Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cannoncade Ct., 3390-Todd Tomlinson to Miguel G. and Janelle Landeros, $474,000.

D St., 8314-Theresa A. Thomas to Gina S. Smith, $298,500.

Ivy Lane, 2201, No. 13-John A. and Jane T. Bowman to Teresa Sparks, $258,000.

Ridge Rd., 4888-Allen R. and Aileen Davis to Jessica L. Phillips and Michael E. Mobley, $279,000.

Silverton Lane, 3408-Jason C. and Beverly Harrington to Stacie L. Creager, $300,000.

Fifth St., 6315-Amanda Bailey to Damian L. Guimond, $220,000.


Legacy Dr., 12742-Quality Built Homes Inc. and Wmroyer Corp. to Michael P. Devolld and Katherine Leigh Brown, $820,224.

Webb Lane, 12355-Devin J. and Amanda M. Chirinsky to Gregory Dehaven and Valerie I. McFarland, $587,000.


Brown Fox Dr., 1275-Sean and Laura C. McCrory to Denyonne T. and Cary Corley, $475,000.

Creek Ct. S., 4342-Joseph P. and Lana J. Lark to Jared Louis Silverman, $465,000.

Huntsman Dr., 3727-Department of Veterans Affairs to Stephen Zamary and Cheryl Anne Shaw, $450,001.

Marley Run, 605-Thomas B. and Joy L. Adams to Jessica and Christopher Haritos, $537,000.

Still Water Lane, 241-Matthew S. Weber to Michael Allen and Amanda Marie Goff, $535,000.

Wilson Rd., 363-Wendy J. and William R. Hoop to Brittany Kelly, $410,000.


Barreda Blvd., 12977-Becky L. Schroeder to Austin Long, $215,000.

Buckskin Ct., 11526-Johnny and Donna K. Herrmann to Andrue A. Wellington, $230,000.

Catalina Dr., 12601-Jennifer K. Brown to Christopher R. and Kristina L. Nicely, $218,000.

Cimarron Rd., 1101-U.S. Bank and Structured Asset Securities Corp. to Walter Edward and Brandon Green, $210,000.

Deadwood Dr., 11569-James O. and Denise R. Green to Scott L. Kuhns, $195,000.

Leason Cove Dr., 141-Richard D. and Susanne K. Childers to Robert and Anita Miller, $485,000.

Perch Ct., 8512-Douglas and Melissa Robinson to Chadwick L. Bracey, $175,000.

Rawhide Rd., 11101-Michael M. and Sharon M. Middleton to Elizabeth and Zachary James Michelbrink, $225,000.

Redlands Rd., 11421-Bryan M. Spence to Arthur B. Christian III, $209,900.

Sagebrush Dr., 12585-Kevin D. Wilmore and estate of William J. Wilmore to Sherry M. and Jeremy R. Combs, $195,000.

Senora Lane, 11565-Jason Russell to Keri Gade Mendoza Rimas, $280,000.


Glouster Dr., 3622-Michele D. Bowen to Melissa Macuci Griffin, $323,000.

Fifth St., 3583-United Home Buyers and Free State Home Buyers Corp. to William Q. and Sarah M. Nicholson, $360,000.

10th St., 3641-Samantha Riley to Adam Dale and Morgan Terry, $299,900.


Flint Hill Rd. S., 7002-Nature Conservancy to Brandon Timothy Pace and Patrick Robert Cox, $285,000.

Marie Lane, 811-David A. and Jennifer M. Latuff to Robbin C. Willett, $389,900.


Erika Pl., 5026-Andrew and Jacqueline M. Carroll Clark to Paul and Patricia Vetterle, $380,000.


Adelina Rd., 205-Walter T. and Lois J. Conner to Bryan and Christine Gatton, $208,000.

Cambridge Pl., 326-Deborah A. Shores to Tracy Bland, $247,000.

Cork Pl., 161-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Ian C. and Lindsey C. Cowan, $546,000.

Sunset Lane, 317-Vicki Stevenson Ridgeway to Richard Keggereis, $275,700.


Kersey Way, 13620-Marshall S. and Gail T. Gibson to Mark A. and Barbara A. Hoy, $965,000.


Foxhall Rd., 14224, No. 19-William J. Jordan Sr. to Richard D. Noonan and Jeanette Kaufmann, $364,750.


Eucalyptus St., 5630-Charles Mahoney to Troy and Charlotte Gray Brooks, $249,900.

Quarles Rd., 6425-John Robert and Tammy Lynn Steele to Norman Martin Howes Jr., $570,000.

Vivians Way, 2725-George P. and Mary M. McKeon to Jerry G. and Stacie R. Kackley, $495,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arbor Lane, 6851-Mark R. Morgan to Justin Waters, $290,000.

Boxwood Cir., 2138-Chinquapin Holdings Corp. to George L. Boyd, $318,000.

Cheyenne Ct., 2754-John M. Freeman to Jerry and Sheryl A. Cork, $279,900.

Langbrooke Ct., 6526-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Victor Fomba and Noella Atuh Mbah, $436,990.


Denton Run Pl., 8950-Moses S. and Nancy K. Swarey to Henry K. and Reuben K. Swarey, $220,221.

Sugar Cane Ct., 7437-William A. and Angela D. Forsythe to Shayne and Angela Stanley, $599,990.


Cease Pl., 6460-Colleen and John Lynch to Warren and Holly Dilatush Guthrie, $369,900.

Juliette Low Lane, 7169-Jeremy M. and Kacie Jenkins to Christopher W. and Julia E. Johnson, $415,000.

Prince Frederick Rd., 16245-LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust to Rhonda and Michael Graham, $335,710.

Sweetwater Ct., 17115-Wilkerson Builders Inc. to Edna M. Holton, $398,000.


Kearney Way, 9-Readia R. Hill Goodwine to Ryan C. Little, $270,000.

Poplar Lane, 37-Anibal Rodriguez Hernandez and Natividad Perez to Roger Antonio Sanchez, $190,000.


Wollaston Cir., 11637-Ross M. and Michelle C. Simone to Kimberly A. Buswell and Brandon T. Bradley, $400,000.


Buckeye Cir., 237-Allan B. and Susan E. Jordan to Dayne O. Brown, $282,900.

Gail Ct., 11395-Ann E. Pasini to Linda L. Taplett, $289,950.

Kline Dr., 9675-Margaret M. Mahaffey to Kevin A. Dudley and Shannon M. Gilroy, $285,000.

Mustang Dr., 9-Kristen M. James to Taylor N. Fleming, $288,000.

Penns Hill Rd., 10125-Catherine Patricia Bowling and Cindy Lou Willson to Michael L. and Brittany Bahen, $315,000.

Steeplechase Dr., 30-Lisa Brooke Thompson and estate of Linda R. Kaufmann to Ronald G. and Joan M. Crittenden, $349,000.

Tonys Pl., 9620-Linda S. and William M. White to Grissel Velez Munoz and Jorge Munoz Franco, $260,000.

Well Spring Ct., 5459-William R. and Sally E. Walter to Shelbe and Todd W. Fonville, $379,900.

Wood Duck Cir., 110-Janet M. Lutz to Anthony M. Miller, $227,250.


Triangle Lane, 5650-Triangle Investment Property Corp. to Paris Jenee Collins, $220,000.


Chalkstone Pl., 2954-SM Hamilton Corp. to Anthony Paul McGrath, $329,915.

Creston Pl., 2470-Muhammad and Mazram Shafiq to Muhammad Nawaz, $450,000.

Eagle Bonnet Ct., 15669-ERPI Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Perliter Walters and Anthony T. Gilliam, $585,552.

Grant Pl., 11410-SM Hamilton Corp. to Delma L. and Nita P. Reese, $344,670.

Harwich Dr., 1302-Nicholas J. and Amy N. Pidgeon to Maurice J. Craney, $300,000.

Leonardtown Rd., 4734-Kimberley M. Mosher to Matthew Wayne Perez Jr., $225,000.

Marbella Dr., 2135-Andres Jose Martinez Villalba to Kevin D. and Ginelle Foster, $253,000.

Pinewood Dr., 2711-Bill and Barbara L. Napier to Fnu Sone Epie Esambe Koge, $285,900.

Randolph Dr., 12801-Estate of Jay Sanford Johnston and Martha Ellen Fluharty to Thomas P. Howe, $255,000.

Sandalwood Dr., 2213-Herbert R. Sanchez to Zahid Qureshi and Nazish R. Aziz, $280,000.

Tanglewood Dr., 2005-Aaron D. and Shirisa L. Fickling to Tawana Resper, $175,000.

Wildmeadows St., 11434-Andre and Karen D. Dupree to Dwayne and Stephanie Jones, $412,185.


Channelview Dr., 12399-Amanda Gayle and Nicholas Wayne Cargill to Dallas Luehe and Savana Brindle, $230,000.

Meadowview Dr., 9808-Sidney H. Potmesil III to Elena M. Wilcox, $221,000.


Bellewood Dr., 4418-Michael T. and Dawne M. Shields to Devin A. and Madison R. Romero, $243,000.


Carol Rd., 7615-Pamela J. and Thomas R. Hamorsky to Gene A. and Betty J. Hawkins, $385,000.

Thornton Ct., 7934-Quality Built Homes Inc. and Simms Landing Investments Corp. to Melvin A. Gatling and Phyllis E. Davis, $563,001.


Allward Dr., 1009-Phillip R. and Briona D. Copeland to Mitchelda Thomas, $250,000.

Belfast Rd., 813-Steven Biebel to Edwin E. Manzanarez Ferrufino, $305,000.

Bluff Creek Ct., 12095-H & Z Investments Corp. to Henry and Mary Kerich, $369,000.

Clark Ave., 1102-Marjorie Brown and estate of Jack Merwin Sands to Charles and Sharon Brown, $230,000.

Greystone Cir., 22-Daniel G. Wegner to Juan B. and Raquel E. Ventura De Granados, $250,000.

Heathcote Rd., 3029-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Joyce M. Hines, $180,000.

Huddersfield Ct., 2885-John A. and Marta L. Garcia to Anthony C. Wells Jr., $346,000.

Maddox Ct., 3467-Jack Hicks to Yolanda N. Bowman, $200,000.

Olympia Pl., 4932-Sankuratri Corp. to Raymond and Maria Yalung, $305,000.

Peanuts Lane, 5557-Charles A. Wooten to Tyisha and Mario Webster, $296,000.

Revolution Ct., 12261-NVR Inc. to Antonio N. Hood, $494,380.

River Shark Lane, 5734-NVR Inc. to Christopher Corbett Hughes, $421,555.

Rock Ct., 4360-Dale A. Robinson to Horace and Latawnya Manning, $238,500.

Stone Ave., 950-Melissa A. Hodan to Cassandra Maery Sviridovsky, $300,000.

Tower Hamlets Pl., 11847-Department of Veterans Affairs to Samantha M. Robin, $240,000.

Wedding Ct., 5406-Estate of William B. McKnight to Jose Aponte, $235,000.

Winged Foot Ct., 11955-David W. Hansell to Freddie Storey Jr., $419,900.


Ashford Lane, 2328-Francisco G. and Birdie D. Torres to Rudolph V. and Mary T. Olson, $346,000.

Bismark St., 2789-Maria Lynette Hayes and estate of Maria Elizabeth Hayes to Starr S. Robertson, $325,000.

Bluehead Ct., 5083-Dennis W. Wallace to Mitchell L. Harrison, $264,900.

Cottontail Ct., 6602-Steven R. and Tatjana Wojichowski to Alexzandra Holmes, $325,000.

Duncan Lane, 2290-SM Hamilton Corp. to Russell Lamar Morgan, $510,985.

Eutaw Forest Dr., 2908-Gregory Taylor to Michael Boswell and Jaimee Ludka, $330,000.

Gray Fox Ct., 6805-Patricia R. Mulcahy and estate of Stephen G. Milewski to Hamallah Sidibe, $290,000.

Heartleaf Lane, 3144-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Paul and Mary Ray, $325,000.

Homecoming Lane, 2698-Celerity Ventures Corp. to John W. Wagstaff, $495,000.

Kangaroo Dr., 6889-Kathryn W. Almaraz to Rodney A. and Elise F. Horne, $354,000.

Lancaster Cir., 4131-Premium Mortgage Acquisition Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Gonzalo Luna, $324,900.

Log Teal Dr., 4199-Muhammad Rashid to Malika Coates, $220,000.

Middletown Rd., 2980-Earth Housing Corp. to Patrick H. Allen, $300,000.

Panda Ct., 6302-Jeffrey Wohlgemuth to Brett Kyle and Mariyah Dee Libsack, $345,000.

Rock Beauty Ct., 5106-Department of Veterans Affairs to Derek Hart, $265,000.

Skipjack Ct., 5508-61 Properties Inc. to Joaquin Reza Haro, $300,000.

Springfish Pl., 5794-Thomas E. and Tiffany L. Morgan to Stephanie R. Holland, $242,400.

Tennyson Pl., -U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Devin Antwain Douglas, $304,140.

Tennyson Pl., -U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Elliott Earl and Gail Rena Clark, $400,140.

Thomas Hardy Pl., -U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Denise Audrey Bethea, $310,890.

Wainwright Lane, 9226-Ervin and Kristen Kelly to Cheryl Sanders, $495,000.

Wrangler Ct., 2768-Brian Oestringer to Kokou Richard Detse, $430,000.


Balmoral St., 4801-Alvin D. and Wanda G. Williams to Tesfaye Yohannes Daniel and Wossenyelesh Amare Tafesse, $430,000.

Duley Dr., 4624-Patrick G. and Ramona L. Higgins to Kourtney S. Goldsmith, $500,000.

East Ct., 9261-James Christopher and Kathleen Gail Tilbrook to Keith Alan Hawkins, $300,000.

Housely Pl., 10297-Karen M. Costa to Kevin Johnson, $282,000.

Knighthood Pl., 8298-Kimberly S. Johnston to Rony Cantoral Linarez and Amanda McCourt, $254,900.

Musselburgh Lane, 5587-D.R. Horton Inc. to Howard Dion and Teneil Kristy Brown, $414,990.

Queensway Ct., 8604-Heriberto and Maritza Crespo to Evelyn Bruce, $446,000.

Sandestin Pl., 11345-Jack and Maritza Hunt to Maxine E. Huddleston, $280,000.

Tottenham Dr., 7470-NVR Inc. to Timothy Christopher and Staci Michelle Pittman, $427,217.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bills Way, 38655-Gregory A. Plunkett and Sharyn P. Hutson to Donald Wayne and Shannon Margaret Phetteplace, $360,000.

Ted Cir., 38688-Steven J. Bailey to Kimberly Nicole Raley, $245,000.


Barefoot Dr., 45362-David Cudd to Olga Dennis, $253,000.

Clover Ridge Lane, 23130-Robert M. and Meredith Gallagher to Christopher A. and Jennifer A. Lovelace, $460,000.

Elizabeth Hill St., 21270-Kevin M. and Nicole D. Bowes to Dylan Sean Woofrey, $345,000.

Havenridge St., 45435-Matt A. Paulson to Chetan S. and Twinkle Raheja, $430,000.

Lilliflora Dr., 23380-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Rheiner and Korina O. Dutes, $579,990.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 22940-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Matthew R. Williams and Kristin L. Weisser, $314,105.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 23150-Daniel A. Ramirez to Timera Ellen Pipkin, $260,000.

Park Dr., 21943-Richard A. and Teresa M. Fazio to Dayne Robillard and Jessica Blofsky, $237,000.

Rosefield Lane, 21279-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Antwan Tonez and Jamie W. Brown, $355,345.

Shields Ct., 45943-George L. Bonds Sr. to Anna Schlueter and William G. Harrison, $136,000.

Tallwood Rd., 43918-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Diondra R. White, $529,990.


Black Duck Ct., 20999-Michael T. and Tracey McCarter to Anthony D. and Bailey Irene Cole, $279,000.


Ed Brown Rd., 38000-Aspasia C. and Arthur L. Goode to Michael D. and Denise M. Kopel, $294,000.


Baja Lane, 21960-Joseph Dergham to Kayla S. Deluna, $168,000.

Heather St., 45483-Jack J. Landreth to Jeffrey P. Patke and Tiffany M. Jensen, $295,000.

Pleasant Mill Dr., 45575-David M. Morris to Daniel and Brittany Ramirez, $375,000.

Victoria Cir., 22081-Yolanda R. Jones and Yolanda R. Jackson to Miok S. Lee, $210,000.


Clarks Mill Rd., 45168-Option One Mortgage Loan Trust and Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Kimberly A. and Bradley J. Guy, $131,857.

Greg St., 43498-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Richard Joseph and Gretchen Kendig, $439,340.

Joy Chapel Rd., 44617-Michelle K. Williams to Louis Hicks and Katherine A. Combs, $360,000.

Scotch Neck Rd., 45227-Wesley R. Noll to Meredith M. McCarthy, $250,000.


Abell Farm Way, 43616-Brough Point Holdings Corp. to Keith A. Toy, $658,000.

Crestmar Lane, 23275-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Jason N. and Rebecca S. Noll, $452,354.

Jenifer Ct., 23245-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and Newrez Corp. to Stephen Philip and Doris Elizabeth Morales Bostian, $329,000.

Margrove Cir., 41505-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Colette Lazenka, $333,181.

Parsons Mill Rd., 40789-Edward Allan and Kathleen Brubacher Sloan to Zachary Jay and Sharon A. Horst, $280,000.

Port Pl., 40559-Donald R. Croke to Emily Drazan Chapman, $437,500.

Saint Clements Ave., 22363-James E. Muller and Roseanne Sambuco to Carolyn A. and Donald E. Weiler, $350,000.


Almar St., 46710-Sturbridge Willows Road Corp. to Mark Adam Goldberg, $355,247.

Brooke Ann Ct., 20951-Greg Sweeney to Brayden and Tomi Swartz, $290,000.

Chickadee Cir., 22525, No. 6-3-Olga Dennis to Rachel Nicole Potts, $155,000.

David Way, 20622-Paul M. Fritz to Morgan Hankey Burns and Ronald A. McConnell II, $279,900.

Ketch Ct., 45894-Daniel E. and Candace J. Levin to Jordan and Amanda Jennings, $320,000.

Manon Way, 21432-Christopher Debevoise to Alexis Jane Duggan, $130,000.

Picketts Harbor Ct., 48261-Theadore J. Mason to Mark T. Lindgren, $178,500.

Piney Orchard St., 47973-Michael Vizyak to Cory D. Pinson, $249,000.

Primrose Willow Lane, 21825-NVR Inc. to Damita Davis, $200,000.

Rison Rd., 23100-Jeffrey P. McIntyre to Michael Mitchell, $310,000.

Sunburst Dr., 48380-Elizabeth A. Ferko to Tyrrick D. Nance, $259,000.

Westbury Blvd., 46017-Douglas and Kanae Steward to Alexander C. and Maria Ligaya C. Santos, $275,000.


Chaptico Rd., 38655-Douglas R. and Gale R. Ayling to Melissa L. Gannon, $275,000.

Eldorado Farm Dr., 29733-Eldorado Farm Land Development Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Justin S. and Jonethia Foster, $499,900.

Frontier Lane, 26819-Wood Rental Properties Corp. to Ryan James Kesecker, $266,000.

Jarrell Dr., 39560-Jacob Preston Gouldner and Ashley Urbanski to Michael P. Warren III, $270,000.

Laurel Ridge Ct., 38440-MTGLQ Investors to Mallory N. Grauer, $150,000.

Oak Rd., 29979-Kenneth G. Ulin and Patricia L. Jones to Jeffery J. and Brenda L. Robeson, $314,900.

Sandgates Rd. N., 26441-Edward A. Canfield Jr. to Steven M. Lindsey, $280,000.

Valley Cir., 26790-JRW Properties Corp. to Margaret Marie and Edwin Patrick Sanders, $256,000.

Winston Dr. W., 36975-Jessica A. and James E. Breeden to Charles W. and Cynthia C. Toothacker, $289,900.


Piney Point Rd., 16165-Colleen D. O’Hare to Richard Trent and Waverley Dixon Manson, $750,000.


Oak Farm Lane, 19190-Kristen Tyler Jaharias to Aaron Q. Jones and Kristen C. Pegg, $345,000.