Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Oyster House Rd., 3909-Ann E. Seaman to Steven W. and Kathy Johnson, $225,000.


Hart Lane, 8208-Edwin D. and Ann M. Lucas to Megan J. Figgins, $415,000.

Meridian Ct., 6808-Amber N. and Jerry T. Whitlock to John M. and Ronnetta J. Johnson Stump, $510,000.


Tara Dr., 9750-David N. and Linda L. Gohn to Charles W. and Amanda R. Peterson, $420,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 5880-Transcontinental Property Group Corp. to Edwin L. Morales, $395,000.

Hollyberry Ct., 1210-Glenn Griffin to Andrew Mark, Valerie and Andrew Dye, $365,000.

Wilson Rd., 1200-Charles C. and Corinne K. Holliday to Bryan S. and Abigail Dalila Garcia Garwicki, $435,000.


Bonanza Trail, 12204-Mark S. Dudley to Tabatha A. Willey, $220,000.

Calvert Blvd., 3019-Corrin L. and Timothy A. Deale to Michael J. Stebbins and Kimberly Weinreich, $380,000.

Chisholm Trail, 516-John K. and Lydia G. Green to Karen L. and Jackie W. Redmon, $219,000.

Cove Lake St., 2809-Joseph M. and Cari M. Smiley to Lauren A. and Douglas M. Chadwick, $415,000.

Holly Cir., 12641-Kimberly A. and Donald John Thorne to Jordan Allen Ridgeway and Jordyn Michelle Jones, $145,000.

Miriam Lane, 755-Amber Nicole Marinelli and estate of Mary McCoy Marinelli to Jeremy W. and Moriah L. Zinser, $252,000.

Pawnee Lane, 205-Jacob Wayne Twigg and estate of Norman A. Twigg to Anna Marie and Kenneth James Robertson, $272,900.

Red Cloud Rd., 351-Rrcap SFR II Corp. to Catherine L. Hunter, $190,000.

Saint Johns Creek Rd., 13250-Helen M. and Howard L. Cook to Nicholas J. Fowler, $387,000.

Sitting Bull Trail, 11309-OWB REO Corp. to Gary M. and Corrine D. Peters, $174,900.

Thunderbird Dr., 336-Burlie W. Duvall and Jennifer M. Butler to Jacob A. Kidwell and Sarah E. Skaltsis, $192,000.

White Rock Rd., 658-Eaan and Amanda L. Green to Stephen Carrier, $224,000.


Bedford Dr., 3625-William and Alice Ko to Erik Kauffman and Emily Krzycki, $318,000.


Arbor Way, 8125-Amy B. and Fred L. Perry to Andrew M. and Lisa M. Dayton, $369,600.

Lake Shore Dr., 7839-Glen Alleda Haley to Glenn A. Barresse and Marci A. White, $440,000.


Cassell Blvd. N., 3475-Naomi L. Burton to Gregory Scott Miller Jr., $227,000.

English Oak Lane, 378-Edward K. Allen IV to Truong Le, Xuan Le, and Huynh Oanh T. Tran, $285,000.

Grays Rd., 2105-Jared D. Pendleton to Albert J. Ouellette III, $265,000.

Norwood Rd., 6051-Janice Marie Hooper to Matthew T. Scarborough, $310,000.

Rachaels Way, 162-Pamela D. Bowen to Mary Taylor, $247,000.

Whispering Dr., 3136-Kevin D. and Kristin L. Dougherty to Michael Stein and Melinda Parry, $425,000.


Swaggers Point Rd., 510-Julia A. Reeves to James and Amanda Taylor, $514,900.


Cypress Rd., 1607-Edward R. Landa and Judith A. Johnson to Mary K. and David W. Pritchard, $215,000.

Mattapany Rd., 4655-Nathan P. Emrick to Raul E. and Adriana Carrizo, $385,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Redbay Run, 8820-Faye M. Packard to Derek M. and Amanda B. Johnson, $309,990.


Deepdeen Pl., 6050-Ronald Guy and Joan Marie Crittenden to Brittany and Adam Swartz, $475,000.


Peabody Lane, 12150-Michael D. and Patricia J. Plumer to Daniel D. Roselle, $270,000.


Juliette Low Lane, 7133-Antione Wells to Celina M. Elphage, $365,000.

Swanson Creek Lane, 6007-George J. and Martha A. Quinn to Timothy C. Frost, $427,000.


Fairhill Lane, 32-Brandi C. Elum Dais to Augustina Osei and Maclean Boadu, $258,500.

Indian Head Ave., 203-Christopher D. Knott to Aleisa S. Johnson Thompson and Matthew Scott Thompson, $200,000.

Pine St., 12-Michael S. and Cristel A. Schumacher to Aazim J. Moore, $174,000.

Thompson Lane, 98-Gale W. and Grant Woodrow Baker to Kimberly Hines Jefferson and Eric Lee Williams, $240,000.


Lord Baltimore Dr., 11155-Northwest Fedaral Credit Union to Steven Thomas and Leslie Ann Silk, $273,500.


Ashland Rd., 6705-Cheryl A. Wedding Cox to Hubert Darius and Katherine Elizabeth Benham, $325,000.

Chapman Rd., 6905-Jeffrey L. and Beverly Lopez Merritt to Andrew Douglas and Suzanne M. Leginze, $388,000.

Gilbert Lane, 11670-Anita Saluja Krahling to Lance and Robin Riddick, $540,000.

Greenleaf Pl., 10465-Rosa Fernandez to Daniel H. Furst and Cynthia L. Berry, $445,000.

Madison St., 111-Barbara A. Cecero to Nadine Alexander, $194,750.

Robin Rd., 7473-Luke and Samantha McFadden to Alan J. and Tiffany M. Badeaux, $288,000.

Station Dr., 1111-Bradley S. and Lisa K. Renter to Lisa Yvette, $279,900.

Wiltshire Dr., 1002-Thomas R. and Lauren M. Kootsikas to Julie and Deontra L. Hicks, $420,000.


Calico Woods Pl., 11922-SoMd Homes Corp. to Landle E. and Antoinette L. Jones, $265,000.

Cheerio Pl., 12324-Clinton T. and Tiffany A. Dickerson to Patrice and James S. Davis, $325,000.

Duckhorn Ct., 2149-Melahat Jozi Soleymani to Travis and Diamond Brooks, $332,900.

Falmouth Rd., 1123-Kindra S. Washington to Lawrence W. Wright, $269,900.

Ingersoll Pl., 5460-Braun Builders Corp. to Michelle Ellen and Patricia Ann Alford, $455,000.

Leonardtown Rd., 4710-Federal National Mortgage Association to Staci Hartmann, $240,000.

Webfoot Ct., 4920-Thomas Darryl and Mandi L. Proctor to Jerry Rivera, $503,000.

Wildmeadows St., 11334-Antwan and Laschella M. Smith to Kelly and Reshonda Williamson, $375,000.


Emerald Lane, 9773-Sara Elizabeth Kovacic to Collin P. Reitz, $175,000.

Meadowview Dr., 9826-Rachel Jones to Louis Calvin Proctor Jr., $210,000.

Sylvan Turn, 9812-Amanda B. Johnson Hughes to Jessica A. Stewart, $272,000.


Poorhouse Rd., 8790-Carolyn Cox and Harold A. Martin Jr. to Danny R., Michelle D. and Morgan Mabry, $395,000.


Azalea Pl., 3433-Victor and Darlene Brent to Nikki Nkenge Harvey, $250,000.

Harvard Rd., 1115-Muhammad Rashid to Beverly T. Evans, $275,000.

Heathcote Rd., 3059-Goldbert Investments Inc. to Adam Knight, $167,000.

Justice Ct., 3371-Nicholas O. and Tiffany L. Mitsouras to Morgan H. Miller, $175,000.

Kirkwood Rd., 802-Nathan R. and Brenda L. Murphy to Brandon and Crystal Toney, $254,000.

Mooncoin Cir., 3-Waldorf Lions Foundation Inc. to Marlissa M. Jones, $270,000.

Muirfield Ct., 11705-Theodosia Simpkins and India N. Henson to Monique L. Forbis, $397,900.

Pelham Ct., 12101-Chad E. and Susan B. Hebner to Marcus Norman, $395,000.

Rivermont Dr., 316-James C. and Marsha G. Benya to Anthony Stephen and Jersey Lia Pingitore, $246,000.

Sunset Ridge Pl., 11774-Matthew Bernard Davis and David Wayne Zeigler to Elliott T. and Sandgenella C. Ratliff, $310,000.

Tompkins Lane, 301-Floyd Victor and Cheryl Ann Limrick to Daniel A. Turcios and Judith K. Sosa Escobar, $275,000.

Valery Ct., 2317-Jesse A. and Sharyl D.L. Cox to Sandy Rodriguez, $246,000.


Bluebird Dr., 4101-Elizabeth C. Kotulak to Gaurangkumar Soni, $200,000.

Chestnut Dr., 3075-Federal National Mortgage Association and Old Republic Title Co. to Shaquana L. Ivory, $249,900.

Curlew Ct., 4073-PSB One Maryland Corp. to Rachael M. Stevens, $279,990.

Drake Ct., 4309-James and Kobra Heider to Natonyia E. Nelson and Malcolm M. Laeda, $218,500.

Elsa Ave., 3070-Infinity Capital Group Corp. to Juan Francisco Garcia Turcios and Edith Johana Garcia Vargas, $389,900.

Golden Eagle Pl., 11302-Charles D. Thomas to Eileen O. Gathers, $259,900.

Homecoming Lane, 2762-Joseph Jason and Lauren S. Sabol to David L. and Ashleigh R. Haines, $410,000.

Lawrence Dr., 10945-D & T Investments Corp. to Nicole B. Gibbs, $349,900.

Parchment Ct., 10900-Jose G. Guevara to Rhea and Oliver De La Cruz, $380,000.

Portobello Ct., 2842-Christopher and Krista L. Sevajian to Erica and Douglas Crawford, $340,000.

Sailfish Ct., 5013-Wesley M. and Catherine A. Farber to Jeffrey L. Johnson Jr., $278,302.

Sourwood Ave., 10726-Raja G. Hussain to Michelle Y. Harrington and James Davis, $410,000.


Barclay Pl., 7901-Brenda Elizabeth Leonard to Brandyn Wyatt Clemmons, $291,000.

Desert Rose Ct., 4770-Evelyn W. King to Alan L. and Cynthia A. Parker Bolden, $360,000.

Londonberry Lane, 4726-Patrick E. Gioffre and estate of Dominic E. Gioffre to Charlsie S. Joyner, $287,000.

Queens Grove St., 4656-Cornestone Realty Partners Corp. to Wuarlin Ortiz Rosario and Willie Odeal Battle Jr., $369,900.

Tournament Ct., 4982-Rodney and Ellen Louise Orciani to Alan B. and Debra T. Cash, $331,000.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Maddox Rd., 22722-Best Real Estate Services Corp. to Alisha Reed, $297,900.


Black Oak Ct., 23354-Mary E. Tagert to Dallas L. and Virginia Ann Rebmann, $191,500.

Flagstone Way, 44031-Terry T. Beamer to Charles Leon and Cheryl Leslie Kelly, $182,000.

Othello Way E., 45319-Justin T. Clarke to Destanie Lasondra Gardner, $160,000.

Sweetbay St., 43676-Jesse D. and Sheltonya L. Carter to Travora and Max Levasseur, $395,929.

Woodlake Ct., 44761, No. 2B-D.B. Kennedy and Sons Corp. to Patrick J. McLaughlin, $140,000.


Old Chaptico Wharf Lane, 23902-Diana M. McConaty and estate of Dolores M. Moore to Raymond John and Helen Mattingly Wernecke, $250,000.


Point Breeze Rd., 38344-Donald R. and Carol M. Rabush to Samuel M. Bailey, $280,000.


Athlone Dr., 22677-Muhammad Rashid to Sharon D. Owens, $285,000.

Douglas Ct., 22384-Nicole A. Phillips to Justin Taylor Clarke and Anna Kathleen Baier, $280,000.

Lower Kells Lane, 22576-Shefail and Anil Kankaria to Meibell X. Navarrete Alas and Felix Salazar, $152,000.


Broad Creek Dr., 24571-Timothy and Laura Jett to David L. and Terresa L. Walker, $414,900.

Fox Run Lane, 24827-Dennis J. and Dawn Ritaldato to Joshua and Rebecca Valentine, $511,500.

Leola Ct. W., 44037-Adam Michael and Jacqueline Cecelia Klein to Gene E. Novakowski Jr. and Shannon Marie Curran, $430,000.

Sheiloh Way, 41815-David A. and Kelly M. Shizak to Damon Michael and Amanda Marie Araujo, $415,000.


Brenda Ct., 41242-Joel L. and Margaret A. Ekhaus to James R. Lake and Aicy Karbstein, $450,000.

Longmore St., 22795-Denise E. Miller to Raphael David L’Heureux, $208,453.

Pin Cushion Rd., 24660-Frances Arlene Guy and Sandra Quade Pilkerton to Lauren Copenhaver, $235,000.

Port Pl., 40599-Eric Paul Millham and estate of Rhodessa Lee Millham to Scott Alan and Kristen Brooke McKee, $455,000.


Alydar Dr., 22371-Norman and Michele O. Romeo to Padraic O. Dea, $311,000.

Dean Ct., 46325-Patricia H. Chamberlin to Kirsten N. Scheimreif and Zakary T. Purcell, $280,000.

Ford Dr., 45600-Carl T. and Bradly A. Franzen to James and Denise Jones, $275,000.

Kregel Ct., 21481-Alvin Dyson to Micki and David Bell, $260,000.

Nancy Ct., 46115-Jeffrey M. and Darlene Kase to Kyle B. Fishburn and Margaux Keller, $275,000.

Planters Ct., 46815-Paul E. and Jacquelene D.A. Kielpinski to Calvin B. Taylor, $295,500.

Renaissance Ct., 20463-Mitchell R. Watney and Shannon K. Anderson to Carlito C. and Mary M. Fustino, $336,000.

Spitfire Ct., 20236-Darryl L. Crawford to Phillip and Kayla Wathen, $290,000.

Topaz Pl., 47406-Castle Rock Ventures Corp. to Leona Marie Vidal and Lawrence Jezek, $278,000.


Arrow Park Dr., 38804-Terrie L. Stonbraker to Robin M. Pigott and Richard Thrasher, $177,000.

Cavalier St., 26936-Margaret Ann and Robert Louis Brady to Amanda M. Shenton, $184,000.

Dudley Rd., 30105-Larry R. and Betty Williams to Logann Danielle Carrico and Kevin Seth Evans, $299,000.

Jarrell Dr., 39510-Todd and Tanya Hughes to Karen L. Caravantes, $265,000.

Living Water Lane, 41144-John L. and Gina M. Cardova to Peter A. Gezzi Jr. and Dale P. Farrell, $665,000.

Newlands St., 36951-Jon R. Wogman and Amy Golumbeski to Joseph Tyler Bryant and Brooke E. Graham, $320,500.

Thomas Dr., 39440-Tambre M. Tanner to Chandra F. Kratko, $258,000.

Waterview Dr., 40414-Robert H. Brooks and Janice K. Smith to Kathleen Nagle and Dennis Robert Fay, $350,000.