Heat waves get the attention in the summer, as they probably should, but the recent run of pleasant days also merits notice, particularly in Washington in July.

The past five days, from Thursday through Monday, have been distinguished by daily temperatures that were below average.

It is probably inaccurate and an exaggeration to describe them as cool. They were warm. It is, after all, July. But not the July of incessant 90-degree readings. The last 90-degree day at Reagan National Airport was July 21.

The afternoon high on Thursday was only 82. In the early hours, the mercury dipped to 65, making it the coolest morning of the month. All in all, Thursday’s average temperature was 74, six degrees below the normal for the date.

Monday measured up well against Thursday. Monday’s high was 84, and its low was 68. The average was 76, which was four below the normal for the date.

And beyond the figures, Monday seemed to embody the conception of an ideal summer day. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the clouds were white and fleecy.

It was dry, encouraging no complaint about the stuffiness and stickiness of this season in Washington. And at least through 5 p.m., as reported by the National Weather Service, the city’s summer skies produced not a drop of rain.