Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bayview Dr., 3801-Michael Matthews to Dermot James Monaghan and Anjum Rosha, $585,000.

Chesapeake Beach Rd., 3820-Justin Toby and Sabrina Crawford to Sean R. Donaldson, $245,000.

Saint Andrews Dr., 8946-David R. and Katherine R. Muller to Cory Trivers, $355,000.

Tiswood Ct., 3320-Charles K. and Laura W. Biggs to Salvatore Grasso, $422,000.

Eighth St., 6236-Christina Marie Cheeks to Kyle Q. Mikkola and Courtney Romba, $210,000.


Golden Russet Dr., 9800-Richard Jeffers and Marcie Lynn Frazier to Pratik and Alecia M. Kumar, $412,500.

Lyons Creek Rd., 3905-Vincent M. Jacobs to Donald F. and Ashley P. Waugh, $575,000.


Alameda Dr., 990-Matthew A. and Stephanie A. Zentner to Michael P. and Margaret E. Wilson, $499,900.

Chance Ct., 2810-Tommy B. and Patrice Loretta Cox to Stephen L. and Sarah J. Marchbanks, $442,500.

Evans Rd., 3353-David F. and Judy L. Callaway to Adebayo and Bukola Bankole, $539,900.

Kings Landing Rd., 2050-James E. Shaffer to David Ryan Durachka and Jennifer Anne Holt, $510,000.

Scarlett Dr., 30-Whitney Anne Decesaris to Karl Erik and Karmala L. Johnson, $449,900.

Timber Ct., 1740-Donald L. Smith to William P. and Stephanie M. Travers, $474,900.


Blue Point Ct., 11865-Kin Chan to Karen E. Sutton, $515,000.

Cardinal Dr., 490-George R. and Judith A. Lawrence to Walker M. Tippett, $180,000.

Cattle Drive Lane, 1048-Michael Anthony and Rhonda L. Graham to Brenda Gray and William Edward Johnson, $198,687.

Clubhouse Dr., 340-Peter M. Willoughby to Sandra Diane Wheeler, $207,500.

Coyote Trail, 326-Darlene McKenzie to Guillermo O. Arriaga and Lilian Magdalena Contreras De Arriaga, $231,000.

Dogwood Dr., 497-David James Maxey Jr. to Louis Harold and Michael Patrick McGraw, $195,000.

Homestead Lane, 12862-Gary M. and Sherry L. Tarantino to Andrew Larry and Brittany Michelle Hoflich, $220,000.

Los Alamos Lane, 638-Earl D. and Bruce William Berkley to Alexander Scott, $142,500.

Nursery Rd., 8555-Robert Thomas Shrawder to Melanie Briggs, $235,000.

Rawhide Rd., 11471-Reuben C. and Thinesa A. Weems to Ashley M. Paul, $230,000.

Santa Rosa Lane, 958-MTB Builders & Home Improvements Corp. to Christopher L. and Amanda N. Long, $221,900.

Vista Lane, 217-Marilyn L. King Bangle to Robin Marie and Michael Patrick Schrader, $275,000.


Chesapeake Lighthouse Dr., 8758-Michael Steacey and Joyce N. Gering to Jennifer E. Jones, $210,600.

Milwaukee Ave., 8909-Joseph and Christina Garner to Nicholas Anthony and Sarah E. Sandoval, $399,900.


Cross Point Dr., 156-Michael W. and Katrina L. Tedford to William Todd and Elizabeth Anne Wall, $580,000.

Hampton Way, 7910-John J. and Susan K. Dohony to Adrianna and Gary Graham Bailey, $599,900.

Watson Rd., 1931-Bonnie Plastow to Kerri L. Mulcahy and David L. Stancil Jr., $429,500.


Vern Rd., 2320-Robert L. and Debra L. Simeone to Diana M. Freethey, $440,000.


Bradbury Lane, 455-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Walter Alvarado Salamanca and Madeline Alvarado, $438,000.

English Oak Lane, 348-David Rezai to David Thomas, $279,999.

Kingswood Dr., 1855-John R. and Valerie M. Nowottnick to Robert Martin and Kristy Thomas, $398,000.

Shore Dr. N., 4226-Sharon and Timothy Raftery to Samantha Garner and Ashley N. Jackson, $240,000.

Yearling Dr., 624-Builtrite at Prince Frederick Crossing Inc. and Kris Lei Corp. to Hugo M. and Michelle B. Gutierrez, $405,037.


Sedwick Ave., 14310-Donald P. and Jean M. McDougall to Norma Floyd Sayles, $448,000.


Summerset Ct., 530, No. 36-Rita Goodall to Bernardo S. and Esther Hernandez, $325,000.


Bayside Rd., 5825-Spyridon Livanis to Richard E. Wilder and Laura M. McDaniel, $725,000.

Lloyd Bowen Rd., 2775-Cleo C. and Donald R. Mowery to Ryan V. and Bailey M. Casselman, $342,800.

Maryland Ave., 4816-Sean P. and Gina M. Bannon to Brandon J. Arnold and Renee M. Kelly, $230,000.

Thompson Ct., 1110-John E. and Deborah Lee Kelly to Christine June and Daniel Lee Fletcher, $810,000.


Sunderleigh Dr., 5825-Donna L. and Paul G. Nahnibida to Elina and Timothy John McCann, $505,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blueberry Dr., 4804-Tawanda T. Benford to Scott Edward and Kimberly Arlene Buckheit, $390,000.


Bucknell Rd., 6669-Greshen G. Venketasamy to Crystal and Sharell Taylor, $234,000.

Hilton Ct., 1921-Nicholas L. Guzan to Kathryn Ziden, $343,000.

McCormick Dr., 6866-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Sandra Kearns Provitt, $499,000.


Arborview Dr., 7690-Robert C. and Barbara L. Buchanan to Jerry Allan Harley Jr., $439,900.

Newport Church Rd., 10295-Francis E. and Lorraine A. Boarman to Sean M. Brown, $318,000.


Main Ave., 13233-Zelma Meyers to Dane Devin, $150,000.


Barlowe Ct., 6809-Steven J. and Christina L. Gilliam to Lenzell A. and Trykesha Franklin, $406,900.

Dillon Ct., 6884-Robert and Priscilla Hutchinson to Rodney Lee Koontz and Rebecca Kirby, $439,900.

Mystic Pl., 16110-Holly and Eugene Jackson to Mark Proctor, $424,900.

Spicetree Pl., 7404-Marrick Properties Inc. to James Thomas and Chasity Williams, $499,900.


Doncaster Dr., 4105-John G. and Dawne M. Baldwin to Edgar Alexander Amaya, $295,000.

Indian Head Hwy., 4218A, No. A-Teresa Kenward and Teresa Myers to Paul Scott James, $170,600.

Mason Springs Rd., 5461-Reginald S. and Carolyn D. Philson to Stephanie L. Spargo, $120,000.


Amberleigh Lane, 12745-Eugene S. and Anne M. Burroughs to Robert Ryan and Carolyn Rose Jackman Gordon, $389,990.

Bel Alton Newtown Rd., 7830-Thomas B. Doughty to Dorothea M. Nalley and Austin E. Stephens, $280,000.

Currant Ct., 665-David G. and Kristin I. Cushen to Joshua Granger and Khenra Shupe, $273,000.

Edelen Station Pl., 500-Lisa J. Fulop to Scott B. Raye, $270,000.

Goose Creek Dr., 301-Donald Byroads and Shawn B. Fitzpatrick to Nicole Smith, $170,000.

Pollen Dr., 118-Anthony Tipton and Jessica Trinidad Cuevas to Shelby Dyan Rackey, $380,000.

Severn Dr., 806-Brough Point Holdings Corp. to Jason Hyde and Amy Fox Posey, $268,993.

Suffolk Dr., 1028-Mark A. and Hiromi K. Barrieault to Casey and Scott E. Long, $363,000.

Valley Rd., 6350-Christopher J. and Michaella Patricia Long to Jason and Sonya Moore Trevathan, $337,000.

Wildflower Dr., 3003-Brian M. and Cindy M. Lassahn to Karl Smith and Beverly Wilburn, $399,900.

Wood Duck Cir., 146-Pamela S. Starkey to Edna Lorraine Coppage, $215,000.


Arbroth Ct., -D.R. Horton Inc. to Quentin B. and Lanita Talley Black, $479,000.

Braeburn Rd., 3102-Crystal S. and Jeremy D. Parker to Ashley T. White, $335,000.

Charter Oak Ct., 12460-Linda Jean Graves to Deborah Floyd Vailes, $280,000.

Doris Dr., 5310-Tanasshia Brantley to Alonzo Williams and Fernando Angulo Rosas, $234,900.

Enterprise Pl., 2634-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Kniah Jackson, $240,000.

Grant Pl., 11417-SM Hamilton Corp. to Tamika Wright, $339,990.

Homestead Ct., 2486-Shanell Davis to India Marshiela Bing, $254,500.

Marbella Dr., 2158-Robert Boyd Walker and Valerie Loretta to Curtis Emerson and Jerilyn Johnson, $305,000.

Mustard Seed Ct., 12078-Terence W. Watson to Kory Antoine Mundy Sr. and Cherita Brown, $436,000.

Pinefield Rd., 2204-Stephanie L. and Brentford V. Powell to Ta Mar Lazain Gadsden, $325,000.

Progress Ct., 2315-Cathy Ann and John Holloway to Lenyk R. Scott, $307,000.

Red Oak Lane, 1762-James T. Williams to Andrea Rodriguez, $345,000.

Sandstone St., 12280-Sheree C. Nash to Trevor J. and Latoya Shawnta Chaplin, $322,500.

Wye Ct., 2690-Gina T. Higgs to Matthew and Shelynne Reid, $340,000.


Shiloh Church Rd., 12660-Robert B. and Connie S. Frank to Casey Leigh Arrington, $209,000.


Hickory Acres Ct., 9535-John W. and Amy L. Maerhofer to Jason F. and Amy Brin, $425,000.


Knotting Hill Lane, 7584-Thomas Fitzgerald and Tineal Montez Horne to Abigail J. and Richard A. Nabors, $455,000.

Perfect Pl., 7025-Thomas E. and Lorrie B. Cole to Jesse O’Neal and Jessica Richards, $400,000.

Simms Landing Rd., 7230-Robert L. Sanders and Carolyn Sanders Walsh to Eric A. and Patricia A. Dorsey, $380,000.


Acadia Rd., 214-IC Invest Corp. to Ryan Edward and Alexandra Lea Lemieux, $299,000.

Barrington Dr., 907-Zachary F. and Athena M. Hagan to Boniesha Sherann Landers, $300,000.

Blackpool Cir., 17-Tam Properties Corp. to Alyssa Gonzalez, $269,900.

Brightwell Ct., 1731-Henry N. White Jr. to Gerard Battle, $196,000.

Copley Ave., 835-Melissa and Catherine L. Barbee to Kayla A. Hanson and Nicholas Aidan Hahn, $277,400.

Doubleday Lane, 5419-Montre L. Ball and Bettye J. Edwards to Forrest C. Baggarly, $280,000.

Henley Ct., 11687-Anthony L. Miles to Mark V. and Lashawn Danielle Curtis, $420,500.

Jameson Dr., 12898-DSDJ Properties Inc. to Lina M. Chabala, $280,000.

Knolewater Ct., 3115-Margaret C. Street to Joseph Darnell Wimbush, $249,000.

Northgate Pl., 3910-Loretta Brown to Niccole L. Collier, $190,000.

Ottawa Park Pl., 5088-Ibrahim Kallon to Jamar A. Terrell, $325,000.

Pearson Dr., 12750A-Patrick Greer to Chantel Wright, $252,000.

Red Lion Pl., 2753-Modesta J. and Jay J. Pascual to Shannan Renea Gray, $183,000.

Revolution Ct., 12285-NVR Inc. to Charles L. Barrow Jr., $512,215.

River Shark Lane, 5751-NVR Inc. to April and James W. Jones, $506,355.

Rookewood Pl., 4702, No. B-Kenneth S. and Virginia L. Diehl to Lauren Posey Rodriguez, $155,000.

Royal Birkdale Ave., 5177-Dominic A. Reed to Debby Jane P. Pascual, $360,000.

Scottsdale Pl., 4571-Kimberley A. Charter White to Donald C. Phillips, $305,000.

Sunset Ridge Pl., 11833-Cathy E. and Richard L. Johnson to Douglass W. Bruce, $300,000.

University Dr., 643-Robert A. Lanham and estate of Marion R. Lanham to Deloris Ann Mingo and D’Angelo J. Graves, $225,000.


Ariel Ct., 2933-Carrington Mortgage Services Corp. to Manindra Joshi, $235,000.

Bluebird Dr., 4060-Forrest C. Baggarly to Delores Walston, $215,000.

Broadbill Dr., 4116-Michael Freeman to Keyona N. Glover, $330,000.

Cedar Run, 8144-Cary J. and Vicki G. Casola to Eugenia Lentini and Anthony Garafalo, $381,000.

Deerwood Ct., 6325-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Waqar Ahmed and Asima Jamil, $153,333.

Duncan Lane, 2309-SM Hamilton Corp. to Rollaton M. and Yvonne C. Taylor, $418,465.

Eagle Ct., 4453-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Dionne Ward, $185,000.

Flagfish Ct., 5330-Jason P. and Julia B. Griffith to Irving Manuel Cortes Ortiz and Mayrin Yvette Torres Sotomayor, $371,000.

Grosbeak Pl., 4641-Shawn and Carthenia Morris to Tangie N. Meade, $196,000.

Heron Pl., 11212-Alexander J. Santiago to Aaron Manning and Olivia B. Weaver, $258,000.

Lacrosse Pl., 2646-Felicia Della Haynes and estate of Bernice Louise Johnson to Janell Diaz, $274,000.

Leighland Ct., 9868-Anthony M. and Latrease Manigault to Dwayne and Carol Dorman Gore, $442,000.

Lundt Ct., 3026-Harry and Sylvia A. Vickers to Shantelle L. Taylor, $385,000.

Moffit Pl., 9856-Nicole Hunt Jackson to Cheryl Campbell, $267,000.

Sea Lion Pl., 6166-Collette L. Gumbs to Laqunda Janel Taylor, $230,000.

Tacoma Pl., 2396-U.S. Bank National Association and the Rmac Trust to Chor and Xiujin Cheng, $234,900.

Winding Trail Ct., 10664-Chestnut Hill Land Corp. to Dennis R. Tozser, $460,325.


Arrowhead Ct., 11173-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Robert Jeb Molina Maraan and Maria Jessica A. Castillo, $369,990.

Calvada Ct., 5202-Le Ron Lawrence to James Samuel and April Ann Payne, $435,000.

Dundee Lane, 5459-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Zachary and Abigail Ohannessian, $423,240.

Saddlebrook Ct., 5579-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Phelix Phador Perine and Robert H. Beatty, $449,990.

Southport Pl., 11175-Matthew Lokitis to Tiffany Williams, $310,000.

Tottenham Dr., 7458-NVR Inc. to Stephen Lee Lawrence, $438,867.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Colton Point Rd., 23235-Virginia I. Modrzakowski to Diane M. Thompson, $245,000.


Ambrosia Lane, 23188-Jonathan F. and Lauren M. May to Peter and Sandra Fitzpatrick, $267,900.

Cobblestone Lane, 23140, No. 205-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joyce Carrion, $88,500.

Fieldstone Way, 44036-Nazareth Literary & Benevolent Institution and Sisters of Charity of Nazareth to Hugh and Marilyn Meehan, $187,000.

Jasmine Way, 23109-Diana D. Rivera Winters to David G. Jones, $284,000.

Lizmill Way, 21225-Jason M. Whetstone to Alexander D. Lilly, $237,000.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 22958-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Kenneth E. and Julie J. Nelson, $296,645.

Oak Tree Ct., 23200-John Joseph and Lynn A. Bergin to Dane A. Wiedmann, $299,900.

Poppy Way, 23100-Robert J. and Leigh H. Willis to Nicholas Tyson and Jennifer Ragusa Bachert, $318,000.

Snow Leopard Dr., 22940-Patrick J. and Meghan O. Haus to Joseph D. Boyd and Megan L. Tzafaroglou, $284,000.

Woodhaven Dr., 45177-Curtis Development Corp. and Curtis Building Co. Corp. to James Stephenson and Tracey Yvette Forde, $591,695.


Lacey Family Lane, 38020-Susan M. Strickland to Paul R. Caddell, $247,000.


White Dr., 30380-Steve Atkocius to Heather L. Hockett, $260,000.


Riverview Dr., 20410-Rickie Lee Sams to John Tung and Paul Dean Nguyen, $295,000.


Chancellors Run Rd., 22176-Meaghan C. Dalsey to Zobayer Faruque, $195,000.

Lexington Ct., 45906-Sharon D. Dorsey to Timothy Alton and Barbara Ellen Nagle, $153,000.

Rutherford Blvd., 45654-Marsha Ann Neitzke and estate of Mary Hornbrook Housley to Judith Toting, $284,900.


Briscoe Thompson Way, 24957-Mark G. and Rachel G. Fischer to Melissa L. Webb, $348,250.

Eleanor Ct., 44549-William M. Bolesworth to Neil Rickson and Sabrina B. Paz, $374,000.

Pinto Dr., 25225-Eric A. and Amanda Variz to Joshua and Samantha Lester, $224,000.

Thornbury Dr., 22957-Patrick L. and Claudine H. Modlin to Charles E. and Katherine A. Steele, $535,000.


Brandon Ct., 23205-Lester F. and Shirley M. Schnake to Bradley S. and Sandra K. Woode, $337,500.

Dauber Way, 41453-Jennifer Lynn Stailey to Amanda and William Davidson, $440,000.

Falcon Way, 40912-Robert W. and Susan A. Jackson to Michael P. and Brooke Staley Fallon, $609,000.

Hanover Dr., 22216-Jeffrey L. and Laurie A. Stone to Roland W. Levesque Jr., $396,000.

Montana Way, 44550-John B. Padgett III to Garrett L. and Karen B. Strzok, $600,000.

Philip Dr., 22093-John S. Hanson and Judith A. O’Brien to Denise D. Mandis and Brett Johnson, $499,000.

Riverwinds Dr., 42437-Paul Walker and Harry Gill to Bennett Rushkoff and Karen Whitesell, $679,000.


Altman Ct., 45921-Wesley and Susan Cunningham to David and Mimi Vo, $265,000.

Caraway Pl., 21350-Kimberly and Lorenzo Gould to Michael Ray Comparetto, $285,000.

Columbus Dr., 46357-DCMG Corp. to Kristan R. Cooper, $95,000.

Enterprise Rd., 21652-Mark Cullison to Justin Azar Reid, $249,900.

Franklin Rd., 46433-Real Estate Answers Corp. to Calin Cociuba, $80,000.

Hilton Ridge Dr., 46485-David W. and Dawn Brewer to Darren Giles and Pamela L. Arbisi, $350,000.

Nick St., 20815-Sturbridge Willows Road Corp. to James Austin and Jules Christine Martin, $324,989.

Pilgrims Ct., 18515-Kevin Andrew and Colleen Elizabeth Cerven to Matthew J. and Melissa Rae Berzins, $349,000.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 20420-Russell E. and Valerie R. Bryan to Robert L. McDowney Jr., $215,000.

Primrose Willow Lane, 21830-NVR Inc. to Cynthia Wilganowski, $201,200.

Shining Willow Lane, 46390-Patricia Ann and Christopher Mogan Wilson to Dewayne F. and Stephanie L. Bailey, $200,000.

Thoroughbred Way, 46152-Michael G. Olszewski to Alexander Lee Merriweather, $199,000.


Army Navy Dr., 35336-Bradley T. Tippett to Jeffery Scott and Stacy Erin Feldman, $381,000.

Bryan Ct., 26055-Kenneth M. and Jennifer L. Norleen to Spencer G. and Rebecca J. Wait, $619,000.

Cresent Lane, 26167-Christina J. Hinton and Christina J. Hinton Cederberg to Donald Quade, $289,900.

Erin Dr., 27155-Cim Trust 2017 and U.S. Bank National Association to James Morgan, $181,125.

Golden Beach Rd., 39875-James C. Windsor III to Zachary L. Hilderbrand, $229,000.

Hills Dr., 26120-Jeffery and Stacy Feldman to Megan Marie Montgomery, $250,000.

Knotts Lane, 27150-Lisa M. and Niles C. Hambrick to Carla D. Waddoups, $351,000.

Lockes Hill Rd., 28717-Sage Saliba and Gayle Newman to Leann M. Paschal and Josh T. Rackey, $279,900.

Sandgates Rd. N., 26943-Robert J. Brown II to Dara Michelle Decola, $227,900.

Summitt Hill Dr., 39325-Brittany T.N. Buckler and Crystal Blake Thomas to Braden James Dalton, $295,000.

Virginia Lane, 42256-Douglas Carl and Margaret Collins Leepa to Stanley James and Marcia Leann Meador, $394,900.

Yowaiski Mill Rd., 27375-Norman and Debra Hartley to Skylar and Rachel Knowles, $325,000.


Seagrass Way, 45203-Barbara J. Norris to Joyce Elaine Strickland, $214,000.


Mallard View Lane, 48141-Harry W. Clarke to Robert J. and Kathleen A. Groat, $480,000.