Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bayview Dr., 3505-Estate of Darlene Katherine Nalls to Anthony M. Gramsky, $310,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 3810-Rhonda L. Letcher to Karole Thomas, $215,000.

Ivy Terr., 7898, No. 2-William E. Ammenhauser to Michael John Lanzalotti, $279,900.

Saint Andrews Dr., 8585-John M. Parsons and Antoinette L. Costantino to Katie L. Zell, $335,000.

Summer City Blvd., 3922-Paul C. Gillum III to Colin J. and Margaret Ann Collins, $235,000.


Eighth St., 6111-CKJC Corp. to Brittnee L. and Aaron S. Jordan, $303,000.


Empire Ct., 9903-Kevin J. Moore to Darcy J. Bowie, $429,000.


Lyons Creek Rd., 3408-Anthony F. and Cynthia M. Ermy to Garrett William and Bethany Nicole Rayfield, $390,000.

Yellow Bank Rd., 3735-Chesapeake Acquisitions and Development Corp. to Kyle and Valorie J. Tipton, $430,000.


Carries Ct., 1450-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Justin and Michele Vogel, $645,449.

Deep Landing Rd., 3551-Carol H. Cornelius to Andrew Phillip Clark and Jacqueline M. Carroll Clark, $658,000.

Juliana Lane, 4010-Caruso North Calvert Builder Corp. to Gerald and Lajuan Bryan Beveridge, $650,540.


Potts Point Rd., 2025-Timothy M. and Julie D. Duley to John Henry and Gladys Maria Sweeney, $725,000.

Sunrise Dr., 3851-Franklin P. and Danielle N. Lynam to Jodi Lynn and Nathan Ryan Danielson, $475,000.


Ash Lane, 8151-Joseph A. and Tiffany R. Hall to Thomas Longstreet and Cassie Lynne Ackerson, $254,000.


Big Sandy Run Rd., 11628-Castle Rock Contracting Corp. to Samuel M. Lusby, $272,000.

Calvert Blvd., 3049-Tracey Duffy and estate of Jack D. Nutter to Anne Stewart and Jonathan Baldwin Brown, $350,000.

Cove Point Rd., 2811-Sheldon B. and Melanie S. Freegard to Carlos and Johanna Peralta, $330,000.

Deadwood Dr., 11650-Mary Rudacille and estate of Barbara R. Silvey to Reynald K. Bautista and James J. Walker, $275,000.


Hickok Trail, 695-Michael David and Joy L. Berry to William D. and Misty D. Hall, $257,500.

Long Wolf Lane, 12106-Adrienne A. Harris to Robert Dwayne Lawrence, $310,600.

Nursery Rd., 8380-James E. and Heather L. Roe to Frederick A. Barker and Sandra Derr, $417,750.

Wyandote Lane, 11575-Richard Allan Reinhardt to Charles Raymond and Marygrace Blakenship Harris, $290,000.



Greenwood Ave., 8925-James and Cheryl Bare to Agostino Michele Cimino, $196,700.

Second St., 3933-Francis X. and Paula J. Kozik to Adam Patrick Wilde, $225,000.

Fifth St., 3649-Wayne E. and Margaret M. Clark to Marilsa Santiago, $347,000.


Amber Way, 1162-William B. White and Mary E. Paine to Tab W. and Teresa A. Fletcher, $485,000.


Chaneyville Rd., 3675-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kendyl Paige and Brent Alexander Bogaczyk, $365,000.

Megatha Lane, 9160-Jeffery Thomas Seibert to Jennifer Hari Berger and Darin M. Rush, $575,000.

Sycamore Cir., 8211-Barbara Ann and Warren Roberts to Darren L. Richnafsky, $545,000.


Hilltop Dr., 3523-Ray D. and Joan S. Butts to Gerald and Sheila Ostdiek, $419,999.


Adelina Rd., 2213-Joshua S. and Rebecca A. Valentine to Charles W. and Melissa Brown, $381,000.


Cambridge Pl., 390-Robert W. Phelan to Shari Jones, $259,900.

Dares Beach Rd., 2920-Tiger Paw Properties Corp. to Myles Tomas and Taylor Nicholson Naumoff, $235,000.


Sequoia Way, 2682-Thomas and Aimee F. Merkle to Russell W. and Kerrianne N. Fuller, $550,000.


Sedwick Ave., 14264-By the Bay Consultants Corp. to Thomas L. and Gail J. McClarren, $351,500.


Oyster Bay Pl., 333, No. 402-Raymond Schiele to Robert E. and Patricia Bobkoskie, $347,500.


Balsam St., 1363-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Spencer Drake, $249,000.

Indian Cir., 2009-John Joseph and Catherine C. Heberle to Michael and Carolyn Hart, $739,500.

Mackall Rd., 9870-Douglas J. Macintosh to Robert Thomas Shrawder and Sierra Aris, $339,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit



Beechnut Dr., 16020-Margaret O. Ingram to Reginald F. Turner, $340,000.


Chippewa St., 2851-Stephanie Kazimer Jost to Elliot and Allison B. Hannibal, $254,000.

McCormick Dr., 6810-Travis Griffin to Petelo S. and Vineta Mareko, $445,500.

Walden Ct., 2012-William F. and Taunja M. Chambers to Rony and Marie Desir, $400,000.


Keech Rd., 7955-LSF9 Master Participation Trust and U.S. Bank Trust to Phillip Cleave and Stephanie M. Patterson, $264,900.

Tall Oaks Pl., 7850-James P. and Teresa M. Ressler to Jonathan Webster Lyles, $314,000.


Barlowe Ct., 6797-Marrick Properties Inc. to Welton F. and Lucrecia R. Grooms, $726,395.


Murphy Pl., 16195-Joseph R. and Lisa M. Santiago to Brandon Andrew Dean and Brittany L. Jett, $400,000.


Quicktree Farm Ct., 7085-Ryon C. Rabon to Travis and Keri Nielsen, $370,500.

Triple Crown Ct., 16415-Cynthia A. Heim to Cameron and Kelia Wirick, $324,900.


Hard Bargain Cir., 6290-Kerry S. Woodfield to Jacqueline Wimbush Washington, $420,000.


Wollaston Cir., 11682-Pamela Greer to Peter H. Chen Jr., $357,900.


Aspen Ct., 401-James W. Cecil to Matthew J. Biehl, $352,000.

Buckeye Cir., 248-Steeplechase Development Co. Corp. and Berkshire Homes Corp. to Thomas Mathews and Virginia Hines Parry, $350,850.

Cool Springs Farm Pl., 6410-Litz Custom Homes Inc. to Rodney D. and Diane M. Hess, $595,605.


Dower Dr., 4901-Brien and Erin Elizabeth Gregan to Brooke Loren Howells and Patrick Gregory Pruitt, $315,000.

Golden Willow Way, 6-NVR Inc. to Ngoc Buu Huynh, $362,980.

Myrtleleaf Cir., 106-Nelson T. and Alice Neville Busch to Marlon and Herika Curtis, $339,900.


Pine St., 708-Timothy Joseph and April Michele Carrino to Patricia A. Lehman, $255,000.

Savanna Dr., 1023-MTGLQ Investors to Hicham Elouaddane, $322,000.

Stoneboro Ct., 11466-Keith and Dawn C. Long to Jesse O. and Leatha M. Blanks, $565,000.

Tydings Ct., 10362-Jeffrey and Alina Archambault to Melissa A. Bearden, $455,000.

Wheatfield Dr., 129-RDR Corp. and Agricopia Towns Corp. to Ebaide Jennifer Esoimeme, $321,900.

Wood Duck Cir., 135-Lillian Tayman and Terry Roxanne Shumskis to Patricia L. King, $218,000.


Albermarle Pl., 2740-Lorne and Delfone M. Prince to Willie H. and Patricia B. Horne, $239,000.

Brookside Pl., 95-Flagship Investments Corp. to Teresa Leona Williams, $229,900.

Dennis Rd., 2109-Bradley D. and Cheryl L. Dean to Shannon Tia Dorsey, $299,000.

Grant Pl., 11412-SM Hamilton Corp. to Denise Fonseca, $325,380.


Hickory Valley Dr., 2986-Ronald C. and Dawn S. Watson to Caleb Anthony and Ciera R. Santoro, $349,950.

Marbella Dr., 2154-Patricia Gayle and Mark Andrew Gajda to Alvin Formanes Salalila, $299,900.

Mount Eagle Lane, 14110-Frank R. and Ann M. Celia to David S. and Lynne G. Mason, $640,000.

Pin Oak Dr., 1545-Jared S. Brenner to Monique M. Mayes and Peter C. Kim Falls, $216,000.

Plenty Gates Ct., 11404-Ariel Raguindin and Sarah Bright Yaneza to Christopher Demont Light and Nastasia Monique Jenkins, $423,000.

Red Oak Lane, 1752-Ryan Coffren to Oswald Keys and Ruby Baca, $274,500.

Sandalwood Dr., 2232-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and Rushmore Loan Management Services Corp. to Angela E. Williamson, $269,900.

Tanglewood Dr., 2012-61 Properties Inc. to Victoria Akinola, $199,000.

Woodside Pl., 323-Lisamichelle Velazquez Bradford to Willie and Destiny T. Morgan, $225,000.


Columbia Park Rd., 4214-Stephen G. Nester to Kriss Lee Greer, $344,000.


Tobacco View Ct., 8075-Shawn J. and Mandy Colegrove to Robert and Jennifer Tranmer, $485,000.


Barksdale Ave., 231-PMC Reo Financing Trust to Delonta Savoy, $210,000.

Dorsey Ct., 3065-Jose and Martha De Montano to Anthony J. and Liliana M. Martinez Criego, $260,000.

Greystone Cir., 31-Desi I. and Christopher A. Beam to Dilcia A. Nunez, $220,000.

Heathcote Rd., 3043-Tiffany Morant to Marta M. Aguilar, $170,000.

Huntington Cir., 3027-Cordell L. Jones Jr. to Calvin Johnson Jr., $250,000.

Kenyon Ave., 819-Mark Shirley to Robert John Bennett, $290,000.

McCoy Dr., 709-Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust 2006 1 and Newrez Corp. to James and Rosalie Hooper, $158,000.

Newburgh Ct., 2231-Ronald L. and Margaret G. Kolbe to Angel A. Lopez, $281,000.

Olympia Pl., 4943-Ahsan A. Mufti to Lakesha Nicole Green, $325,000.

Red Bud Ct., 3683-Carmela N. Giambalvo to Daniel O. Mawajdeh and Jessica G. Deneen, $278,500.

Revolution Ct., 12281-NVR Inc. to Gino Daniel and Olivia Carruitero, $494,000.

River Shark Lane, 5738-NVR Inc. to Frederick Lee Juett Jr., $399,650.

Royal Birkdale Ave., 5152-Michael K. and China J. Bailey to Derek Day, $350,000.

Satinleaf Ct., 3637-Walter Alvarado Salamanca and Madeline Sewell to Nathaniel S. Castillo Jr. and Maria Anna Hilario Jr., $301,000.

Stone Ave., 1030-Jennifer Tayman and estate of Sharon Lee Tayman to Deborah D. Johnson, $269,900.

Westmont Ct., 11439-Curtis C. Lemay to Federico and Rogacion Barrientos, $370,000.


Blue Whale Ct., 6103-Megan A. Holton and Megan Lawless to Charles and Shelly Casey, $290,000.

Boysenberry Ct., 10805-Jason M. and Jane L. Stewart to Lorna Jacqueline Jerome, $389,900.

Cougar Ct., 6613-James and Alison Livsey to Verneda T. Dyson, $330,000.

Duncan Lane, 2301-SM Hamilton Corp. to Tanya Ann Layne McKinon, $503,735.

Eagle Ct., 4417-Jennifer Helen Wright to Terence Terrell Hosley, $200,000.

Eutaw Forest Dr., 3153-James and Jessica Stiver to Lawanda M. Bryant, $339,000.

Grebe Pl., 4591-Clarence M. Major Jr. to Rita B. Edwards, $229,900.

Henry Ct., 2903-Douglas L. Subocz to Jeremy D. and Tiffany R. Turner, $320,000.

Hubbard Ct., 10161-Aastasshia Lynn and Dominic Brown to Olanrewaju S. and Modupeola E. Abolanle, $373,000.

Lancaster Cir., 4134-Peter J. Malinowski to Anthony A. and Catherine R. Shanklin, $299,995.

Long Leaf Lane, 10648-Mark and Rachel Gillam to Sheldon Baber Sr. and Sharon A. Baxter, $458,000.

Rock Lynn Cir., 9336-Elissa Myers to Robert L. and Cathy L. Bellamy, $374,900.

Snow Owl Pl., 11323-Francesca Caldwell to Chris Michael Spencer, $260,000.

Stone Pine Ave., 10375-Jacob Vcelik to James and Monique Perry, $405,000.


Gary Dr., 5925-Jessica Reynolds Knott to Timothy McGlenn, $340,000.


Bensville Rd., 7070-Thomas A. Benjamin to Deborah and Damion C. Plummer, $360,000.

Dundee Lane, 5456-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Stanley Eugene Ruth Jr. and Alison Malaquin, $489,170.

Forest Glen Rd., 8103-Nancy Ann Watson to Delante L. Worthy, $354,999.

Inwood Lane, 11250-Kenneth E. and Charlene McClanahan to Gregory Q. and Christine M. Williams, $365,000.

Marshall Corner Rd., 9655-Linda C. Sega to Denice Michelle McLean and Willie Herbert Crump Jr., $463,000.

Musselburgh Lane, 5591-D.R. Horton Inc. to Joshua Scott and Brittany Anne Leis, $399,990.

Tottenham Dr., 7442-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Javier Tucto and Iliana E. Gutierrez, $322,000.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bellflower Way, 44007-Michael W. and Amanda K. Innes to David R. and Chelsea Hatch, $346,000.

Cobblestone Lane, 23140, No. 202-Patricia Ann Cole to Virginia I. Modrzakowski, $88,000.

Elkton Lane, 45275-Amanda L. Sansbury and Amanda L. Cosgrove to Christian Harris, $155,000.

Havenridge St., 45475-Curtis Development Corp. and Curtis Building Co. Corp. to Charles Wesley Calabria, $468,911.

Little Gem Way, 43680-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Ebony P. and Maurice W. Hutchins, $390,935.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 22952-Wildewood Residential Corp. to John Michael and Sedef Paquette, $295,760.

Norhill Lane, 21137-Castle Rock Contracting Corp. to Stephen C. Mackey Jr., $430,000.

Piney Wood Cir., 23010-Robert J. and Esther J. Wynn to Terra J.B. and Karl R. Hendrickson, $272,000.

Snow Leopard Dr., 22904-Emma Jean Posey to Jeffrey P. Andrasak, $272,400.

White Oak Ct., 44695, No. 9C-Shirley Ann Reeves to Kristin M. Kelly, $115,000.


Hurry Rd., 24106-Eagle Properties and Investments Corp. to Ann and Leroy Hawkins, $342,500.


Charlotte Hall Rd., 29571-John C. and Thomas W. Poffenbarger to Michael David and Julie Marie Robinson, $280,000.


Point Breeze Rd., 38390-Antoinette D. Wilson to Daymone E. and Vonda Chisolm, $426,600.


Ballymore Pl., 45484-Franklin Ham to Walter Joseph Voner, $220,000.

Knockeyon Lane, 45525-Amanda Knobel to Connor Daniel Fitz, $161,345.

Rutherford Blvd., 45600-Charles W. and Marie A. Bailey to Alexander Craig Fenske, $282,000.

Westmeath Way, 45482, No. H31-Gary M. and Carol A. Kurtz to Debra Gray, $135,000.


Clarks Mill Rd., 45355-George B. Mitchell and estate of John Dickerson Mitchell Jr. to David Charles Vollmer, $510,000.

Half Pone Point Rd., 24774-Alexander Attard and Maria K. Swainson to Anthony Charles and Marisa Pia Gargano, $935,000.

Kassie Lane, 23047-Christopher M. and Joanne M. Koterwas to Patrick and Marissa L. Flores, $635,000.

Smiths Nursery Rd., 45035-Lawrence F. and Carolyn E. Milan to Kenneth D. and Edna R. Wentworth, $450,000.


Armstrong Dr., 22373-107 Wood Duck Builders Corp. to Ryan J. McKercher, $190,000.

Crestmar Lane, 23287-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Norman and Dari Davis, $493,738.

Eastwick Lane, 41820, No. 3201-Robert S. and Mary G. Loeb to Sebije Boyd, $215,000.

Lanedon Dr., 43938-Mark B. and Jennifer Goddard to Angela K. Wallace, $273,000.

Miles Ct., 41899-Robert S. and Mary Ellen Borland to Matthew R. and Amber R. Coates, $345,000.

Peewee Lane, 22216-Philip J. and Sara E. Cavalcante to Antoine Noe, $449,900.

Potomac View Dr., 21673-Robert D. and Tamla S. Pridgen to Robert M. Tourtelot, $375,000.

Saint Clements Ave., 22453-Litz Custom Homes Inc. to Thomas Anthony and Mildred Vallandingham Farrell, $369,900.


Al Mar St., 46761-James Maurice Hunt to John Ludolph, $334,500.

Chickadee Cir., 22527, No. 6-1-Francis and Lee Milburn to Stephany Ma, $162,000.

Festival Ct., 47134-William W. and Carol A. Kelly to Melanie G. Habiby, $329,000.

Hillary Ct., 21433-Paul S. Starr Jr. and estate of Revena Jane Starr to Daniel Hall, $232,000.

King James Pkwy., 19291-Lucas Adam and Lisa Wright Anderson to Joel A. and Charlotte L. Doane, $440,000.

Middlegate Dr., 20850-Scott Joseph and Mellanie D. Teed to Paul and Peggy A. Chierico, $385,300.

Picketts Harbor Ct., 48295-Richard D. and Freda Logsdon to Tina M. Wells, $178,500.

Point Lookout Rd., 19029D-Timothy Stello to Cassidy Marie Felps, $213,000.

Rosewood Terr., 21932-Jonathan Charles Voda to Candis D. Hill and David D. Barnes, $190,000.

Sunburst Dr., 48405-Solomons Island Road Corp. to Charles and Mary Regina Terry, $325,000.

Willows Dr., 21036-James L. and Patricia L. Sutton to Joseph and Emily Santerre, $239,900.


Alvey Stone Lane, 41363-Spencer Garrett and Rebecca Jacobs Wait to Joseph Lawrence and Victoria Anne Alvey, $406,000.

Brothers Lane, 27585-Jerry L. and Mary B. Grimes to Steven and Shannon Hancock, $300,000.

Cox Dr., 27110-Dale R. Hollidge to Judi Tennyson, $267,000.

Golden Beach Rd., 39534-Thomas R. and Cynthia Lynn Popielarcheck to Inga S. Fewell, $222,900.

Hills Dr., 26090-Kevin C. Pilkerton to Tyler J. Smith, $269,900.

Julia Ct., 27056-Charm Properties Corp. to Jesse L. and Amanda L. Shores, $310,000.

Old Village Rd., 27930-John Erskine Inc. to Jennifer Susanne Kitchen and William Maurice Owens Jr., $358,500.

Suite Landing Rd., 30276-David A. and Mary T. Hamilton to Clayton D. and Jessica L. Reynolds, $515,000.

Valley Dr., 42108-Jose R. Rojas Orosco to Eiji Nishida and Dawn L. Miller, $230,000.

Yowaiski Mill Rd., 26804-Carrie Ann Owen Stadnicki to Michael E. Lennon and Brooke A. Logan, $278,000.


Saint Georges Ave., 45345-Birgit Kueppers to Steven D. Herring, $249,900.