Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Deer Chase Lane, 8187-Andrew and Sundra Ann Cherrico to Dain Thomas Hancock, $288,000.

Windward Key Dr., 8079-Janet Marie Pederson and Stanley S. Colvin to Peter A. and Maureen K. Ohlhausen, $589,000.

10th St., 3813-WFC Flagship Corp. to Ann Stewart Mensch, $325,100.


Ashwood Dr., 3007-Michael and Katina Zimmerman to Christine L. Harris, $350,000.

Smith Way, 9745-Christopher A. McAlear and Deena Lentz to Brian K. and Donna D. Merkel, $535,000.


Carson Rd., 885-Rebecca E. and David S. Dondero to Christopher A. and Isabel Maria Ribeiro Goncalves Nixdorf, $457,500.

Kims Way, 322-Sean McAllister and Mallori Andrews to Bryan J. and Alycia M. Lugones, $585,000.

Pleasant Ct., 4325-Erik and Alysha Katherine Claudio to Erik and Misha Mixon, $465,000.

Woodbridge Lane, 4530-Kim Moats to David J. and Lauren G. Escobales, $425,000.


Coster Rd., 1270-Carolyn Jean and William Dean White to David C. and Rosemarie Rowe, $319,900.

Evergreen Ct., 584-Sonya M. Woodburn Wilson to Heather Verniece Smith, $175,000.

Laramie Lane, 12134-Calvin J. and Tuere Taylor Reid to Elizabeth Stedman, $225,000.

Mimosa Ct., 12604-Andrew L. Reece and Jennifer Mullennix to Adam C. Schaefer, $252,000.

Pine Blvd., 8533-Juan and Christina Montague to Daniel Worrey, $180,000.

White Sands Dr., 777-Kevin J. and Jodi L. Alderman to Heather Verniece Smith, $190,382.


Frederick Ave., 9014-Robert M. Goeke to Robert L. and Mary A. Wassmann, $270,000.


Paulyn Dr., 9148-Ian P. and Kristi P. Wiechert to Evan R. and Tioluwani E. Turzanski, $539,000.


Cedar Rd., 2184-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. of Texas to Gary M. and Adriene Bopp, $300,000.

Howard Dr., 3125-Wayne Tabor to Mark A. Ramsey and Jessica M. Jacobs, $379,900.


Cambridge Pl., 238-David A. Paniagua to Hunter R. Albaugh, $280,000.

Wilson Ct., 45-John R. Saunders to Trina A. and Leonard R. Philyaw, $383,900.


Avenue C, 1544-William S. Vernon to Ryan Timothy Spalding, $235,000.

Long Beach Dr., 5841-Jacob T. and Jessica Lay to William M. and Erica C. Marks, $297,900.

Valley Dr., 5821-Curtis Page Dyer to Heather Lea McInerney, $250,100.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blueberry Dr., 4809-Richard E. and Diana M. Davis to Kimbley Speight and Corey Lewis, $403,000.


Blackberry Ct., 2400-Demetrius J. Vailes to Michael K. and Jennifer D. Matthews, $317,000.

Charlene Ct., 6751-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Diasia Atkins, $177,505.

Dakota St., 2609-J.I.R. Construction Corp. to Jessica Sterling, $270,000.

Garden Lane, 2200-Tracy Anne Parker to Joseline Guevara, $212,500.

Icehouse Pl., 3113-Olamide Omolade Ogunyankin to Shawntane A. Clifford, $274,900.

Pauline Ct., 6737-John D. Hollandsworth to Crystal N. and Martane D. Smith, $224,900.

Sir Douglas Dr., 5479-Kenneth and Kimberly Arrington to Sherrine Latoya Richards, Valrie Gordon Campbell and Evan Richards, $314,900.


Crayfish Ct., 6015-Daniel F. and Margaret J.L. Walsh to Aaron J. and Virginia A. Klein, $479,900.


Turnwood Pl., 14545-Steven M. Andritz and Jessica S. Barnes to Amanda L. and Oscar Portillo, $290,000.


Burleson Dr., 16617-Canes Purchase Corp. to Kristopher Charles and Lisa A. Foote, $241,200.

Neale Sound Dr., 12475-Bradley M. and Linda I. Gottfried to Paul Tobola, $386,000.


Diggs Rd., 9701-Jean M. and Joseph T. Gale to James Kevin Cecil and Dana S. Levy, $499,950.


Baywood Ct., 6287-Darlene Ann and Ronnie W. Moody to Ulysses Llewellyn Nathan and Wanda J. Young, $550,000.

Campfire Pl., 15851-Timothy W. and Corrin C. Deavers to Nicholas R. and Carla M. Dimichele, $385,000.

Chalice Vine Ct., 15841-Hollybrook Corp. and Wilkerson Builders Inc. to Joanne and Richard F. Chipman, $508,000.

Corinthian Ct., 12891-Lee R. Stalnaker to Marguerite R.C. Funk, $435,530.

Juliette Low Lane, 7125-Edward L. Williams, III, to Douglas E. Gray Jr., $349,975.

Sandy Bottom Ct., 7370-Steven Bildman to Arundel Robinson, $195,000.

Trotters Glen Dr., 6170-Gregory W. and Kelly M. Paradis to Jeffery S. and Joanne M. Hall, $460,000.


Beth Ct., 6-Joseph Timothy Wright Jr. to Byron K. and Jessica L. Davis, $310,000.

Dale Dr., 7-HMLS Properties Corp. to Carol Ann Humphrey, $185,000.

Doncaster Dr., 4065-Aaron and Emily O’Toole to Alexander Golding and Marie Farley, $330,000.

Medway St., 3496-Stephen T. Carrier and Kristen R. Mattingly to Marquis Proctor and Shareika Monkister, $202,000.

Oakwood Cir., 6675-Joel M. Kennedy to Mason Gregory and Kristen Saige Payne, $335,000.

Rison Dr., 6780-James Kevin Cecil to James C. Marshall, $274,900.

Shelton Ct., 9-Alliance Property Investors Corp. to Jamaal D. Watson, $170,000.


Mohawk Ct., 11445-Lydia G. Elliott to Jason and Jennifer Barnidge, $265,200.


Ardene Lane, 8350-Arundel Robinson to David M. and Christina A. Cochran, $507,500.

Buckeye Cir., 177-Ralph E. and Deborah C. Cornell to Carolyn L. and Charles Coaston, $515,000.

Cedar Ct., 819-Yvette R. Hemsley and Ralph N. Shade to Jason P. Ford, $175,000.

Crescent Run St., 12761-William C. and Beverly Elkins to Larry Allen and Shirlene Gale Deal, $365,000.

Ellenwood Dr., 6586-Krishan M. and Kiren Mathur to Karen L. Fowlkes, $699,900.

Glen Oak Ct., 1011-Mohammed D. Hossain to Prabin K. and Ranjana Shrestha, $350,000.

Hawthorne Rd., 6175-Matthew R. and Deannette J. Eisele to William E. Tippett Jr., $354,900.

Hickory Cir., 614-Mark S. and Maria Salazar Blouin to Daryl Young Sr., $359,000.

Huntt Rd., 6005-Kacapor Amir and Senija Srndic to Rodney Gadson and Jaleen Marbury Walker, $220,000.

Kent Ave., 505-Kent Avenue Corp. and Lore Homes Corp. to Antonio and Rochelle Carter, $339,000.

Manchester Ct., 9750-Maegan Odle to David L. Washington and Marquita A. Douglas, $320,000.

Redwood Cir., 1324-Earl V. and Vonzella L. Taylor to Patrick and Rose Beckett, $353,000.

Robert Morgan Pl., 8835-Angela K. Huseman to Christopher M. and Katherine E. Williams, $357,000.

Spanish Moss Dr., 106-Michael J. and Jennifer Lynn Shlegle to Robert L. Banks Jr., $237,500.

Summerton Ct., 11506-Bobby J. and Christina M. Reighard to Christopher R. and Dana L. Gill, $575,000.

Woodhaven Dr., 7455-Alan G. and Barbara L. Evans to William G. and Jennifer L. Deatley, $345,000.


Alfred Dr., 5117-Lynn C. and Sun Y. Wilcox to Ernest Williams Jr., $261,700.

Briarwood Dr., 2100-Semco Home Improvement Inc. to Crystal A. and Melissa D. Eastman, $315,900.

Bunchberry Ct., 11153-Michelle D. and Alfred George Moore to Danielle Shalon Akintunde, $335,000.

Cassidy Ct., 10372-Brian B. and Alyse C. Bullock to Adrian K. Seldon II and Maimunah B. Basri, $389,900.

Cormorant Ct., 2909-Patrick Stern to Johann O. Stern, $340,000.

Country Lane, 12745-Stephen Paul and Judith Ann Olowiany to Iris D. and Marvin Sidberry, $274,900.

Enterprise Pl., 2632-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Susan Frisby, $183,000.

Falmouth Rd., 1125-Ashland Acres Corp. to Joshua Kenneth and Ariana Holbrook, $310,000.

Golden Gate Ct., 2801-SM Hamilton Corp. to Anthony and Jacquelyn Kennedy Russo, $356,540.

Golden Gate Ct., 2817-SM Hamilton Corp. to Muslimah S. Abdullah, $346,010.

Hens Rest Lane, 15665-Erich B. Kuhstoss to Sandra and Reinaldo Heredia, $535,000.

Holly Ave., 8024-Mason James Wilson to Amber D. Day and John G. Caddle, $287,000.

Kilt Pl., 9770-DR Horton Inc. to Charles D. Cole II and Paige V. McAdams, $309,990.

Kilt Pl., 9794-DR Horton Inc. to Reggie Barksdale, $338,990.

Leonardtown Rd., 5050-James S. and Sheri McDonald to Arvester Lee Brooks III and Nuria L. Gonzaez, $389,900.

Meadow Lane, 15-James P. O’Boyle and estate of Ann Theresa O’Boyle to Myra B. Coleman, $175,000.

Mirkwood Ct., 2659-Ranae Stradford Jackson to Nunally Waite and Neville Moffatt, $215,000.

Nicholas Rd., 5029-Delphia McCoy to Floriscela I. and John Michael Potter, $323,000.

Perrysville Ct., 11263-Kelly O. McClain to Aaron R. Smith, $229,000.

Pinewood Dr., 2734-John A. Botzenhart to Armando De Santiago Jr., $290,000.

Rolling Meadows St., 2329-Edward W. and William F. Olmsted to Geoffrey Osvaldo Payero, $319,000.

Sandstone St., 12383-Joanna Davis to Chinyere N. Mpamugo, $310,000.

Stanford Pl., 2628-James Garrett to Jonathan and Kimberly N. Dennis Adams, $270,000.

Timberbrook Dr., 11543-Michael A. Petrakis to Charles A. and Charmilia N. Pryor, $230,000.

Trumpeter Ct., 2810-Donald Bruce Elliott to Lisa M. Arrington, $315,000.

Westdale Ct., 3179-Leonard Cain Hill Jr. to Alyssa A. Apacible, $200,000.

Westwood Dr., 2300-Israel Swarey to James O. Stephens, $340,000.


Bowie Rd., 8445-Orchard Properties Corp. to Aaron J. and Kalin N. Organ, $208,000.

Tayloes Neck Rd., 10335-Thomas P. Underwood to Heather L. and Stuart L.J. Dahl Jr., $287,000.


Macon Pl., 9400-Robert A. and Susan M. Boarman to George Tyler Reeder, $279,900.


Oakwood Lane, 7963-Susan L. and Gregory S. Richards to Cleveland Sylvester Faison Jr., $309,000.


Knotting Hill Lane, 7686-Simms Land Investment Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Christina M. Johnson, $531,604.


Bainbridge Ct., 2051-Peter T. Lyster to Edward Durwin Long, $295,000.

Barrington Dr., 700C, No. 1C-Robert Maurice Smith to Darrell Garner, $206,000.

Burning Ridge Ct., 12126-Reggie L. Barksdale and Lashonda L. Foy to Shelton G. and Ruby T. Lacy, $379,999.

Copley Ave., 900-Nu Ngoc Nguyen and Billy Cam Chung to Norman A. and Mary S. Dyer, $250,000.

Duchy Ct., 2114-Vernon M. Rhoades and Louis P. Jenkins Jr. to Hermon and Stella E. Blount, $270,000.

Freemantle Ct., 2133-Javier Hernandez to Brittany L. and Michael T. Pollard, $270,000.

Gerry Lane, 500-Jeffrey J. and Helen L. Clayton to Sarvo Roberts, $245,000.

Guilford Dr., 3256-Linda L. and Joseph F. Humphreys to Jadan L. Javier, $264,900.

Harvard Rd., 1147-Brenda F. Gailing Boyd and Brenda F. Gatling to Bill, Mary and William Derr, $250,000.

Heathcote Rd., 3097-Demetris Moore to Evangeline C. Cummings, $170,000.

Jefferson Rd., 151-Crystal L. Simpson and Karen F. Buck to Charles Sylvester Thomas, $237,000.

Keepsake Pl., 43-David Staples and Rick Remeto to Kafi Abdul Bari, $189,000.

La Costa Lane, 4621-Tona Landers to Nakia M. Floyd, $363,000.

Mansfield Pl., 3657-Edward C. and Diane C. Dye to Seth Washington, $210,000.

Mighty Casey Ct., 5501-Tyrone A. and Crystal S. Cumbo Montague to Ronald Gordon, $399,901.

Oakley Dr., 4012-Robert W. Kruse to Leroy A. Ragland Sr., $300,000.

Owen Ct., 3805-Ronald W. and Sheryl F. Rand to James K. Queen Jr. and Monica L. Washington, $285,000.

Pear Tree Ct., 2428-Anthony Waterloo to Mitzi D. Elliott, $319,900.

Primrose Dr., 3803-Angel Roberto Vazquez and Cristina S. Sola Rotger to Luis D. Rivera Diaz and Pierina S. Ipinze, $325,000.

Renner Rd., 4465-Jeremy L. and Jennifer Reed Largen to Jarcares Lamont Washington, $300,000.

Saint Linus Dr., 11814-Earnest L. Frye to Randy McCullough, $319,975.

Scottsdale Pl., 4567-Monica Y. Smallwood to Kimyada C. Hooks, $298,000.

Sherman Rd., 104-Lance C. and Faye A. Weekly to Eric L. Cooper, $260,900.

Sunset Ridge Pl., 11791-John E. Watson to Devon Hughes, $274,000.

Thompson Dr., 12831-Betty L. Farnsworth to William T. Schwandt, $310,000.

Tyler Ct., 1000-Mandell and Bunni Proctor to Henry T. Bost II, $265,000.

University Dr., 757-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Daniel M. Powell, $269,000.

Winged Foot Ct., 11927-Patricia Bohrbeck to Linda Carter Fortune, $419,900.


Altenburg Ct., 2411-Eric H. and Vickie L. DeStefano to Juan F. Mendez Castillo and Abner S. Rivera Lopez, $427,000.

Barnswallow Pl., 11206-Fan Yang to Muhammad Rashid, $200,000.

Blakely St., 3421-Jeffrey P. and Beth E. Bomkamp to Vernell Monroe, $412,840.

Broadbill Cir., 4094-Nadine D. Alexander to Ebony S. Williams, $231,000.

Captain Dement Dr., 3212-Diane B. Cox and Judith D. Ross to Bennie Vaughan, $247,500.

Eagle Ct., 4390-Aaron W. Lucas to Anita T. McGhee, $213,000.

Frankfurt Dr., 9841-Francesca Artigiano and Dewey T. Caudill Jr. to Michael and Shayla Brown, $433,000.

Goral Ct., 6333-SAA & C Contracting Corp. to Victor Eduardo Carcamo, $305,000.

Grunion Pl., 5202-Devone C. Williams to Francesca Leonard, $269,900.

Kanegis Dr., 2356-Leonor P. Beam and Martin P. Fetter to Cavan J. and Davonne B. Slaughter, $540,000.

Log Teal Dr., 4189-Barry A. and Regina Bonovitch to Yvonne D. Ellis, $195,000.

Mahi Mahi Pl., 5124-HSBC Bank to Lyuboslav Karamanov, $191,625.

Marlborough Pl., 3722-NVR Inc. to Tisha Jones, $376,000.

Mill Hill Rd., 2980-Federal National Mortgage Association to Paul Miles, $322,000.

Moore St., 10925-Jeffrey L. Johnson and estate of Judith Irene Johnson to Murli and Karmud Mathur, $209,000.

Pep Rally Lane, 9390-John A. Rubino to Duncan S. and Alisa J. Bullock, $515,000.

Poplar Ct., 2631-Thomas J. Lockard to Robert V. and Ruby Aguirre, $320,000.

Red Squirrel Pl., 6096-Debra Readdy and Amanda Nadeau to Jessica C. and Steven Keith Wall, $241,500.

Richmond Way, 2443-Rodney and Carmen Walker to Brandon Scott Hasegaw, $310,000.

Senna Ct., 9248-Timothy T. and Raynese Y. Hopkins to Rodney Day, $480,000.

Soldierfish St., 3912-Wendell E. and Lashaun Phillips to Betty and Vincent Howie, $270,000.

Sugarberry St., 10465-Benjamin and Amy Love to Robin and Denise Harrison, $415,000.

Tilapia Ct., 5410-Muhammad Rashid and Muhammad Rahman Qureshi to Joseph Fernandez, $289,000.

Vess Ct., 9469-Edward Mark and Crystal Lanee Torrence to Gregory D. and Teri M. King, $415,000.


Brentland Rd., 7550-Robert P. and Terry L. Barrett to Gerradi C. Henderson and Sheree Horne, $690,000.


Bensville Rd., 7140-Jason M. and Laura Kathryn Burch to Pietro Meli, $339,900.

Edmonton Ct. N., 4017-David G. and Teresa A. Marcos to Mark R. Richardson and Kandie R. Ibarra, $454,900.

Kilburn Ct., 3373-Darren M. and Anita M. Edmonds to Gregory S. and Latosha Morris Byrd, $459,000.

Monarch St., 7935-Flagship Investments Corp. to Timothy Justin Araujo and Regina Kay McClelland, $365,000.

Old Colony Ct., 5544-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Shirley Ann Stewart Tibbs, $408,860.

Penzance Lane, 11296-DR Horton Inc. to Ana Liza V. and June Harold M. Santos, $419,990.

Saint Christopher Dr., 11262-Artaveya and Jeremiah Carter to Frank William Lynch, $455,000.

Spring Valley Dr., 4005A-Jennifer Warffemius and Staven D. Randall to Julio Rivas and Jessika Marcia, $439,500.

Sutherland Ct., 3291-Shellaree S. Bradford Twitty to Kelli D. Dunn, $331,000.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bayside Way, 22746-Hannah Corum to Gifty Agbenyegah and Sefakor Awudza, $220,000.

Daisy Way, 23267-Brett C. and Allison M. Behrens to Stephen Thomas Morey, $375,000.

Leaning Pine Lane, 44244-Kara E. and Michael W. Rawlings to James and Mary Ann Rumaker, $262,900.

Saint Andrews Lane, 44152-Jeffrey A. and Melanie M. Butler to Steven and Lekia Sheree Neal, $245,000.


Victory Lane, 24244-Paul Thomas Cornett Jr. to Michael Patrick Kewer, $287,500.


Greens Rest Dr. N., 46015-Raul Zurita to Karen Lusk and Barry Barrett, $415,000.


Cherry Lane, 26323-Wade Thomas to Jennifer and Christopher A. Kiner, $375,000.

Moran Rd., 24570-Virginia E. Tippett to Joseph Edward Hayden, $238,500.

Smiths Nursery Rd., 45040-Frederick F. Calvert to Jay N. and Joan M. Collette, $385,000.


Helen Marie Ct., 41479-Shirley D. and Bernard A. Bailey to John A. and Rosemarie E. Grastorf, $330,000.

Maydel Dr., 21007-Patricia Lynn Bateman to Mark A. and Kathryn G. Dailey, $325,000.

Pine Bluff Way, 23614-James M. and Katherine M. Hall to Alexander Michael and Deborah Lynn Moore, $435,000.


Bayview Terr. E., 46160-David E. Wright to Michael Jacob and Teresita Malana Crowe, $267,000.

Mary Lynn Dr., 48017-Peggy J. Tippett and Karen Brooks to Nicholas J. Willett, $225,000.

Sawgrass Dr., 20928-Stanley Mark and Suzanne Warner to Krystapher D. and Sara A. Red, $314,900.


Asher Rd., 36858-Steven Edward and Brenda Ann Long to Jennifer Wilson and James Michael Van Cleaf, $290,000.

Golden Beach Rd., 39526-Ronald D. and Judith A. Fuller to Jamar and Bryanna Love, $220,000.

Oak Rd., 29781-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ivan T. and Kimberly J. Biss, $176,000.

Tanyard Dr., 37134-Rose M. and Aileen Michelle Rose to Cory A. Tolson, $211,000.


Lighthouse Rd., 44988-Ray J. and Susan A. Shields to Kathleen M. Gossen and Ronald L. Shaffer Jr., $680,000.


Airedele Rd., 49507-Bruce Raymond and Lori Ann Raley to Joseph Thomas and Megan Lynn Menear, $250,000.


Loblolly Ct., 45182-Kimberly Morrill and Travis D. Priest to Roman and Cherry Rodoc Barabash, $303,000.