Steven and Natalie Brown, and Amy and Michael Stouffer, $529,900.


Westlake Blvd., 402, No. 31-Norman G. and Ruth M. Green to Lillian Heins, $240,000.


Calvert St., 14324-Myron M. Lundmark Jr. to John M. and Ann M. Slaughter, $495,500.


Ruxton Rd., 716, No. 67-Peter R. and Jenny L. Dodd to Leo A. and Maura R. Kilgore, $410,000.


Leonard Ct., 215-Jessica M. Durkin to Debra M. and Glenn M. Hale, $218,988.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Begonia Pl., 4325-Ella M. Owens to Travis J. and Teonna R. Scott, $260,000.

Ladysmith Ct., 15920-Department of Veterans Affairs to Charles G. Cofield, $256,000.


Amherst Rd., 6750-Loistene Monger Lassiter and Tamala Burress to Kevin M. Stancil and Chantel J. Brown, $274,000.

Basingstoke Lane, 2734-Gregory S. and Tiffany T. Redden to Damon Green Sr. and Derrick Richardo Boyd, $370,000.

Captain Johns Ct., 6604-Frank Nesbit Party to Kia Davall, $229,900.

Dakota Ct., 6801-Bikram Singh to Taneshia Lattimore, $239,000.

Hungerford Rd., 6665-Robert and Deborah Russell to Michael H. and Denise D. Monroe, $285,000.

Red Spruce Ct., 2065-Sharron Lynne and Michelle Carrie Poland to Lee J. and Joyce Fungo, $231,750.


Newman Dr., 7563-Jane Dade and estate of Agnes Claralee Swann to Ebony J. Fowlkes and Quentin Antoine Harley Sr., $226,000.


Burleson Dr., 16611-Canes Purchase Corp. to Chasity Davis, $260,000.

Neale Sound Dr., 12101-Matthew A. and Katelyn S. DeFelice to Susan and Paul Koch, $485,000.


Sodus Ct., 9950-Cartwright Farm Corp. to George A. Stonestreet, $419,000.


Bucktown Rd., 6940-Mark T. and Melissa I. Grimes to Michael Stephen Courter and Juanita Mae Harris, $301,000.

Chalice Vine Ct., 15832-Jeri and Anthony Noel to Willie C. and Alethia Trent Hannon, $439,900.

Colonial Lane, 7080-Tam Properties Corp. to Olayemi Lawanson, $455,000.

Goode Rd., 5776-Keswick Corp. to Gerald Craig and Laura Ann Reese, $492,859.

Jaydale Pl., 14150-Mark Steven and Koren Allen to James R. and Kimberly Y. Sheets, $410,000.

Meadow Ct., 13550-Jennings W. Anderson Jr. to Jason M. and Elizabeth D. Goelling, $399,000.

Rosecroft Pl., 5975-Party Walls Inc. to Shannon D. Hyde, $392,500.

Triple Crown Ct., 16430-Istvan Z. and Lisa D. Gall to Alex and Felicia R. Ofori, $349,990.


Beth Ct., 1-Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lawrence J. Newman, $193,000.

Green Meadows Dr., 3215-Edward Stobierski to Melissa and Walter L. Bucia, $283,000.

Jenkins Dr., 1-Nicholas S. Sehorn to Douglas A. and Stephanie M. Blair, $242,299.

Livingston Rd., 3775-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to David J. Pitras and Diana E. Breece, $210,000.

Mattingly Ave., 48-Paul F. Donaldson Jr. to Alexandria Rasmussen, $188,000.

Preswood Pl., 2900-Laura Miller to Andrew and Erin T. Duran, $308,000.

Sandra Ct., 9-Katie D. Jackson Jones to Brad Everette Lewis, $175,000.


Amberleigh Lane, 12755-Robert Josef and Marla Renne Wustner to John L. and Gina M. Cardova, $900,000.

Brierwood Rd., 4855-Larry M. and Robin L. Phillips to Avis M. Duvall, $308,000.

Cardinal Ct., 121-Jerry R. and Donna L. Minton to Alvin Sweeting, $425,000.

Coach Pl., 7520-Karen A. Carnes Waster to Jennifer J. and Russell B. Bartnick, $260,000.

Dobbins Ct., 6525-Lynwood T. and Dale W. Jacobs to Anthony C. Jacobs, $414,900.

Edelen Station Pl., 721-James Robert and Amanda Lien Hilson to Kellen Ross Petersen, $285,000.

Gleaning Ct., 103-Srajan Kumar Mallineni to Annie P. and Clifton L. Holmes, $450,000.

Hickory Cir., 612-Andrea L. Binetti to David B. and Yaritza Moreno Morris, $365,900.

Hudson Dr., 8330-Charles E. and Desiree D. Hash to Luke and Carissa Hannah, $700,000.

Kent Ave., 504-Nicholas A. Matics to Patrick M. and Donna H. Day, $319,000.

Lakes End Ct., 7830-Andrew D. and Helena A. Johnson to Daniel Paul Morath, $417,000.

Magnolia Dr., 1004-Steven P. and Susan L. Timmermann to Keith S. Brown, $420,000.

Martin Dr., 1021-Michelle D. Butler to Omalia and Michael Weatherholt, $399,000.

Penns Hill Rd., 9765-Lisbeth McBridge and Bernard Lee Chambers to Brett and Emily Tipton, $395,000.

Quail Lane W., 130-Barry D. Cahen to Russell Allen and Caitlin Susie Putney, $360,000.

Ripley Park Dr., 5750-Nicolette Jade Viering Jenkins to Christina Carolyn Burch and Granville Lee Johnson, $227,000.

Stonestreet Pl., 11286-Cole T. and Tykim R. Reuter to Gary D. Tharaldson, $439,000.

Wales Dr., 1031-Shelby D. Rackey and Eric Raybon to Olisha G. and Ryan J. Costa, $495,000.


Grinder Rd., 5525-James Gordon Jeffries to Eileen V. Valencia Chaparro and Walter A. Caballero, $210,000.


Beechwood Ct., 10955-William Albert Baker III to Kimya S. Tate, $284,000.

Brewster Rd., 2803-JLG Investments Corp. to Jean M. Freeman and Nicole Stacey Whitehead, $291,000.

Brunston Castle Lane, 2896-Roger Y. Jolliff and Elaine A. Paraoan to Dawn R. Carman, $350,000.

Carroll Dr., 11212-Adrean A. and Savannah Alire to Brennan Paul and Megan Taylor Cotthoff, $312,000.

Community Dr., 2232-Dwayne D. and Melisa Ann Paro to Ikechukwu and Christian Nwosu, $386,000.

Country Lane, 12719-Evalena Washington to Alexis Holland, $273,900.

Doris Dr., 5312-Donna M. Glass to Callas Z. Vaughan and Michael Arkeise Dixon Sr., $315,000.

Enterprise Pl., 2527-Florence J. Spain to Donald Raymond Christmas Jr., $265,000.

Falmouth Rd., 1124-Mary Moro to Julia M. and Jeanette H. Boone, $321,000.

Gannet Ct., 2613-Gordon Lew to James Tartaglia, $359,000.

Golden Gate Ct., 2813-SM Hamilton Corp. to Deborah J. McCannon, $328,950.

Hawks Branch Ct., 13244-Estiby G. Marquez Cabrera to Jose O. and Lorena G. Rivera, $337,000.

Hickory Valley Dr., 2986-Rosa Jordan Daniels and estate of Melvin Alfonzo Lewis Jr. to Ronald C. and Dawn S. Watson, $233,300.

Hunters Harbor Lane, 15000-Richard Clark Walker to Rios L. and Hazel D. Prado, $299,000.

Kestrel Ct., 2651-Terrie B. Johnson to Chamessia Leah and Jermaine Russell McLaughlin, $379,900.

Kilt Pl., 9788-DR Horton Inc. to Athena Hemphill, $309,000.

Michael Rd., 5913-Robert Joseph and Joy Lee Schoenbauer to Andrew Steven Grajczyk, $355,000.

Overcup Oak Ct., 1707-Oakland Development Corp. to Shelton and Sharon L. Johnson, $275,000.

Pineview Ct., 2162-Bank of New York Mellon and Caliber Real Estatse Services Corp. to Darius and Chioma Harris, $200,000.

Rabbits Run St., 2425-Gailunette Howard to Henry U. and Bawo J. Onyenko, $350,000.

Sandstone St., 12326-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lindel A. Williams, $305,000.

Sorrel Ridge Lane, 15495-U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Serena A. Butler, $339,000.

Timberbrook Dr., 11538-Loretta Bennett to DeJuan Andrea Burns, $265,000.

Tred Avon Ct., 2716-Jacqueline M. Burton to Dennis and Neichole Samanthia Jada Linhorst, $300,000.

Wendy Ct., 2008-Charles Enos and Sharon L. Phillips to Arthur James Thompson, $289,000.

Westwood Dr., 2268-Brandon Boston to Wilson and Renee Via Matos, $315,000.


Bird Dog Pl., 4775-Barbara G. Portalea and Julia Ann Klahr to Richard and Sophia Turner, $390,000.

Sandy Point Rd., 1830-Ernie G. and Karen R. Weicht to Kristi Kipp, $610,000.


Dyer Rd., 13150-Marsha S. Smith and Dale D. Ude Jr. to Frank Nesbit III, $415,000.

Perry Branch Rd., 11740-Francis Lancaster and William C. Fanning Jr. to Walter Smith, $150,000.

Valley Lane, 12408-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Donald Sturgill Jr., $168,000.


Luftschloss Dr., 9280-David J. and Susan M. Combs to Mary Proctor and Danny Swann, $330,000.


Coventry Ct., 6525-Steven R. and Jeanne M. Ball to Randell L. and Mini N. Robinson, $354,000.


Amwich Ct., 8-Eric W. and Marguerite A. Davis to Kimberly Higginbotham, $240,000.

Barksdale Ave., 302-Eleonora Grissett and estate of Felisbetro Prodigalidad to Maximiliano Chavez Mendoza and Tania J. Morales, $220,000.

Brandon Rd., 818-Billie Jo Clower and estate of Tracy L. Burnette Keech to Matthew and Penny Gulbin, $185,000.

Copley Ave., 880-Crystal A. Eastman to Eva D. Bermudez and Carlos Israel Martinez, $285,000.

Dorset Dr., 1018-Dominador and Rebecca Potes to Issa Conteh, $205,000.

Franklin Ct., 3149-Erin Michele Petrillo and estate of Glenn A. Walterdorff Jr. to Michael B. and Joy L. Keller, $323,000.

Gateview Pl., 3839-IC Invest Corp. to Timothy K. Felton Jr., $225,000.

Guildhall Ct., 11709-U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Matthew R. and Jasmine N. Andrews, $390,000.

Harvard Rd., 1115-Christiana Trust and Selene Finance to Muhammad Rashid, $180,000.

Heathcote Rd., 3094-UCS Investment Corp. to Erika Lizama, $167,500.

Jefferson Rd., 125-Flagship Investments Corp. and Steven Bildman to Joshua Michael and Paige A. Clark, $275,000.

Keepsake Pl., 40-Diplomat Propety Manger Corp. and Fay Servicing Corp. to Imani Mynia Nyah Thompson, $199,900.

Kirkwood Rd., 803-Darleen L. Tulin Morris to Yuri E. Zelaya Coreas and Dalila Y. Alvarez De Santos, $220,000.

Manning Ct., 3209-John M. Feidl to Olivia Maon Leyson, $195,000.

Northgate Pl., 3970-H & Z Investments Corp. to Teresa A. Zeledon, $200,000.

Ottawa Park Pl., 5067-Alberto C. Padilla Hernandez to Raymond Adams, $310,000.

Peanuts Lane, 5549-Vonya A. and Ronald W. Taylor to Cameron Gomula, $289,900.

Port Royal Ave., 11648-Marcellus N. and Khia Baylor Davis to Eric Leslie Hickerson, $405,000.

Saint Linus Dr., 11809-David A. Schenkel to Jennifer M. Lawrence, $340,000.

Shawe Pl., 5132, No. C-Joseph W. Harrell to Victor Edward Blakey Jr., $120,000.

Stone Ct., 1105-David Cobos Garcia and Barbara Munoz Olivas to Trevor A. Champagnie, $275,000.

Turtle Dove Pl., 12483-Shannon C. and Tyrone A. Johnson to Brandie Hightower, $185,000.

Walker Pl., 12340-Michelle Dannette Van Cleaf to Luis G. and Dorrie M. Vasquez, $375,000.


Avalon Ct., 2310-Gretchen N. Bain and Roland Browder to Rachel Bonita and Vito Scott Strimaitis, $385,000.

Berry Rd., 9355-Marcellus Corbett to Nayo Lawrence, $370,000.

Bismark St., 2760-Arastoo Yazdani to Samuel N. and Edith W. Njoroge Macharia, $335,000.

Bonn Ct., 9784-Ryan Dean and Tamara Pizzeck to Michael Terry and Emily M. Bunnell, $439,900.

Butte Pl., 2342-Terri M. Simmons to Ruth Michelle Pritchett, $284,000.

Cottongrass St., 8830-Mahatha M. and Karen L. Oliver to Tien Troung and Jose Angelo Infante, $389,950.

Devonfield Ave., 2954-Carolyn L. and John O. Abbey to Sasu and Annemarie Akumah, $439,500.

Eagle Ct., 4378-Rhonshon Maria Lockhart to Genita A. Edmonds, $194,500.

Eagle Ct., 4409-Christopher L. Ross to Ndegwa D. Sanford and Tyler M. Downing, $197,900.

Gopher Ct., 6226-Estate of Barbara J. Stark and Katherine E. Clark to Stephanie M. Adams, $325,000.

Grassland Ct., 8713-Katie and Jason Glander to Kesha Yvette Frisby, $391,236.

Grunion Pl., 5201-Judith A. James to Samanthia Campbell, $249,900.

Heartleaf Lane, 3154-Dorothy B. Tolson to Robert N. Defendini, $329,900.

Hummingbird Dr., 4749-Rebecca M. Bond Silver to Maria Guadalupe and Adriana Ochoa, $300,200.

Koala Ct., 6106-Thomas E. O’Hare to Billy R. and Sierra C. Robinson, $315,000.

Locust St., 8916-James F. and Patricia L. Hoffman to Bao T. and Tiffany Huynh, $292,500.

Mahi Mahi Pl., 5121-Maria C. Banks to Jessica and Kwesi Stephen, $264,900.

Marlborough Pl., 3718-NVR Inc. to Raymond and Angela Gordon, $399,000.

Mcknight Ct., 3352-Symuell F. and Yvonne L. Coates to Perry D. and Camika S. Jones, $465,000.

Mojarro Ct., 5209-James E. Brinkley to Elisabete Brandao, $370,000.

Pebblebrook Terrace Ct., 2616-Maria E. Rivers and Duane M. Dodwell to Latrice N. and Jason J. Reese, $390,000.

Pintail Pl., 2958-Gerrod Minter and Tara Lobin to Jonathan and Jessica Smalls Eddy, $268,000.

Quillback St., 10634-Stephen C. and Katherine M. Talbot to Christopher Alan Knox Miles and Isha Pheberhim Sesay, $292,000.

Rendsburg Ct., 3114-Eric J. Kurtz and Bryan Surcouf to Camiren Lamere and Alicia Cameisha Gates, $419,900.

Rockfish Ct., 5201-James M. and Carol A. Candela to Andrew Y. Zheng, $300,000.

Shiner Ct., 3861-Angela Y. Bouknight to Michael Gregory Berry, $284,900.

Skipjack Ct., 5519-Michael and Kate A. Chien to Barry L. and Denise Jordan, $379,900.

Sugarberry St., 10402-Raul Mexicano to Neffertari K. Grayton, $380,000.

Teakwood Ct., 11341-Jamison S. Hurt to Oscar M. and Linda H. Gabor, $335,000.

Vess Ct., 9468-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Fred Horton, $430,000.


Blossom Point Rd., 8281-Robert H. Moreland to Denise L. and Michael J. Smith, $249,000.


Bensville Rd., 7110-Mary and Ronald Lockwood to Amanda and Thomas H. Garner, $270,000.

Catalina Pl., 10547-Jody S. Garner to Marco and Anastasia Washington, $259,900.

Deacon Rd., 10564-Leila E. Schaeffer to Shirley A. and Thomas E. Warren, $265,000.

Duley Dr., 4648-William B. and Janice J. Worden to Freddie Couch and Carolyn D. Henry, $340,000.

Esprit Pl., 10743-Steven A. and Tiffani A. Johnson to Tara L. Battle, $239,900.

Housely Pl., 10349-Thomas E. and Meagan J. Nieto to Janniece M. Green, $240,000.

Moddy Lane, 9982-NVR Inc. to Gregory Breland, $422,465.

Old Colony Ct., 5520-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Willie Allen and Linda Marie Beard, $484,440.

Penzance Lane, 11284-DR Horton Inc. to Cornell Russell, $434,990.

Prince Edward Dr., 3680-Mark R. Mellinger and Jacqueline A. Mudd to Awonna S. Hardy, $340,000.

Saint Christopher Dr., 11120-Keyona Nichole and Kenneth James McFarland to Bernard Wright, Regina Curtis and Chela Wright, $449,995.

Southport Pl., 11182-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Thomas Leslie Simmons, $358,990.

Stoneybrook Rd., 3801-Virgina Cash to Manuel and Jennifer Lynn Lopez, $255,000.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Indian Bridge Rd., 20857-Clifton Factory Preservation Corp. to Stacey Park and Chris Maulden, $350,000.

Old Rolling Rd., 22595-Denise and Dana G. Cherington to Leonard H. Walder, $255,000.

Silverwood Lane, 44030-Erin Whitley to Jason E. and Samantha A. Grimes, $355,000.


Cosmos Lane, 22249-Adam N. and Cindy C. Meyer to Zachary A. Stillman, $307,500.


Abis St., 43547-Wallace D. and Tudshong T. Roberts to Rivera Ernesto Jr. and Janel Anne Belarmino, $466,900.

Meredith Ct., 23980-Mark A. and Lisa M. Riddell to Misty Coxen, $465,000.


Eastwick Lane, 41800, No. 1102-Kristina L. Drury to Daniel C. Good, $190,200.


Cameron Ct., 21468-MTGLQ Investors to Marcus D. and Tarhesha M. Ellis, $237,000.

Compass Ct., 21467-Paul Zhou and Jinny Zhong to Lawrence Douglas Sr., $312,000.

Hollow Lane, 45755-Dustin M. Adams and Cory L. Balboni to Timothy J. and Dana L. Burke, $399,900.

Rosslare Ct., 20808-Vicki M. and Aaron Talbert Mathis to Karl Lewis, $360,000.


Army Navy Dr., 36087-Adam L. and Darleane E. Lowe to Jared Lee and Ashley Gulvas, $275,000.

Chickasaw Pl., 29910-Robert W. Beverage and Anita L. Marshall to James P. Vance, $200,000.

Feather Ct., 28050-Leonard and Melissa Riddick to Paul Anthony and Patricia A. Pender, $420,000.

Loveville Rd., 25960-Walter Eli and Laura Weaver Brubacher to Elvin B. and Maryann S. Weaver, $236,000.

Summerdale Ct., 39626-Bank of America to Juthamas and Phairoj Khieokum, $177,500.


Thomas Rd., 16100-Kelly A. Smolinsky to Emily A. Funderburk, $200,000.


Trapp Rd., 48656-Stacey Mulrooney Park to Brandon K. and Destinee N. Crosby, $220,000.