After weeks of scheming, Ann Jenene Cinnamon’s alleged plan to hire a hit man to kill a woman she described as her boyfriend’s mistress reached a key moment on Oct. 11. During a phone conversation, she told a man whom she was plotting with that she wanted the woman “gone,” court papers say.

“Gone is killed, dead, gone,” Cinnamon allegedly told the man, who was working as an FBI informant and taping the call. “I want nothing left — no remains, nothing.”

Cinnamon, 41, of Sterling was indicted Thursday on federal charges related to a murder-for-hire plot to kill the mistress, authorities said. She allegedly offered $500 to the FBI informant to hire a hit man, planned an alibi for herself and divulged details that would lead the killer to the woman, according to documents.

Cinnamon, who also goes by the name Ann Jenene Greer, is facing charges of murder for hire and solicitation of murder. They carry a maximum penalty of 10 and five years in prison, respectively, authorities said.

The plot allegedly began in August, when she called a man she met on an online dating site called, according to court documents. Cinnamon asked the man if he could do her a favor, saying she wanted a woman who was having an affair with her boyfriend killed, court records show.

The man said he would help and then contacted the FBI, according to court records.

In late September, the man told Cinnamon he had reached out to a “friend” about her situation, and they set up a meeting, which was recorded and monitored by FBI agents.

During the conversation, Cinnamon told the man that she wanted the mistress’s life to be a “living [expletive] hell” and for “nothing to ever work for her,” according to court papers. Cinnamon provided the man with information about the mistress, including where she lived and the fact that she was divorced.

Cinnamon told the man that she would pay $500 to $1,000 to have the woman killed but would not pay for the hit man’s airfare, court records show. Other conversations followed, leading up to the Oct. 11 phone call.

On Oct. 15, Cinnamon met the informant at Great Falls Plaza in Sterling. She gave him a $100 down payment for the hit man and confirmed that she wanted the woman “dead,” according to court records. Cinnamon was arrested Oct. 20.