Calvert County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cannoncade Ct., 3238-Matthew M. and Renee K. Ludy to Timothy James and Kristy Lynn Raso, $510,000.

Clear Spring Dr., 8442-Joe L. Santifer Jr. to Micah William Ramey, $286,000.

I St., 7543-Kenneth M. Muller and Arthur B. Smithwick to Brian and Katelyn Whitworth, $305,000.

Old Bayside Rd., 7666-Patrick Lee and Alana Xennae Snyder to Robert Sterling Hughes Sr., $299,900.

Silverton Lane, 3392-James A. and Arlene S. Quigley to Kaulin Rose and Samantha Plant, $279,000.

27th St., 3730-Dawn M. Hower to Christopher Dale and Hannah J. Porter, $276,000.


Knight Ave., 1434-John P. Hawkins to Gino Edward and Erin Taylor Ricci, $250,000.

Steven Lane, 12034-Jerome Francis and Jacalyn Anne Schaefer to Eric C. and Julie Davis Wilson, $715,000.


Bowie Shop Rd., 721-Angela Carle to Julie Anne and Brian Eric Stup, $395,000.

Creek Ct. S., 4312-Carol M. Fletcher to Amanda Marie Suzanne and Ray Lovell Mackall II, $399,900.

Heather Lane, 1635-Kevin J. and Elizabeth A. Duffy to Dustin Jefferson and Sarah E. Schultz, $459,900.

Leesburg Ct., 880-Donald W. and Susan A. Robinson to Joshua Carlos and Jessica Fiveson, $335,000.

Solomons Island Rd., 3690-Victorian Properties Corp. to Kristin Brotherton, $230,000.

Wessex Lane, 3625-Douglas L. and Sharon R. Pearce to David Harman, $414,900.


Bannister Ct., 316-Timothy B. and Mary F. Jackson to Marque Tercell and Tsianina Leanne Lancaster Smith, $465,000.

Catalina Dr., 12399-Debbie Fletcher to Maryam Abdullah, $295,000.

Cheyenne Trail, 12699-Brian S.R. and Heather A. Allen to Mary Simms, $266,900.

Coster Rd., 902-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Argent Securities Inc. to Gajan Thia and Anthony Divincenzo, $132,670.

Custer Ct., 344-Bobbi J. Ripley to Amanda Myers, $295,000.

Grenada Lane, 654-Quanda D. Nichols to Ronni Laine and Leeann Louise Davis, $244,800.

Laurel Way, 12845-Jennafer Kate Tomlinson to Jacob D. and Megan Butler, $259,900.

Peace Pipe Ct., 611-Michael L. and Tracy L. Donnelly to Robert L. and Sharon L. Shifflett, $235,000.

Rattlesnake Rd., 777-Department of Veterans Affairs to Heather M. Scott, $169,900.

Sagebrush Dr., 12552-Edward S. and Deborah L. Olinger to Troy and Angela Rosenbaum, $280,000.

Sapphire Ct., 1679-Scott and Cindy Pfister to Gary Allan Hamm Jr. and Aimee Elizabeth Badeaux Hamm, $439,900.

Stagecoach Cir., 1177-Joan L. Sweeney to David W. Miller, $340,000.

White Sands Dr., 615-Carmenlita Makell and estate of Wellington Makell to Terence Porcher, $247,950.


Sea Breeze Ct., 9442-William Briggs to Ryan L. Ogle, $215,000.

Third St., 3830-William and Sharon Heffernan to Sara R. and William V. Butler, $312,000.

Ninth St., 3712-William T. Bourne and Kathryn Medley to Michael S. and Marie V. Feeney, $230,000.


Boyds Trail, 2009-Elizabeth Canter Bissett to Robert W. and Rachel Ranck, $268,000.

Scaggs Rd., 6180-Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. to Lawal Mumuney, $640,000.


August Dr., 4355-Larry D. and Stephanie L. Johnson to Ransom M. and Amanda L. Tyndall, $455,000.


Abigail Ct., 2471-Kevin B. Nelson to Meredith F. and Jason F. Conlon, $450,000.

Bunker Hill Ct., 2371-Ryan N. and Dominic Powell to Gary M. and Marianne A. McCraw, $559,900.

Cassell Blvd., 4115-Victor V. Juliano III to Stefanie Leann and Alan Lee Muhle, $334,900.

Flora Ave., 4413-Mark and Kristen Norton to Daren A. Roach, $285,000.

Stratton Pl., 650-Jason Coffey to Michael R. and Mallory L. Banks, $384,900.


Ensign Rd., 13916-CG Solomons Marina Corp. to Kelly F. and Lisa M. Grimes, $424,900.


Austyn Ct., 115-Stacy L. and Karen M. Williams to Emily A. Oleksik and Sean Delong, $310,000.

End Blvd. W., 25-Paul S. and Samantha S. Reamy to Sandra L. Holt, $340,000.

Long Beach Dr., 6385-Geralynn A. Duell and estate of Steven R. Fowee to Nicholas D. Miller, $238,000.

Peace Ct., 2085-Andrea D. Butler to Linda M. Butler, $238,000.

Vivians Way, 2720-Carolyn A. Parker to Cody W. and Emily L. Bailey, $385,000.

Charles County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Amherst Rd., 6776-Goshen Mortgage REO Corp. to Dominique T. Branch and Jansy Espinoza, $249,900.

Bolinbrook Ct., 2589-Margie Byrd and estate of Andrew A. Byrd to Ruth Zeledon, $230,000.

Cheyenne Ct., 2750-Cheryl Lynn Clark to Lisa Lee and Saly Khim, $209,000.

Fenwick Cir., 2515-Paul F. Birckner to Paola Scalabrin and Clementina Julia Ullman, $216,000.


Chambord Ct., 8430-Karen A. Weaver to Anna J. Burroughs and Allen J. Logan, $442,000.

Smokehouse Row Lane, 15196-Guadagnoli Properties Inc. and Rainbow Construction Corp. of Waldorf Inc. to William Travis and Leah Vailati, $495,000.


Vickers Dr., 17316-Paul and Teresa Dumas to Abner Blake Graff, $216,500.


Filly Ct., 7265-Belmont Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Roger David and Lynette Jean Risner, $490,000.


Ellerbe Dr., 207-QVD Investments Corp. to Joel Vidale, $213,975.

Kearney Way, 5-Celina M. Elphage to Tyrique X. Abraham, $265,000.

Oak Forest Ct., 5756-Moreed and Nicole A. Kamal to Eddie Islam Muhammad, $350,000.


Wollaston Cir., 11452-Kyle W.M. and Andrea Taylor to Kelly S. Rowland, $349,900.


Arlough Pl., 5435-Thomas Edwin and Kimberly Lynn Bateman to Bernard J. and Tracy A. Cundiff, $360,000.

Colebrook Dr., 5222-John and Sandra McGinnis to Darby C. and Gregory Willingham, $210,000.

Dobbins Pl., 6605-James M. and Tina A. Hilson to Maurice D. and Melissa L. Diggs, $420,000.

Kalmia Ct., 107-Amanda L. Woodring to Joshua V. Caron and Autumn N. Hamilton, $165,000.

Magnolia Dr., 1003-James M. and Cheryl T. Smith to Edmund K. Rhynes, $407,000.

Oats Dr., 1001-RDR Corp. and Agricopia Towns Corp. to Ryan Jay and Lauren Alaine Heilmann, $349,900.

Somerset St., 16-Panalytics Corp. to Andrew James Verderber, $250,000.

Teresa Lane, 6337-Cynthia Patten to Lauren M. Bradburn and Carl V. Collins Jr., $228,000.

Washington Ave., 906-Peter M. and Patricia Felix to Alicia Hurtt, $250,000.

Willow Woods Dr., 19, No. 1821-NVR Inc. to Mazie B. Dewdney and Ashley N. Ard, $375,955.


Bar Oak Dr., 12717-Daniel M. and Molly E. Freitag to Maurice Mason, $255,000.

Bridle Path Cir., 10945-Ward Investing Corp. to Stephanie Paultre, $290,000.

Cedarwood Dr., 10764-DASD Realty Corp. to Derek A. Miles, $261,000.

Gallant Lane, 14450-Turtle Creek Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Brenda C. Allen and Richard D. McGhee, $555,000.

Greengate Ct., 1303-MTGL Investments Corp. to Matthew and Tanya Rogers, $393,900.

Maguire Pl., 4005-Warren and Annette M. Clare to Jessica K. Reilly and Daniel S. McGivern, $365,000.

Merganser Ct., 2585-Humphrey O. and Yemi Sobande Lawanson to Dejuan Larry and Karima Sharrieff Al Bari Smaw, $368,000.

Peach Dr., 4006-Jeremy Donahue to William L. and Lisamichelle Velazquez Bradford, $357,000.

Pinefield Way, 2223-Tam Properties Corp. to James M. and Karen V. Joynes, $289,900.

Ryon Ct., 3294-Kathryn A. Koch to Natascha G. Hampton, $190,000.

Trumpeter Ct., 2794-Reuben J. and Kathryn A. Wilson to Jeffrey Maurice and Tequila L. Walker, $437,000.

Westwood Dr., 2287-Estate of Israel Z. Swarey Jr. and Deborah Hall to James Dover, $339,900.


American Beauty Pl., 2960-Brooke Investment Property and Rentals Inc. to Casey A. Phillips and Crystal L. Murphy, $235,000.


Lloyd Point Farm Rd., 13885-George H. Bliss III to Stephen and Lyvouch Filkoski, $530,000.


Marshall Corner Rd., 8940-RMAC Trust and U.S. Bank to William M. Duckett Jr., $225,000.


Megan Lane, 8240-Timothy J. Murphy to Marilyn Weimer and Mark Steele, $275,000.

Port Tobacco Rd., 7950-Daniel L. and Ada L. Fazenbaker to William S. Swann, $269,000.

Thetford Pl., 6300-Richard Lucas to April A. Motisko, $599,900.


Allward Dr., 1008-Reginald and Rebecca M. Ward to Michael E. Evans Jr., $235,000.

Blue Crab Lane, 5355-Glenn D. and Lois Davis to Joyce Deanna Craig, $335,000.

Castle Pines Lane, 11950-Jamahl and Jestina Harper to Wakiesha Campbell, $366,500.

Gateview Pl., 3851-Adrian Henry Dawson to Kelli Cierra Wilson, $225,000.

Heart River Ct., 11667-Effect Inc. to Leya C. Posey, $425,000.

Hopkins Ct., 2264-Cwalt Inc. Alternative Loan Trust and Bank of New York Mellon to Terri Hord Osburne and Dale Mitchell Servetnick, $205,485.

Light Arms Pl., 3943-Eugene K. Lauer Jr. to David M. Bolt and Patrice M. Johnson, $193,950.

Mudville Lane, 5256-Nicholas R. and Kari A. Durrant to Nicole Elizabeth and Javier Hernandez, $420,000.

Olympia Pl., 4856-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Kerry Wash, $204,420.

Palm Desert Pl., 11723-Funmilola A. Crawford to Gloria Ojewuyi, $310,000.

Pine Cone Cir., 3479-Antonio and Amber Robles to Damian and Elisa Lonergan, $325,000.

Revolution Ct., 12237-NVR Inc. to Cordell and Kristin Jones, $461,290.

River Shark Lane, 5689-NVR Inc. to La Toiya Maria and Derek Juan Easton Jr., $436,930.

Robinson Pl., 2565-KMW Property Management Corp. to Michael Stevenson, $212,000.

Stone Ave., 816-Edward Adams to Troy B. Mayo, $259,678.

Tower Hamlets Pl., 11821-Andre Cedric Bruce to Vanessa D. Durr, $255,000.

Walnut Ct., 3423, No. A-John and Rose Mary Allen to Tanisha Desper, $200,000.


Amber Jack Ct., 5144-Steven D. and Sandra J. Oge to Dustin D. Mayes, $305,000.

Ashford Lane, 2304-Barbara M. and Mark L. Hayes to Lily M. Lingle, $395,000.

Bigeye Ct., 5044-Grace M. Rivera to John R. Brackett Jr., $299,999.

Bluebird Dr., 4196-William R. and Kelly R. Swanstrom to Anna L. Belcher, $217,000.

Captain Dement Dr., 3204-Dennis C. and Lauren S. Morgan to Andrew and Julia Brielle Klink, $345,000.

Congress Ct., 2759-Dennis Allen and Elizabeth Conte to Derrick L. Johnson and Sabette Nicole Turner, $370,000.

Duncan Lane, 2279-SM Hamilton Corp. to Lavance T. Johnson, $603,625.

Dunlin Ct., 4124-Carlos Doria Jr. to Carl Doby, $279,900.

Eton Aly., 10892-NVR Inc. to Regina Moore, $367,440.

Gadwell Pl., 4675-Wangui3 Corp. to Bayron Anibal Estrada Gonzalez, $206,000.

Marylea Ct., 3426-Anthony D. and Pamela J. Williams to Shields Theron Gore and Mallory Townsend, $480,000.

Paddlefish Ct., 5805-Bruce D. and Shawnee R. Zanca to Shawn and Nbutti Basker, $330,000.

Red Wolf Pl., 6050-Sheila Brown Harley to Jamaur James Law, $243,000.

Tennyson Pl., -U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Brandon Alexander and Lucy Lopes Smith, $337,490.

Tennyson Pl., -U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Porchia Demae Nixon and Jamal Rashad Jones, $316,235.

Thomas Hardy Pl., -U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Eunice Joyce Potts, $374,140.

Wainwright Lane, 9213-Department of Veterans Affairs to Charles and Kisha L. Thompson, $450,000.

Wolverine Pl., 6247-Darryl W.R. Whited to Troy Charles and Keith M. Givens, $192,000.


Atlantis Lane, 5156-Norena V. Lord to Carmelita Maria and Tommie Zanders, $421,500.

Darlington Ct., 5381-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Anthony Eugene and Patricia Ann Millard, $463,740.

Dundee Lane, 5468-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Precious Sierra and Wallace Long Brown, $449,990.

Hedgemeade Ct., 3907-Anthony and Rhonda K. Purnell Porter to Alonzo S. and Armille L. Mitchell, $412,000.

Moddy Lane, 9987-NVR Inc. to Lawrence Edward Cole Jr. and Crystal Marie Mullen, $408,355.

Point Pl. W., 10910-Shameem C. Williams to Laron D. Belle Potts, $260,000.

Saint Luke Dr., 11190-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Linda Dornell Gaither, $370,000.

Tahoe Pl., 4050-Charlene D. Pope to Charles Israel Jones Jr. and Belva Anita Franklin, $262,997.

Tottenham Dr., 7469-NVR Inc. to Terrill N. and Ivy L. Hodges, $402,185.

St. Mary's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Oakley Rd., 21500-Cynthia Darlene St. Clair and estate of James B. Quade to Garrett M. and Carin C. Tullos, $221,000.


Audrey Way, 23463-Daniel R. and Julie Ann Greenwell to Kristen Hammett, $299,900.

Chestnut Oak Ct., 23240, No. 7D-Charles B. and Dolores L. Shultz to Emma N. Frank, $135,000.

Devonshire Way, 44199-Ramiro Flores to Atrisha Lynn and Eric Cole, $375,000.

Foxglove Way, 23056-Andre A. Turner Jr. to Kristen M. Willets, $213,500.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 22934-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Morgan M. and Jordan C. King, $310,205.

Mountain Laurel Lane, 22976-Wildewood Residential Corp. to Daniel R. Coyne, $299,825.

Othello Lane, 22713-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tiffany S. Simms, $159,000.

Risa Lane, 23341-Christopher X. and Sara L. Guldi to Mary Theresa Hamilton, $380,000.

Shady Mile Dr., 23095-Alm American Construction Corp. to Richard E. and Stephanie L. Moore, $485,000.

Starry Way, 23280-Judith A. Mancuso to Sheena Rechelle Tirpak, $225,000.

Woodstown Way, 45259-Charlene C. Vera to James F. and Christy M. Gartland, $173,250.


Maddox Rd., 24678-Eric Benson to Patrick A. Britt, $269,000.


Mount Chance Ct., 23525-Diane M. Thompson Fenwick to Taylor Raye and Dale Richard Hollidge, $464,000.


Greenview Ct., 22416-Jonathan R. and Marsha A. Riggans to Brennan G. Richardson, $140,000.

Oliver Ct., 45779-Gary Brooke to Nicholas Allen Stude and Briana Allyson Roorda, $239,000.


Christman Rd., 45152-Jonathan Allan and Jamie Sherman Matheny to Kecia A. and John R. Hayes, $700,000.

Greg St., 43469-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Jacqueline L. and Dale M. Warren, $486,765.

Leola Ct. W., 44002-Maria O. Fernandez and Kenneth A. Jackson to William W. and Ashley L. Beisel, $410,000.

Ricky Dr., 25635-Michael Vinson Gibbs and Michael Richard Pefley to Christopher and Sonia Mizelle, $237,000.

Whiskey Creek Rd., 25911-Richard D. Noonan and Jeanette Kaufmann to Steven D. Hope and Justine D. Skibbe, $695,900.


Candela Pl., 40576-Raymond J. and Helen M. Wernecke to Matthew D. and Rachelle L. Osborne, $475,000.

Margrove Cir., 41487-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Autumn R. Fisher, $315,000.

Port Pl., 40519-Joan S. Bennett to Gary P. and Tracy B. McInturff, $900,000.

Saint Clements Ave., 22266-Georgia L. Belleavoine and Georgia L. Kasper to Sarah Brown, $190,000.


Al Mar St., 46707-Sturbridge Willows Road Corp. to Michelle Denise and John W.A. Gaskin Jr., $404,502.

Charles Way, 45908-Brandy M. and Richard W. McKelvey to Johnathon Luke Kirchner, $186,500.

Croaker Ct., 21573-MTGLQ Investors and Selene Finance to Cory James and Mary Poff, $320,000.

Gunston Dr., 22948-Gerry B. Wood to David Shawn and Rebecca Jo Griffin, $226,000.

Jillian Grace Ct., 46834-Fred Dansoh to Brandon Michael Bird and Maria C. Pereira Deoliveira, $350,000.

Lynn Dr., 21388-Paul A. and Victoria S. Di Biase to Gregory James Destefano, $250,000.

Pershing Dr., 20565-Derrick K. Walton to Aaron D. and Ashley N. Hostetler, $386,000.

Piney Orchard St., 47942-Brian Johnson to Joshua M. Thompson, $222,500.

Primrose Willow Lane, 21810-NVR Inc. to Madiha Sherazi and Maghis Ui Hassan, $183,990.

Scott Cir., 22288-Blake W. and Lisa K. Nunes to Michael Aaron Hunt, $348,000.

Spruce Dr., 45809-Robert M. Tourtelot to Kyle and Brittany Corrigan, $284,900.

Weeping Willow Lane, 21925-Beth Truesdale Payne to Tiffany V. and Viviana Marivelle Castillo, $204,000.

Yoda Lane, 18115-Wendy Ann Lee and estate of Robert E. Lee to Christopher Scalsky, $287,000.


Chaffee Ct., 25974-Christopher M. and Stephanie C. Gzybowski to Kevin M. and Nicole D. Bowes, $480,000.

Doctor Johnson Rd., 39032-Dwayne S. and Margaret D. Watson to Jason and Shannon Stone, $360,000.

Fowler Ct., 26818-Ricky D. and Susan L. Aldridge to Stephen M. and Lois R. Czwartacki, $272,000.

Golf Course Dr., 35663-Julian N. and Connie T. Gayle to Burlie W. and Tarnya S. Duvall, $330,000.

James Rd., 27610-Isaac B. and Lydia S. Fisher to Daniel B. and Rebecca R. Esh, $401,000.

Laurel Cir., 40271-St. Mary’s Venture Corp. and Quality Built Homes Inc. to Travis T. and Mary E. Inouye, $499,900.

New Market Turner Rd., 41080-Andrew C. and June R. Gray to Steven C. Headley II and Carrie L. Fox, $367,000.

Ridge Rd., 42204-John Edward Butler Jr. to Alvin William Beishline Jr., $277,000.

Shenandoah Dr., 25931-Allyson N. Krenke and Daniel L. Carter to Victoria R. Miller and John H. Windsor, $260,000.

Three Notch Rd., 26734-John C. Welcome to Derek E. and Morgan M. Mundrick, $308,897.

William Dr., 29957-Blue Heron Homes Corp. to Claire and Andrew S. Bringley, $369,000.


Lighthouse Rd., 44958-Ronald K. Raley to Samuel G. and Michele Demoss Coward, $350,000.


Nelson Ct., 19221-Susan J. and Leroy R. Wolfe to Bennie Donald and Mary Kosinski Conley, $350,000.